If you think this is related to the basics of sex then it is probably not right. We are here to discuss or even teach you about the different sexual bases that you should know about. 

You may be someone who has just started a relationship and your partner might be discussing the pace of your relationship and must have mentioned the bases that you can explore. So instead of just nodding along with them, you can learn a thing or two about the sexual bases here. 

Have you heard people mention that they finally went to the first base or second base? They were talking about how close they have been to their partner and for that different base represents different things, which we will soon find out. 

You must have noticed that these terminologies are closely related to sports particularly to baseball. No, you don’t have to learn the game to understand them but using sports terms and such phrases adds some playfulness to the relationship. 

Why use these terms? 

If you are curious to know why these terms came into usage, then you need to understand that since on many occasions directly talking about your sexual life might not sound as fun as it was. To keep things more fun and playful, these terms are used. You can probably guess which base represents what, but if you think you should be clear in your judgment and don’t mix things up, here are the bases of sex or sexual bases that you need to know of. 

Sexual bases and what they mean? 

1. The First Base

A first base is comparatively easier to understand than the rest. Just like the number it is the first step of sexual intimacy. This stands for kissing your partner, although it is the starting of all the bases, just the first base might sound the least intimate or disappointing in comparison to other steps like having sex

It is important to note that a first base can mean anything from just a peck on the lips to advanced french kissing, if things get steamier in the first step or the first base you move ahead to the next bases. 

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2. The Second Base: 

It is a little difficult to exactly determine what this base stands for if you have no clue about the sexual bases. You hear a friend mention that they went to the second base and you are probably wondering something else. 

Reaching for the second base or going second base with someone means that you are now moving to stage two which involves touching each other. Though these two stages are just a number apart, reaching the second base may be a huge step for some or one that escalates quickly to further steps. When you reach this stage you start grabbing their body parts from above their clothes. For men, it is the girl’s breasts that they reach for or even their butts. 

3. The Third Base

This base might sound that it should include intercourse but we are still a step away from that. The third base in baseball means you have covered three bases and you are almost near the end but still there is a possibility of missing out here. Similarly in the sexual bases, a third base does not confirm that you’ll be getting it. We move ahead in the line and here it involves touching each other under their clothes. You don’t exactly have sex but it includes fingering or even oral sex

4. Home Run

This one might be clear to you by now. In baseball, a home run is when you have covered all the three bases and have reached the place where you started, this is how you earn a point or in other words a home run. 

sexual bases: home run

In the series of the bases in sex, this base or term represents the finale, in other words, sex. You finally get the score by having intercourse with the person. All these different bases sometimes all add up to make the sex possible. These steps can either be achieved or reached over time or all at once. By saying you hit a home run means that you have everything- kissing, touching, and have reached the highest level in the sexual bases. 

Having these terms for the sexual bases or levels you reach does not mean that you have to stick to these. These bases are for the people to interpret according to themselves. Some might feel that having oral sex means that they have done it all and reached the highest level which is the home run. Some might feel that a peck does not qualify as a first base. 

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So these are nothing but a silly way to talk about your sexual life and sounds more casual and fun as it. But how you determine the bases or what they mean depends on you. You can decide on your home run. If you think kissing is your home run then be it. You don’t have to rush to these sexual bases if you are in a relationship every time. 

One important thing to remember here is that all these bases should be consensual if you think you are not comfortable with the guy moving ahead to the next bases, you don’t feel comfortable with their touching then you should stop them then and there. 

Another thing that is important to learn here is that you don’t have to compare these stages and make them a scale to measure the success of your relationship with someone. If another person has reached a certain base at a certain time, be it soon or later in their relationship, that does not mean it should be the same for you too. You do you, girl!

At last, be vocal and unapologetic about what you need and when you need it. If you are not ready for a certain sexual base then let your partner know. It is better to say it than regret it later.