The maternity industry or maternity wear industry in India wasn’t as prominent as it is today, even a few years ago. People were mostly concerned about ways to hide their baby bump in the past. 

Maternity fashion wasn’t a thing and maternity wear was all about boring clothes that would be baggy and loose, to cover most of the skin. However, the maternity wear industry is not the same anymore and has evolved manifold with time. 

In this article, we will be talking about how the maternity wear brands have grown with time and the maternity wear market of 2021 and in the coming years. The Indian maternity industry has been influenced by the global maternity wear industry and has developed certain trends that were prevalent in the west some years back. 

If you’re soon going to be a mother and are looking forward to your pregnancy days, you’re at the right place. Read along to know more about the maternity fashion. 

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What is maternity wear industry ? 

During pregnancy, the human body goes through a lot of changes that are quite hard to adapt to, in the initial days. While it’s extremely difficult to be a mom, you should enjoy the process as much as you can and make the most of it. 

Maternity Wear Industry

You should do whatever you want to, keeping in mind the well-being of your body and the growing baby that you are carrying. In the same way, you should wear whatever you want to. 

Today, the maternity wear industry in India focuses on what mothers would want to wear during their pregnancy, instead of what they were expected to wear before. If you want to wear trendy outfits, you should wear them. Nowadays, there are maternity brands that manufacture all kinds of outfits for mothers as well. 

Just because pregnancy is a temporary thing, it doesn’t mean that one cannot wear fashionable clothes during that time. As long as the outfit isn’t too tight that would hurt you and the material is fine, you can wear anything during your pregnancy months. 

How has the maternity wear industry in India changed?

The maternity industry now focuses on comfortable clothes that can be worn while chilling around the house with your baby bump, as well as while going out. Who said you can’t look glam when you’re pregnant? You totally can and the maternity fashion brands are all about making glam outfits extremely comfortable and breathable. 

Maternity Wear Industry

Cuts, folds, and excess fabrics can go a long way in making you as comfortable as ever while looking your glamorous best. For casual days, you can invest in crop tops, tank tops, cami tops, etc. Crop tops are essentially quite advisable for pregnant women since the bump would be free of any kind of friction. 

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However, if you’re not comfortable with these options, you can also try out casual and flowy dresses for days when you don’t feel like putting on pants or trousers. Dresses are a pregnant woman’s best friend. You can simply put on a t-shirt dress or a floral dress with a pair of sneakers and you’ll be ready to step out.

The maternity industry also gives a lot of attention to layering since it can make you look extremely stylish while protecting your baby bump at the same time. Wear fun graphic tees or tank tops underneath your favorite shirt or shrug and complete the look with boyfriend jeans. Do you need anything else? Oh, don’t forget the sneakers for sure!  

Maternity wear industry: Is it only for pregnant women? 

Maternity Wear Industry

People often think that they won’t be able to wear the clothes that they used to wear during their pregnancy days later. However, this is not true. If you invest in essential pieces and do smart shopping, you’re simply going to enhance your wardrobe when you shop from maternity brands.

The maternity industry doesn’t just manufacture clothes that are going to be useful for you when you’re pregnant but you would also be using them later. Your body might go through a lot of changes post-pregnancy but your stylish maternity wear wouldn’t leave you even when you’re not pregnant anymore. 

The fit of the outfits might change a little but the overall vibe certainly remains the same. Thus, the maternity industry is more concerned about versatile pieces than the ones that are meant for a few wears. You can wear your oversized shirts, tees, shrugs, and jackets as they are and style them in different ways to make them look chic. 

On the other hand, the outfits that need an absolute change of fits like pantsuits and bottoms can be stitched and altered to suit your post-pregnancy preferences. Thus, always look out for wardrobe essentials and statement styles that you would need throughout your life. 

Maternity lingerie 

The maternity industry has a major role to play in producing underwear and lingerie as well that are suitable for pregnant women. These usually have an added focus on comfort and support since that’s what your body would need when you’re going through so many hormonal changes. 

Maternity Wear Industry

Not just during the pregnancy days, but also after your child is born, you need to wear bras that are extra supportive since the breasts become quite tender when a baby is frequently fed. Investing in good quality maternity lingerie, would not only ensure your good health but also that of your baby who’s going to be in direct contact with you at all times. 


We have discussed some of the main changes that have occurred as far as the maternity wear industry of India is concerned. We have also talked about some classic ways to style your clothes when you are pregnant. 

You’ve got to realize that while maternity fashion is a thing for the millennials now, fashion is not its thrust area. It prioritizes good health over everything else and that’s what makes the maternity industry so important. It’s going to keep growing in the years to come and there needs to be more awareness about its vitality. 

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