People have always been hush-hush when talking about down there but this definitely does not mean that you ignore it completely. Just like the rest of our body pubic hair and the pubic area requires our attention and care. It is extremely important what we use and not use for their health. 

We have heard people complain about so many problems and they often are not able to communicate as openly about it with anyone. 

One such topic about the pubes that people avoid discussing is shaving pubic hair

When people consider it derogatory to talk general things about it with their friends they can never be vocal about their concerns with shaving pubic hair. However, we are here to solve most of your queries related to shaving pubic hair and also share some tips to get the best shave down there. 

What’s pubic hair? 

To clarify all the general questions before we move ahead to discussing how and when of this concept. 

Pubic hair is the hair growth around the genitals of an adolescent. A boy or a girl begins getting this hair when they hit puberty. They are not there to be ignored and feel disgusted about, they have a purpose which is to protect the area but in most cultures, pubic hair is also a symbol of eroticism and pleasure, they must protect it and not be allowed to shave it. 

shaving pubic hair

It is definitely the choice of the individual to keep pubic hair or not. There are no obligations or compulsion to shave or wax them. If a person’s choice is that he/she does not want the pubic hair, we have a guide for you on how to shave pubic hair in the best way, continue reading further for some extra tips towards the end. 

How to shave down there?

Among the many possible methods available in the market you might feel confused about which one would be the best suited for your needs. You can choose from a wide variety of wax-like bikini-wax, hair removal cream, and shaving. 

Shaving pubic hair sounds dangerous and something that needs a lot of attention and precision to perform but it is also the easiest and cheapest way to get rid of pubic hair. 

Pros and cons are related to all of these methods and while many people are against shaving pubic hair, you should know what you would prefer. You might ask, 

Why shave pubic hair? 

To answer your question, 

  • Firstly it is the cheapest out of all the possible options.
  • You can perform it yourself and in the comfort of your home.
  • You can do it any time and even daily if you want to.
  • It is quick.
  • You won’t have to worry about another person looking down at your private parts.

But still, as we said earlier, you choose what is best for you. If this is not what you need then you can go for the other methods for hair removal but if you think you want to go with this option then we have a step-by-step guide for you, 

1. Start with a little trimming: 

By little, we mean you need to get as close to the skin as you possibly can get with scissors. This is always the best way to start shaving pubic hair as this gets rid of all the extra hair that might cause some problem if you directly went in with a razor. You can also use a trimmer if you are comfortable with it. 

2. Prepare the area: 

Do not think that this area is any different than the rest of your skin. You obviously have to pay a little more attention and be precise with your movements but the rest of everything is the same. 

Even if you are shaving any other part of your body it is always advised to prepare your skin. You can use a scrub or loofah to clear your skin of any dead skin layers and for getting rid of the ingrown hair, this is very helpful. So always make sure to prepare your skin well before going ahead with the shaving. 

3. Use a shaving cream:

This is the most ignored step when it comes to shaving down there. Generally, people tend to go indirectly with the razor without prepping or using any product like a shaving cream which often results in irritation and razor burns. 

If you are not comfortable with using a shaving cream then you can use a shower gel or conditioner which will do the job perfectly and give you the smoothest shave. 

4. Shave in the direction of the hair: 

There is a common misconception that you need to shave against the growth of the hair to get the perfect shave, this is completely wrong. This only disrupts the natural growth of your hair and would probably make it harsh. So always remember to shave in the direction of the hair growth for a better shave. 

5. Use luke-warm water: 

It is generally advised to use luke-warm water after you are done with the shave. This calms down the skin and won’t be harsh like hot or cold water could be. 

6. Post-shave care:

As much as the shaving procedure is important to follow for the best shave, so is the post-shave routine. Shaving also gets rid of the layer of dead skin cells on your skin which can also make it dry. 

So after you pat dry the area, make sure to properly moisturize it to avoid any dryness or irritation post-shave. With this make sure to always wear cotton underwear as they are soft and gentle on your skin. 

Tips for shaving pubic hair: 

Apart from all these important steps to follow while shaving pubic hair, you can also use these tips for the best results: 

  • Change your razors frequently: Nothing is more important than good hygiene. So no matter what, always change your razors in a week or two.
  • Make shaving a part of your shower routine: This can be a great addition and this way you won’t have to think of it as something you need time for. If not daily then you can always make it a weekly part of your routine.
  • Avoid Razor Burns: You can avoid them by always following the routine. Dry shaving can never be an option as it will give you razor burns.
  • Always use the right Razor: There are so many razors and blades available in the market but not all are suitable for shaving pubic hair. There are specific ones only meant for this so you should get them.

This is all you need to know about shaving pubic hair and all the tips and tricks that will be helpful. So if you follow all these steps then you will have the best and smoothest shave of your life not just once but every time.