Does your normal stick on bra come on the way every time you decide on wearing a backless dress or a low back saree blouse? We are sure, you have. In fact, we have all been there. The strapless bras are honestly not enough to hold on to the two separate cups by themselves, and often slip down causing deep embarrassment in public and otherwise. 

This only proves that maybe, normal bras are not meant to be worn as strapless bras even if the advertisers sell it featuring the detachable straps. And honestly, how are women expected to carry out normal life chores wearing something so unsure and uncomfortable? 

Every time you think about running or walking fast, you fear the bra slipping down; you find yourself pulling up your bra every two minutes every time you are on the dance floor enjoying yourself.

However, to fix it, all you have to do is to get yourself bras that stick on and, if you are wondering if it will act against the forces of gravity, we are happy to inform you that with a few practice runs you will easily get it right. Go forward and read this article to know how to wear stick on bra and with a little understanding of this backless bra, you will be a master in no time. 

how to wear stick on bra ?

The biggest enemy of the sticking bra is moisture. Moisturizing the skin with creams and lotions after a bath is really healthy for glowing and youthful skin, but it can be equally problematic for the days when you decide to wear a stick-on bra.

Even body oils, perfumes, glitter, self-tan, sunscreen, or makeup products would prevent the stick-on bra cups from sticking to your breasts.

But, if you are in a rush, you can simply wet your breasts and dry it with a towel. Thankfully, all the forbidden products that we have listed above can be used once you have stuck the cups on. 

How to Apply Adhesive Bra Stickers?

Some lingerie brands have stick-on bras that are comprised of two separate cups that need to be applied one at a time. If you try putting on the bra cups together without undoing the attachment clip in between, you are bound to struggle.

What’s worse is that your breasts will weirdly look like pancakes. So, to wear bras that stick on, you need to unhook the clip and put them on one at a time. After placing the cups at the desired positions, clip them together in the center.

The way you position your cups to determine the amount of support and shape you get from it. When you are just discovering the stick-on cups, practice it in front of the mirror to get a view of what exactly you are doing. Flip the stick-on cups outward, and hold it by the edge. 

How to position your stick-on bra cups effectively?

Positioning the stick-on bra cups horizontally would result in a pancake-shaped breast. Your breasts will look unsupported and un-lifted. Thus, to get the most effective lift, position your bra cups vertically. Position the cups one at a time with the clips pointing towards the floor and finally clip them together.

If you want a fuller look, stick the bra cups further away from each other. The further the clips are from each other, the fuller will be the result. 

P.S. This does not mean you will stick the cups so far that the clips can never be brought back together. 

How to wear stick-on bras?

Step 1: Place the flipped-out cup in your hand, so that the position of the bra cups is insight. 

Step 2: Start sticking the cups from the bottom part of your breasts to the top part to maximize the lift you get from the bra cups.

Step 3: Smooth the cups out to ensure all the edges are stuck on to your breast. If there are gaps that need readjustment, peel the cup off, and try again. The adhesive lasts a few practice runs, so do not worry about washing it.

How to clip on the sticking bras together?

The clips are made in such a way that they are meant to slide into each other at a 90-degree angle. Hold the left clip in your left hand and with the right clip, on the other hand, make an inverted L shape to the left clip.

Keep the right clip at the right angle to the left clip until the clips are fully into each other and then, snap it horizontally to confirm the clasp. Press the cups firmly to secure the hold. 

Know all the different kinds of sticky bras

  • Nipple Covers
  • Bunny-shaped lifters
  • Silicone lifters
  • Petal-shaped lifters
  • Cleavage-boosting lifters
  • Wing-shaped cleavage booster
  • Circle-shaped cleavage booster
  • Underwire bra with sticky tabs
  • Plunge bra with sticky tabs
  • Drawstring cleavage booster

Tips and tricks to wear stick-on bras

Stick-on bras are perfect for wearing with shapewear or under backless and strapless dresses. However, if you are new and still discovering these adhesive bras, it can be a bit overwhelming and confusing. So, we have tried to make it easier for you with our top five tricks and tips to enhance your breasts. 

1. Cleavage

Place the cups further apart to boost your cup size. Place it in such a way that the center of the cup only covers the nipple. Even if it looks strange at first, after clipping it, it will create an instant cleavage. 

2. Push-up effect

Point the hook downwards to push up your breast so that once the cups are clipped, it will create a vertical lift for a push-up effect and a bigger cleavage. 

3. Perky bust

Position the cups further up instead of tugging them underneath your breasts. This makes the bust look sharp and perky.

4. Put on in front of a mirror

Put on your bra cups in front of a mirror to get a symmetrical fit. It might take you a few attempts to get the desired effect, so do not lose hope if your first attempt is a big failure. Peel off and reapply again and again until you get the desired effect.

5. Wash after every use

Wash your stick-on bra after you wear it every time so that it maintains its stickiness. Hand wash it with mild detergent and water and let it air dry. Protect the adhesive with the clear plastic sheets that come with the bra.

Stick on bras can be extremely empowering for a woman!