We communicate through video and photography on social media. Some people love them, some people hate them. If you are a selfie lover and you are wondering how to become a pro at taking a mirror selfie you are at the right place.

The selfie may feel a little bit informal, it still has one key component and that’s body language.

Body language is 53% of our communication. So, it is a very powerful tool to use especially when you are communicating through just one photo.

We connect with people that we haven’t seen in a long time and everyone knows that selfies are a great way to do this. 

Taking mirror selfies are a lot easier. It’s easy to adjust your body because you exactly know what your body looks like. And you can also play with the angles because it is you who is holding the phone. 

Overall your pictures look a lot more flattering. When it is you who is taking the pictures, you can adjust them the way you want. 

Mirror selfies are a popular trend on social media post. But how to do it right?

So grab your favourite outfit, take out your phone and spot your mirror, here are some tips and tricks on how to look wonderful but especially how to feel amazing in your mirror selfies.

How to take mirror selfies?

Make sure that you have got the below-mentioned things right for your perfect mirror selfie:

Mirror selfie
1. Lighting 

One of the most important things to keep in mind while taking a mirror selfie is lighting. Make sure that the light is falling on your face and your body and not on the mirror. 

2. Where to look

Most of us don’t know where to look while taking the mirror selfie. Most people are confused about whether to look at the reflection in the mirror or to look at their phone screen. The way to get the perfect mirror selfie is to look at your camera in the mirror. Looking directly at the camera gives the appearance of interaction with your audience. 

3. How to angle your body

You have to angle your body in the direction which you think is the most flattering. You can use your phone’s volume button to click the picture so that your one hand is free and you can pose the way you want.

4. Where to hold the phone

This is another important and confusing aspect of taking mirror selfies. Most people are confused about whether to place their phone near their face or whether to hold it somewhere around your waist. 

The trick when it comes to holding your phone has to be centered around, 

how to take a mirror selfie

“what do you want to highlight the most in your selfie?”.

For example, if you want to highlight your dress you can hold your phone near your face so that your whole outfit is visible.

If you want to highlight your face you can hold your phone just below your face and you can also zoom in a bit so that your face is highlighted.

An experiment that you can do is, you can go for portrait mode while clicking your mirror selfie. Just like any other picture portrait modes are great for a selfie as well. 

Mirror selfie poses 

  • On the floor, sit cross-legged but keep one of them up. You want to clean the background for your mirror selfies, go minimalistic for this pose. Clearing your background won’t distract from the focus of the picture which is you.
Courtesy: Print For Fun
  • Squatting is a wonderful exercise for your whole body but this time let’s squat for your mirror selfie. Sometimes it’s difficult to get your whole body in the picture in such cases the best way to pose is to squat, it is very easy to achieve and it is also very different from your normal standing selfie.
  • Holding something in your hand – When you take mirror selfies, sometimes you are showcasing your day to day activity by hinting that you just casually stopped by to take this selfie. Adding little props like a coffee mug can hint at your action while making it look more like a story which makes things a little bit more interesting.

In this particular pose, again give some angle by opening your legs a bit. You can hold your mug or any other thing that you might want to show to your audience. It can transform something pretty casual to more like a boss lady.

Don’t make these mistakes

1. The box effect

If you are wearing long layered clothes especially during the winter season, you start getting this box effect in the region below your waist. In other words, this means that the lower half of your body looks like a long box. 

So if you’re wearing a coat you start losing your shape and it becomes more like just one line and it doesn’t look attractive in photos.

To solve this problem the only thing that you need to do is to showcase your curves the right way.

The right way to do it to put your hand on your waist inside your coat. Because if you do it on the outside of your coat, it is still going to get some rectangular shape. 

If you are wearing a long dress, sometimes it also gives the lower half of your body in the box effect. The best way is to open your leg a little bit and it will showcase your curves and your silhouette.

2. Hands matter

One of the main struggles that women face while taking a mirror selfie is what to do with their hands. If you are wearing a dress with pockets or your regular jeans, what you need to do is open your legs a bit. 

If you want to play more you can go a little bit of an angle. Going for an angle also avoids that general shape that your trousers might be hinting at. When you put your hand on your pocket you are relaxing your shoulders and this can go a long way. 

From looking very tense to looking very relaxed and empowered this hack is a real catch.