A new mother is going through something momentous, and a baby shower gift is the best thing to show that you support her and that you are willing to lend a helping hand post the big day. She’s going to get her fair share of stuffed toys and muslins, so the perfect gift should be thoughtful and practical. If you’re not coming up with any great ideas, here are some to help you out!

1) A white noise machine

One of the hardest things about being a parent is the sleep deprivation. The old adage, ‘sleep when your baby sleeps’, doesn’t always work. It can often be really hard to get your newborn to sleep a couple of hours undisturbed, let alone a whole night. A white noise machine is the ideal background noise for a newborn to fall asleep to; the sound of rain, or whistling wind, or the sound of water. 

2) A baby monitor 

For the concerned parent, a baby monitor is the ideal gift. Many come with both audio and video feeds so parents can always keep tabs on their newborn. While unpredictability is part and parcel of being a new mother, a device like this can definitely help to smooth the way, especially if the parents are stepping out for a night. 

3) A set of skincare items

While the baby shower is all about the baby, the mom is very important too. Pregnancy is both physically and mentally taxing, and gifting her a nice set of body lotions, creams, or soaps can make her feel loved and spoiled. 

4) A milestone book

Milestone books or baby memory books have always been popular. Parents love to document every special moment of their baby’s life – their newborn’s firsts, handprints and footprints, pictures, and so on. A new mother will definitely appreciate a book like this, which will be such a valuable thing to keep with her and flip through when her baby is much older.

5) A nice play mat

When babies aren’t sleeping or eating, they’re playing. Playtime is an integral part of a child’s development, encouraging interaction with other objects and the outside world, and a comfortable, bright play mat gives the child a lot of space to play. Although this gift will become more useful when a child is two or more months old, it’s still an indispensable item to have.

6) A diaper bag

Having a baby doesn’t mean a mother can stay holed up at home all day. There are always chores to do and walks to take with her new child. A diaper bag is an ideal and compact gift, especially if you know a mom who plans to be on the go a lot. Of course, babies require constant diaper changes, and having a bag dedicated entirely to that purpose makes it quicker and smoother process for the mom. 

7) Meal delivery gift cards

A new baby is a lot of work, and it’s difficult to look after the child, cook, clean, and do all the rest. Some help in the initial months is much appreciated, and you can book a meal delivery service for the new parents, or get them gift cards. Having a hot, nearly-ready meal show up at your door is a lot less intimidating than looking into your empty fridge just after your baby has puked all over you.

8) A good picture book

While picture books are a popular present, you can try to pick something which contains bright pictures, different textures and pieces for the baby to touch and pull on, and even plays sounds. It would be particularly thoughtful to gift a book you enjoyed very much when you were a baby, or perhaps a book that’s a favorite with babies you know or your own children.

9) A breast pump

A practical and necessary gift, every mom will appreciate a breast pump, particularly if she is planning to (even partly) bottle feed. If she plans to go back to work soon after or even has a part-time job, this is a doubly useful gift, so she can pump at work.

10) A baby mobile

A newborn spends a great deal of time in the crib, and a mobile is a good addition to the aesthetic of the nursery, as well as a sensory stimulant. You can buy one that chimes musically to soothe the baby, or one that is especially colorful, or even one that projects patterns onto the ceiling.

Having a newborn is both exciting and challenging. For a new mother, everything in her life changes. Aside from providing her valuable moral support, these baby shower gift ideas should stand you in good stead if you’re looking to shop for a mom-to-be.