It’s been what, some years since you’ve been in a serious relationship with your partner now? And half of the time, you’re both at each other’s places, so often, that the parents of the other person treat you just like a part of their family. 

Hell, you even know where the dishes are kept and which shelf the coffee is in. 

So, maybe it is time you move in together and take this relationship to its next milestone. 

But, how are you going to be sure whether or not that is the right decision to make? 

Not based on the fact that you hang out at their place a lot and know the coffee shelves….but don’t worry, we’ve got your back! 

Here are signs that indicate that it is time to take your relationship to the next level by moving in together with your boyfriend and that this decision is probably for the best: 

You’re ready to sacrifice some independence 

This is one of the most important aspects of sharing a living space with someone because unlike living alone, living together with someone requires you not only to be wanting to live with them but to be ready to be able to share your space with them. 

And that requires being able to let go of your independence a little in terms of living. 

For instance, you will have to adjust to their likes and dislikes as much as yours and have some things in specific ways which you might not like. 

Once you’re fully ready to accept that fact, then you could definitely consider moving in together. 

You and your partner are on the same page

It is colossally important that living together is not only something that you want, but your partner also wants and just as much as you do. 

Make sure you have had “the talk” with your partner about your future lives because that is a crucial aspect of moving in together. 

The more you both are sure about this decision and are aware of the consequences, pros and cons, the better it will be for both of you in the long run. 

And being aware will also prepare you mentally beforehand so that when you do put this decision to action, you have an easier time adjusting to it. 

You have looked into your financial situation

Move in together

Living together is not only a decision based on emotional aspects, you also have to consider the monetary aspects of the situation and how you’re both going to manage it. 

You should have discussed equal involvement in managing finances and budget and having an equal say in other such matters as well. 

And although living together helps to cut down expenses to some extent, make sure you’re not moving in together just for the sake of that because that is a big red flag. 

You’re both aware of the importance of conflict resolution

The more time you spend with someone, the more chances there are of getting into quarrels or miscommunications or fights, and living together is practically giving an open invitation to all that too. 

Move in together

However, that is quite an inevitable factor. So, it is vital to ensure that even if you get into conflicts, you both know how to find a common ground or solve those fights. And the best way to avoid frequent arguments is to communicate and be vocal about everything because that will save both of you from a lot of misunderstandings and fights. 

You’re both okay with a little self-time

Although moving in together means that you and your partner both would have to sacrifice some time and space for each other, you only have to do it to a certain extent and it certainly does not mean that you can’t have your own space at times too. 

No matter how much you love each other, spending time with and by oneself as well as with other people is as important as spending time with your partner. 

So, make sure that you both agree on this and treasure your own private spaces too because this could create problems and arguments later which you do not want. 

You’ve spent enough time together to know you’re making the right decision

This is one of the best signs you are ready to move in together. 

This is mainly because if you’ve spent enough time with your partner, then you know them as a person and not just as your significant other and that is important too. 

Although the duration of the relationship is not always a deciding factor, it is one to consider, especially when you have to make a decision as big as living together. 

And under normal circumstances, if you haven’t been in a serious relationship with your partner for at least 6 months to a year or so, then you might want to think twice before taking such a step. 

You should be able to know what it is like before making the actual decision. And you wouldn’t know if you haven’t spent that much time with them. 

Other than that, you and your partner should both be aware of each other’s habits as well and should be willing to take a risk too in certain instances. 

Moving in together can get stressful and sometimes doubts tend to occur as well, but that’s the real test because if you’re both able to overcome that stage together and are ready to not just bear, but accept all the consequences, then you should be good to go.

And if you have ticked out all the above-mentioned signs that say you are ready to move in together, then the only thing left is doing that!

Just be open, communicative, supportive, and be yourself, and you’d be having the time of your life with your partner