Welcoming a baby to the family comes with a lot of learning for the parents. They have to learn about the needs, problems and unique habits of this little one. 

With all the things they have to learn and discover about their child, parents seek to look for ways that are quick and efficient to save some time from their busy schedule. We all understand that infants can create a fuss when it comes to getting baby to sleep, most parents struggle to put them to sleep. 

Think about the time when your little angel will fall asleep without you having to try for hours and hours. Think about the time and energy it will save you. 

If you want to learn a few tips and tricks, you should read ahead with us. 

How to get baby to sleep?

Newborn babies should have a sleeping cycle of 16 to 18 hours but this gradually decreases as the baby grows. Till the baby is 6 months old they could have a sleep routine which could be staying awake at night and sleeping through the day.

This schedule should be properly maintained by the parents as they may get cranky when they are unable to sleep. The sleeping pattern and schedule of your child also affect your schedule, most of the times the mothers had to leave their job because of this disrupted pattern. 

Losing your job or not, following your dreams or abandoning them because of your child, is not the only option. Your child is your responsibility so you can decide and maintain the schedule that they follow. Getting your baby to fall asleep fast and with minimal efforts could be a very interesting and easy task. 

So here are some tips for putting baby to sleep fast:

Make a routine 

The first thing you could do in order to make your kids fall asleep is to follow a proper routine for them. It will take a few days to get into the routine both for you and your child. The first few days would be to introduce them to this routine. You should not accept instant results, but wait for them to get used to it. 

In this routine, you should assign a proper time and duration to every task like playing, eating, getting ready and also sleeping. This way the internal clock of your child will accept this routine and get tired at exactly the same time you’ve assigned. 

Create the atmosphere

You should create an atmosphere that is favorable to sleep. This means you should make your child fall asleep in their crib and dim the lights for them so that they could learn that when you do this, they have to fall asleep in that situation. 

But you should understand to only follow this when you want them to sleep for some time, their nap could be in a different setting. 

Bedtime stories or lullabies

These are the classics but still relevant. Do not underestimate the power of a good bedtime story and a lullaby to make your kids fall asleep so fast. These do not just make them fall asleep but develop their senses which is an added benefit.

As they grow older you can introduce picture storybooks and then simple stories to make them get into the habit of teaching. 

The almost sleepy method

Most of the parents have the habit of letting their kid fall asleep in their arms or laps and then put them in their crib, which is not the proper way as that will make the id dependent on you to fall asleep. 

Make sure to put your child into their crib when they are still drowsy and not fully asleep to make them understand that that is where they are supposed to fall asleep at. 

Exercises to make them fall asleep

You can also add some exercises to your baby’s routine to make them fall asleep. Most of the time, kids don’t feel sleepy as they don’t get tired during the day, so you should add some exercises to their schedule. For example, if your baby is about 6 months or over you should help them stand up on your lap so that it would not only help them to work out a little but also help them learn to walk sooner. 

Create stories

This might seem a little too dramatic but you could introduce some stories that would make things interesting. You can also add a little fear by introducing them to some mysterious creature of the night, this does not mean you are making them feel afraid of something but you are just adding something to their imagination. 

No to Technology

Some parents depend on technology to make their kids fall asleep but this is wrong. Your kids’ mind is still developing and forcing them to depend on technology is conditioning them to a certain way of living. 

If you want you can let them use certain items throughout the day but make sure that you take such gadgets away from them when they are about to fall asleep. This will help them to sleep peacefully. 

Room temperature

You may not give this one a lot of thought but this is actually very important to help your kid to fall asleep. As much as the light of the room helps the kid to feel sleepy so does the room’s temperature. So, try to set a particular temperature of the room when putting the baby to sleep. 

Don’t let them fall asleep after a meal

Parents think feeding the baby is essential to make them fall asleep but this is a bad habit. Try to keep the mealtime and sleeping schedule apart, you can try to feed them early if your child has a habit of falling asleep during the meals. 

These were a few baby-sleep tricks that you could try to get your baby to fall asleep fast. A goodnight’s sleep is beneficial to both the newborn baby as well as the new mother.