Do you let the chilling breeze hit your head and ears during winters fearing headwear might mess up with your beautiful outfit and hair? Well, we are happy to let you know you are not the only one.

We have all been there; almost all of us have fought either the snowy breeze of the mountains or the painfully freezing Delhi winter like a warrior only to be suppressed by irresistible cough, cold, flu, and/or, fever. 

Do you ever wonder if the bed-ridden following week is even remotely worth it? I guess we all regret heading out without headwears during such circumstances, but again, headwears really ruin the morning efforts of combing and cleaning the hair.

To wear or not to wear the headwear is the question. Well, a well-styled beanie can fix your dilemma. So, let’s look into how you should choose the perfect beanie for yourself. 

We understand that beanies are not really regarded as street-smart fashion statements, but you can make it cool by pairing the perfect one with your outfit, facial structure, and hair. 

For those of you who are not aware what a beanie is, it is a cap for the winters, knitted in wool and is often known as a ‘stocking cap’ or, ‘toque.’ This skullcap was popularized in the early twentieth century, where four to six left panels were sewn together to form a cap. The panels were often knitted in multiple contrasting colors to render this piece of clothing a novel and distinct look. 

How to look good in a beanie?

Picking the right one according to your facial features

A beanie is a great winter staple and everybody should have a couple of these in their wardrobe. However, before you hastily head out to buy one, remember that even the most minute details can make a huge difference as to whether or not it suits you. Here are a few different ways to wear a beanie.

If you have a round or square face, select a beanie without a turn-back cuff, ribbing, or a looser fit that can add a bit of height to your face. Avoid looking like Harry from Home Alone; styling a beanie should be creative, not disastrous. Do not pull it down all the way to your ears, wear it slightly at the back of your head. 

A bobble hat is another creative option, but steer clear from anything that is too ‘out there.’ Styling a beanie should be subtle and should not draw people’s attention. 

Beanies go perfectly well with longer faces. Prefer opting for a turn-back cuff in a contrasting color with stripe details. A tightly fitted beanie should be a perfect match for a long face, for it would avoid adding extra height to your face. 

Embrace colours that offer a contrast with your hair colour and matches your jacket, trench coat or, sweater. A brighter and warmer pastel shade provides vibrance and adds a zing to your outfit. If you have straight hair, keep it open and let it fall freely over your shoulder.

Open hair flowing out of a beanie makes it appear voluminous. In case of wavy or curly hair, take out a lock or fringe of hair from the front of your forehead. It adds variety to your face. 

Different Beanie Styles You Might Want to Embrace

The fashion industry has evolved since beanies came into popularity in the early 20th century. Over a century later, it provides us with a variety of different styles and shades. Look carefully and find out THE ONE for you. 

The Classic Cuffed Beanie

how to wear a beanie

This one is a distant cousin of the ‘woolly hat’. Although classic, it is still the most worn and popular amongst people for its versatility. The hip-hop community swears by it and so does people everywhere else. This one can be easily claimed as the granny of the beanies. It is chic as well as classic. 

The Fisherman Beanie

A go-to for the hipsters, the fisherman beanie is the cold-weather headgear for the millennials. It makes a very hip workwear look and this beanie really makes a statement of its own.

You can wear it on a weekend trek or a Christmas brunch with long hooped statement earrings. The miniature woolen hat features a turn-up and sits on top of the head, ending just above the ear. 

The Bobble Hat

The bobble hat is particularly popular amongst women. It comes with a cute pom-pom at its head that adds a note of festivity and revelry to your look. It’s a perfect headwear for Christmas and New Years’.  While opting for this beanie, steer clear of neon colors, overly festive patterns, and over-sized bobbles. 

Fun fact: The bobble hat has its roots in the military. The Napoleon infantry and the Scottish regiments used pom-poms on their hats to differentiate between companies. 

Beanies that should be avoided

While the above three are good options to choose from, some beanies are equally disastrous. Here are a few designs you should stay away from if you are looking for ‘’How To Look Good in a Beanie.” 

The Baggy Beanie

Baggy beanies are repulsive and mars even the prettiest sweaters. The oversized, slouchy beanie is something nobody should wear unless you are attending a fashion faux pas themed party. 

Visor/Peaked Beanies

This one is a teenage mistake and should be best left alone as a mistake that is not worth the embarrassment. Spare the peaked beanies unless you are into Otto from Nintendo 64 snowboarding game.

Novelty Beanies

The novelty beanies can be simply regarded as the plague in the fashion world. If you spot it, kindly turn a blind eye towards the disaster known as novelty beanies.

How to Wear a Beanie?

The Bobble hat is a winter staple for most women. It goes unexpectedly well with sleeveless jackets and unbuttoned trench coats, and any kind of footwear; be it, thigh-high boots or sneakers or converse. Choose muted colors like beige, brown, off-white, grey to play it cool.