How to wear your clear heels trend is here for a long time now. From the famous supermodel Kendall Jenner to the Diva Rihanna, the clear heels fashion has been up and rising constantly. 

The clear heels or transparent heels trend was started by Kim Kardashian, having first worn her Yeezy heels in 2016. The simplicity and clearness are what make these heels so chic and vogue. 

Clear heels might be the biggest footwear trend in the upcoming years. Whether you are looking for a beautiful pair of heels to pair with a weekend dress or to take your outfit to a whole new level, they can be a great option! 

Do you want to know how to wear clear heels or how to incorporate your high heels with your outfits? 

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How To Wear Your Clear Heels

Clear heels also known as stripper shoes are high-heeled footwear that is made with transparent heels. The transparency of the heels may be used deceptively with ballerina style to give the appearance of standing on tiptoe. 

They also resemble Cinderella’s glass slipper but most designs are associated with clear high heels. Lately, more and more designers and celebrities are wearing clear heels casually. 

These heels can even be paired with skinny jeans and a simple shirt to make it look classier than it should be. 

These are used to be strictly associated with strippers and people first wearing them was daunting. 

Fashion does not require you to be a business tycoon or a stripper, it comes when you decide to wear it with confidence without thinking who’s going to judge you. 

Your fashion isn’t linked to what you do! With clear heels, you can come with so many outfit ideas as the transparent heels offer you a lot of versatility, so restrictions are not there. 

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How to wear clear heels? 

Clear heels are detailing, killer, and look dapper once you feel confident in them. Extremely versatile and chic-looking they can be worked up with simple or casual wear or even for a big deal event. 

Summer is a great time to show off your beautiful clear heels and get that attention. It is a fun and sexy trend due to its details and simplicity. 

Here are some ways you can wear your clear high heels with different outfits. Although trying out your fashion combos is even great! 

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Clear heels with a slip dress
Clear heels
(Source: Pinterest)

Choosing a vibrant slip dress and wearing a cropped T-shirt underneath can enhance the look. Expose your beautiful feet by adding those heels to your outfit! How beautiful this outfit combination looks? 

Go all white with your clear heels
Clear heels women
(Source: Pinterest)

Whether it’s a co-ord set or a cute dress, go all white with your transparent heels. It will contrast beautifully with the transparent look of your high heels. 

No doubt a perfect choice for your bachelorette party with your gals! 

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Match your clear heels unusually  

These heels are exceptionally versatile, meaning you can pair them with anything laying around in your closet. Whether it’s a neon pink like this one or even a vibrant yellow, go all dramatic! 

Hot combo – Leather blazer and clear heels 

Kendall Jenner inspired outfit- Leather blazer, bike shorts, a simple tube top and those provocative heels. So simple yet so sexy! It is a casual assortment with a modernized spin. How alluring! 

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Go all black 
Blazer with Clear heels
(Source: Pinterest)

Black is the most versatile color and wearing it with clear heels is a great combination when you don’t know what to wear. 

How pretty does Bella Hadid look with her loose black pants, a simple black top, a long leather jacket, and her sexy heels? 

How about something casual? 

(Source: Pinterest)

Who says you can wear your heels with fashionable dresses? As said earlier, clear heels are versatile and can be added to your wardrobe without any disparity! 

Wear your casual outfit, be it your everyday boyfriend jeans and a plain white top. Go on with it!

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Make statements with your silk dress and clear heels 
Clear heels silk dress
(Source: Pinterest)

A silk midi dress is the prettiest choice with clear heels. Add more spice, wear a blazer on your dress to add more attention to your overall outfit. 

How pretty this outfit looks to you? Because we can’t get over this beautiful combination! 

Try your clear heels with a tight blue dress 

Pointed clear heels with a blue dress look luxurious and so simple at the same time. Try your heels with a tight blue dress or any murky colour that you like and assort it with your transparent heels. 

How sophisticated does this outfit combination look? 

A polka dot jumpsuit + Transparent heels 

Wearing a casual and boring jumpsuit? Add some twist by wearing clear heels. How glamorous do those clear heels add to a simple jumpsuit? Just wow! 

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Match your nude heels with nudes or pastels 
Clear heels kim
(Source: Pinterest)

Pastel and nude colors are extremely sensational. Kim is the queen of wearing nudes and she rocks her clear sandals and makes a statement look with her nude dress and cream-pinkish oversized coat. 

How gorgeous does this whole look seem to you? 

Pair your clear heels with a track pant and crop top 
Clear heels kylie
(Source: Pinterest)

How casual and yet how magnificent! Kylie Jenner flaunting her outfit of the day on an old Instagram post is giving us major inspiration to wear clear heels with those track pants and a turtleneck crop top. 

Go all with simplicity! 

These were some best fashion inspirations to wear heels with anything lurking in your wardrobe. No doubt, clear heels are extremely satisfying and versatile. Go try it now! 

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