The Perks Of Being 30!

30 is a beautiful age, where you’re neither too young nor too old. You are just at a pretty stable age. You can finally get over that ‘Girl’ phase and proudly call yourself a woman.

Is turning 30 a big deal? mayor man not! There are lots of pros of being 30 you are almost done with your education, you know your favourites and of course, your opinions matter much more now. If you’re younger and wondering about your life in 30s or you’re 30 and feel nothing special, read on and feel amazing already!

You are independent

You know where your stuff is, you know how to cook, you know the world and its people and basically, you know how to survive. You no longer count on people or even on your parents for the little things. You are stronger!

You know yourself better

Feel it. You are probably half as indecisive as when you were in your teens or younger. We women can be quite confused regarding the smallest of things, but as you being 30, you will be nearing the end of this age-old trouble! You value yourself and are no more lonely alone. Besides, you also know your feelings, your moods, and even your strengths and weaknesses. Amazing right?

You know your body better

Coz after all, you have been living with it for the past 30 years! But being 30, You know your symptoms and even their solutions. You know when to rest and when to be active. You know what’s trouble and what’s not. The best thing? You even know which one should be your last drink for the night!  Saves you from a lot of troubles and worries, doesn’t it? 

You are more sensible

I know. You always felt sensible only to realize later that you weren’t. What can be a better example of this than our teens right? It happens. But your sensibility at 30 is something on which you can actually rely on. I mean, yes, you will still make mistakes, just not as much as before. Most of your decisions will be correct, that’s what years of research have shown. At the 30s, you can trust yourself when you feel you are ready to start a family!

You are more confident

best things about turning 30 are You finally believe in the concepts of ‘self-love‘ and ‘self-appreciation’. Yeah, you might still want to lose weight to look slimmer and fit into that old dress but you are happy being yourself. You will seldom feel inferior to someone and you will be more confident in yourself. You do not want to fit in the crowd anymore, you just try to find someone who matches your vibes or you will stay happily alone. 

Everyone isn’t worth it

You realize the worth of people. You do not care about what people think of you anymore. You realize that everyone is not worth your time. You appreciate close ones even more. You love your parents dearly, you love your family more and you are happy with the people you have got.

You realize what life is worth

Let’s be honest, we do not know what may happen to us tomorrow or even the very next moment. You realize this the best when you are in your 30s. You try to live in the moment and appreciate life more and more as each day passes. You treat yourself, care for yourself and try to be happier than ever before. You will also start completing your bucket list that has been postponed for years now!

In short, life can be a challenge at any age but when you are 30, it’s time to embrace yourself. You have lived all these years in haste, now just focus on yourself. Get back to the hobbies you had to leave for your studies, career or family. You are complete and awesome so just live the way you want. If you are too busy, just take a break.

Take out that time and contact the friends you have the best memories with. Never, I repeat, NEVER feel old. You are older than yesterday but you are also younger than tomorrow. You have one life and it’s time to make the most of it. Last but definitely not least, love yourself. Accept it, you are amazing.