How many times have you wanted your hair to be as beautifully and naturally curly as those on billboards? If you are anything like us, then easily hundreds of times. As unmanageable as they might be, curls add character to your look.

Big, bouncy, voluminous curls are to die for. And if you want to be one of those curly-haired girls, you’ve come to the right place. Straight hair is great in its own right but nothing beats the fun look curly hair gives. It seems so effortless to have a tousled mane framing your face rather than just dead straight hair. We’re here with a few tips and tricks that will help you achieve the hair of your dreams. 

Make hair curly without any damage!

Instead of generic treatments like a perm or curler hairstyles, we thought we should give you some curly hair hacks that might lift your root and help it twist into the perfect curl without any damage. So, if you want to ditch your straightener or curler, these will be perfect for you. 

1. Curly Girl Method

From the handbook of a girl with curly hair came this highly coveted curly girl method. This method advocates the fact that even the tiniest twist or wave in your hair can turn into a full-fledged curl if you use the right products and techniques. The method calls for ditching heat, shampoos and other products with sulphates and insoluble silicones. More advanced stages also require you to eliminate alcohol and fragrance from those products. These ingredients can be harmful to curls as they strip the hair of all the moisture. This makes the hair strand unable to hold a curl. 

2. Scrunch, Scrunch and Scrunch

Scrunching is the method wherein you gently grab the bottom end of your hair and push it upwards to your root. You can do this with your fingers or with a towel. It is also recommended that you do this every step of your routine – from conditioning to applying a serum. This helps the hair retain moisture so they can form and hold a curl. This is curly girl approved and is one of the most helpful ways to ensure your hair twists into a curl. You can get curly hair just by incorporating this into your shower routine. 

Curly Hair
3. Ditch regular towels

The best thing you can do to your hair is replacing your towel with a microfiber one or just a regular t-shirt. This is one of the best-kept secrets in the beauty industry. If you want to know how to make hair curly, here is your answer. It is the easiest switch you can make; you will thank us later. These towels are gentle, will not strip the hair and drastically reduce the friction caused by normal towels. This results in lesser frizz and more enhanced nourishment. 

4. Moisture and Nourishment

Swap out your regular shampoos for deep conditioning or nourishing shampoos. This will enhance your hair’s ability to create curls on your head while also allowing them to hold them in place. The key to getting curly hair is to retain as much moisture as possible and these will do just that.

Replacing serums with light curl cremes or a mousse will help you achieve those beautiful curls. Take some product and scrunch until you get your desired result. There is a lot of protein in products made for curly hair, that is what you need to look for. Furthermore, ensure you do not put heavy products in your hair as they will weigh down your curls. This will make them lose their structure and that is a big no.

5. Heatless Methods

There are gazillion videos and tutorials on the internet on how to make hair curly without any heat. Some suggest socks, rubber bands, braids, twisting your hair into buns and the others call for using your own fingers as a curling iron. The point of these is to shy away from heat as much as possible. The damage caused by styling tools is unparalleled.

Using a heat protectant is not as helpful as one might think. It is still very risky. These tools rip away any moisture from the hair almost instantly. So, you might be getting beautiful curls but in the long term, your hair will lose all its health, shine, and glow. 

If you’ve been convincing yourself that there is no other way to tame the fly-aways or frizzies, think again. Do not be part of the problem. With a little bit of dedication, you could always restore your healthy hair. So next time you want to pick up a curling iron, consider using a heatless method to get curly hair instead. Your hair will thank you. 

6. Switch to a Diffuser

If you’re used to blow-drying your hair, consider replacing it with a diffuser routine instead. Diffusers just disperse the air so that the definition of your hair stays intact. Diffusing also helps retain the curl pattern by avoiding over-drying and over-frizzing. It might be a little more tedious than your regular blow-dry routine, but it definitely is worth it. Using a texturizing spray can make your curls more prominent and evens the curl pattern out. Follow this up with a light hairspray so the curls can stay in place. 

7. Masking 

Along the similar lines of nourishing your hair, it is important to use a hair mask at least once in two weeks if you want to get curly hair. Deep conditioning your hair will help quench the thirst and in turn avoid dryness and frizz.  The best masks are those which have restorative tendencies, are thick and creamy and rinse out easily. It is recommended you keep them on for at least a good 30 minutes to derive the full benefits of the same. 

Curly Hair

These were the most efficient ways to make hair curly. If you adopt all these into your hair wash and hair care routine, you are sure to see some great results. So, go live out your curly hair dreams, we are rooting for you!