Shark liver oil is taken from the livers of various shark species. It is used for making different types of medicines. 

Shark liver oil is used alongside normal allopathy medications to treat leukaemia and different malignant growths; to keep radiation ailment from X-ray treatment; to prevent the regular cold, influenza, and swine flu; and to support the body’s immune system.

It is also used for increasing the count of white blood cells during therapy with anti-cancer drugs (chemotherapy). White cells are important in fighting off diseases.

One can apply shark liver oil directly to the skin for various skin conditions.

Benefits and uses of Shark Liver Oil 

Shark liver oil is utilized to make medicines. It is usually taken from the livers of three types of shark: the remote ocean shark (Centrophorus squamosus), the dogfish (Sqaulus acanthias), and the basking shark (Cetorhinus maximus). The liver makes up about 25% of the complete bodyweight of these sharks.

Here are some most popular uses of Shark liver oil that is backed by science

1. Anti-cancer properties of Shark Liver Oil

One of the most advertised advantages of Shark liver oil is its indicated potential of fighting cancer, which depends on the incredibly low rate of cancer in sharks and upheld by the oil’s high AKG and squalene substance.

Alpha-ketoglutarate, also known as AKG is a sort of fat in blood-forming organs, for example, bone marrow, the spleen, and the liver. Besides Shark liver oil is likewise occurs plentifully in breast milk and red platelets. 

Test-tube and animal studies show that AKG may offer anti-tumour potential utilizing the enacting macrophage and exerting anti-angiogenesis impacts. Macrophages are a kind of white blood cell that can digest defective cells, including carcinogenic cells, among different substances, and are considered as crucial in anti-tumour defence. 

 An anti-angiogenesis impact implies that it limits the development of new blood vessels that may help cancer forming cells. Consequently, it eases the growth of tumour-forming cells and their spread. 

Likewise, dogfish sharks are considered the richest source of squalene. Squalene is a compound that got its name from the genus known as Squalus.

Animal research shows that squalene may secure against chemically induced skin, lung cancer, and colon because of its antioxidant properties, which helps to fight the cancer-inducing impacts of free radicals, just by interfering with the cancer-causing influences of specific substances.

Furthermore, squalene is accepted to diminish irritation brought about by anticancer medications, making it an appropriate extra treatment during chemotherapy.

2. Shark Liver Oil helps to boost your immune system

Fishermen have likewise utilized shark liver oil since good old times because of its capability to improve immunity. 

Besides initiating macrophages, AKGs in the oil stimulate antibody production and improve the functions of Fc-receptors, which are proteins that contribute to the protective role of the immune system. 

Then again, squalene appears to fill in as an enhancer that improves the vaccine’s effectiveness when blended in with surfactants — substances that permit the solubilization or adjustment of two compounds that cannot be mixed otherwise. 

This is more likely because of squalene’s immunostimulating movement, implying that it stimulates antibody production and stronger immune response.

In conclusion, Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), for example, omega-3s found in Shark Liver Oil, may likewise impact your body’s immune system because of their anti-inflammatory effects.

3. Shark Liver Oil helps to improve heart health

Another acclaimed use of shark liver oil is its impact on your heart’s wellbeing. Nonetheless, scientific proof concerning squalene is conflicting. 

Studies attribute squalene with anti-atherosclerotic impacts, implying that it prevents or counteracts the development of plaque in your veins, a risky factor for hypertension and stroke. 

Besides, squalene is a precursor to cholesterol creation and is accepted to gather in the liver and lower cholesterol and fatty oil combination. 

In one investigation, animals were fed a 0.05% and 0.5% squalene-enhanced diet. It showed 32% and 35% increments in total cholesterol levels, respectively. A similar pattern was observed for triglyceride levels. 

Similarly, additional 4-week research in 13 adults verified that high portions of shark liver oils, which contained 3.6 grams of Alpha-ketoglutarate, also known as AKG ( a keto acid which helps to lower body weight)and squalene along with 750 mg of omega-3 Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), increased total cholesterol levels by 23%.

An extra abatement in high-density lipoproteins (good cholesterol) levels was also noted, and scientists reasoned that the anti-inflammatory impacts of omega-3 don’t show with such high dosages of AKG and squalene. 

Comparable outcomes were found in healthy people when they were supplemented with 15 grams per day of Shark liver oil for about a month.

4. Shark Liver Oil helps to boost skin health

Uses of shark liver oil also include boosting our skin health. Squalene is a predominant component of skin oil or sebum. It helps in skin hydration and acts as a shield against the harmful UV rays of the sun and protects against skin cancer.

5. Shark Liver Oil helps to prevent mouth ulcers

Shark liver oil may reduce the presence of intermittent mouth ulcers because of its advantageous impacts on the immune system of the body.

Vitamins present in Shark Liver Oil

You may wonder which vitamins are present in shark liver oil. 

Shark liver oil is rich in different vitamins like vitamin A and tocopherol. The oil is extricated from deep ocean sharks which contain a transcending level of PUFA, squalene, alkylglycerols, and trivial degrees of free fatty acid, sterol, pristane, and wax ester.

Dosage of Shark Liver Oil pills

The proper dosage of shark liver oil pills depends upon a few factors, for example, the user’s age, health, and a few other different conditions. As of now, there isn’t sufficient scientific data to decide a proper range of dosages for shark liver oil pills.

Remember that naturally obtained items are not in every case safe and proper dosage is significant. Make sure to follow relevant directions on the item’s label and consult your pharmacist or doctor or other medical specialists before using shark liver oil pills.