We have heard people complain that a rainy day is not for dressing up. Along with this everything around us seems too grey to dress up and feel good about it. A rainy day outfit only has this criterion that, it should be something you do not have to worry about ruining. 

Most often when it is a rainy day, people hardly want to step out of the house let alone dressing up for something. They want to spend their day in pajamas and do nothing else. 

Even if you have to get ready then you would have a few items you kept away especially for days like these. There doesn’t seem to be any fun in planning rainy day outfits.

But we cannot have everything we want. So if we seem to have no choice but to go out for work or any other reason, we might as well do it in style.

All it takes is a little bit of smart work to make your cute and every day wear clothes and mix it with a few things that you keep aside for a rainy day.

When planning something for our rainy wear we need to know what will be the most comfortable and dress it in a way that looks cool too.

Here are a few ways you can dress up on rainy days keeping in mind all the jumping over puddles, dirty and clogged streets, and water that we have to look out for.

Rainy day outfit ideas: A few tips for you

What not to wear on a rainy day?

Say no to the whites

It is wise to first keep aside all the options that you cannot wear on a rainy day. Wearing white on a rainy day might not be a good choice as you are bound to ruin it in some way or the other. 

Although if you are feeling crazy you might just go ahead and wear it at the end of the day, you’ll have a soaked top that can give a peek into your undergarments and splashes of dirt all around. 

So it is advised to avoid wearing white on a rainy day if you are going out. 

Avoid wearing Jeans 

You might agree that wearing jeans during monsoon is quite uncomfortable. This happens because the denim soaks in the moisture and contracts this making it seems like it is trying to strangle your legs of all the air. 

While wearing a nice pair of jeans any day round the year is always a good option, it won’t be for a rainy day so you should avoid wearing denim altogether.

Wearing satins is a big NO

Just like your legs feel when you wear denim jeans so will your upper part if you wear a satin blouse on a rainy day. 

A rainy day has the least to no quality for soaking in water. It simply bounces it off and makes everything under very uncomfortable. With this, the bad smell it holds mixed with moisture is something you probably do not need in an already foul-smelling surrounding.

What you should wear on a rainy day?

After you know what is not a comfortable option to wear on a rainy day, deciding what you should wear becomes an easy task. 

Just by holding the material in your hand, you would know it will be the right pick for you. 

Go for cotton

You probably already know that you cannot go wrong with wearing cotton on a rainy day. It is light-weight, absorbs moisture, keeps you cool, and looks great. 

Also, there are so many options, styles, and colors for you to choose from and play with on a rainy day outfit.

Keep your camera ready to get the perfect OOTD picture with an all-cotton rainy day outfit. 

Add some hat accessories

This way you will not just protect your head but also look cool and edgy by adding a hat or cap to your outfit as an accessory. 

If you have any problem with wearing a hat or a cap, an umbrella proves to be the best accessory that you can switch it with. 

Invest in a good pair of Gumboots

A good pair of gumboots will not just come in handy for all the puddle-jumping and water splashing all around they also look extremely cool. 

They are available in so many fun colors or you can get one that goes with most of your outfits. That way you are not just prepared for the rain adventures but also doing it in style. 

Layering a flannel shirt 

This piece of clothing is very versatile. They are very comfortable to wear too. So during the rainy day, you can add a flannel shirt to your outfit and make your plain outfit look like you have put in some effort in the morning. 

You can wear it or keep it handy for times like if you accidentally got wet and can’t change instantly so you’ll have something to cover up. 

Add a transparent raincoat to your wardrobe 

These were a very big hit last year. They are not just trendy but smart clothing items too. The biggest disappointment will always be that our rainy day outfit goes to waste when we wear something like a raincoat over them.

rainy day outfit

But with a trench-like raincoat, you are not just protected from the rain, you look like you are walking out or going to a fashion week.

If you haven’t heard about them already you should check them out.

In the end, do not be afraid to play with colors they can add a little excitement to your day and will be something for you to look forward to. 

Over the years all of us have learned our little ways to make rainy days feel special and happy. The same thing goes for our rainy day outfit ideas too. We know what we need and whatnot. 

Life is too short to wear a boring outfit, so why to waste a day even if it is rainy.