Are you wondering how to use bathroom products post expiration date? Then you are at the right place! It’s not called being a cheapskate, it’s called being smart. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. 

It is seldom recommended to use products of any kind post shelf life because it can be harmful and have a lot of side effects. But there isn’t any danger in cleverly reusing expired products. And how does one know? Well, we have a list of the safest and easiest ways through which you will get to know how to use expired bathroom products as well as, without any hassle or harm! 

How do you identify whether a product has expired?

It is quite easy to locate the expiry date of a beauty or bathroom product. All you need to do is search for the date on the container or body of the product and you will see it. It is usually placed either under or on the back of the product. 

In case it got peeled off because of some reason or you cannot find the expiration date, you can always check the quality of the product to know whether or not it can still be used. If the product you are using starts to smell or look peculiar, then it is most probably means that it has reached its expiration date. You also might identify this if your skin suddenly starts to react to the application of that particular product. 

But hold up! Before you throw it away, take a look at these amazing ways to use expired beauty and bathroom products. 

Ways to use expired bathroom products

  • Lotion: 

Instead of buying scrubs that may even develop bad skin reactions, use your old lotion as a replacement. All you need is some lotion and any type of exfoliant; mix them up and there you go, you now have a homemade scrub ready to use! 

how to use bathroom products post expiration date
  • Shampoo:

Did your favourite shampoo just expire? Well here’s a piece of good news for you, you can use a shampoo post shelf life as long as it doesn’t smell weird or looks bad. 

But you don’t necessarily have to use it if you are unsure about it, because there is still something else that you can use it for; a nice warm bubble bath! Instead of using a pricey essential oil, you can switch to your favourite scented and chemical-free shampoo as an alternate option. And the best part is that you wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference. 

  • Conditioner: 

This hack of using your conditioner post shelf life is quite simply and greatly effective as you can replace it with shaving cream and get rid of your body hair. The hydrating constituents of conditioner tend to protect your skin from rashes and redness, thereby making an excellent substitute for shaving cream. 

  • Mouthwash: 

In the older times, mouthwash used to be of great use as a surgical antiseptic due to its antibacterial and antiseptic qualities. So, instead of throwing away your expired mouthwash, you can reuse it as a hand sanitizer or even as an antiseptic to treat your wounds. 

  • Soap: 

This is one of the best ways to use expired bathroom products. If you believe that your soap bar has expired, then convert it into liquid soap. 

Dilute the bar of soap and simply use it as a liquid handwash. This way you get to save the money for buying yet another scented handwash. 

  • Toothpaste and toothbrush:

You must be thinking, how are you supposed to reuse these? An expired toothpaste and an old toothbrush make a great pair of cleaning agents. If you wish to remove any stains, especially on surfaces such as those of brass and silver, you can simply apply some toothpaste and rub it all over the area with the help of the toothbrush, and that will quickly remove the stain. You can even do the same to remove a shoe stain

Ways to use expired beauty products

  • Eye makeup:

Feel bad for not being able to use those bold eye shadow pigment because of its expiry date? Don’t sulk now, for you can still put that to use and show those bright colours off. Scrap off the eye shadow that you no longer use and add the powder to clear nail polish, and mix. Now you can apply it as a nail polish!

  • Deodorants and/or perfumes:

One of the best and most commonly known ways of reusing an old perfume is by using it as a room freshener. But apart from that, you can also use your old deodorant or perfume as a replacement for rubbing alcohol to clean things. 

  • Lip balm:

Everyone has that one favourite lip balm that they love and carry with them everywhere. And not being able to use it post shelf life is a terrible feeling. But you can still keep it and make good use out of it. The constituents of a lip balm tend to act as a nourishing agent. So, you can use it to hydrate and soften your cuticles.  

If you have a mascara that has gone dry, simply pour in warm water or lens solution inside the container and shake it up a bit. Now you have fresh mascara that you can use again. 

You can even use the mascara wand of your empty mascara bottle and use it to brush your brows after cleaning it properly. 

  • Skin toner:

Unfortunately, it is inadvisable to use a skin toner after it has expired. But you can still use it to clean glass surfaces and even your mobile phone. This is because it contains quite a good amount of rubbing alcohol. 

Don’t hesitate to help out a friend with these tricks on how to use bathroom products post-expiration date and ways to use expired beauty products. And if someone laughs at you for saving money and reusing products, well then that’s their bad. 

Enjoy your cosmetic and toiletries while you still can!