We all love extraordinary and heroic characters in movies and in real life too, they are sexy! Well, many hot female cops all around the world take your heart and make you say “Arrest me, please!” 

The stereotype of women acting masculine when they are working as a cop is too common. You may have imagined a female cop to be a short-haired, manly, harsh voice, and very masculine but after seeing this hot female cops list, you might be shocked to know that women can do their jobs while being themselves. 

A female cop doesn’t need to be manly to become a cop.  

Read on to see some of the beautiful and hottest female officers around the globe! 

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7 Hot female cops from around the world 

We are going to introduce you to some of the hot female cops around the world who are actual badasses in doing their jobs. Regardless of all the stereotypes about female cops which are pervasive and need to be discarded. 

We are now going to praise the beauty and hotness with the pictures of some of the hot female cops we’ve found for you! Here you go! 

Adrienne Koleszar 
Hot female cops
(Source: Instagram)

Adrienne Koleszar is number one on our list for the hot female cops and you can see why! She’s a 31-year old German police commissioner and a bikini bodybuilder competitor with over 500k followers on Instagram. 

Regardless of her ripped and lean physique, she chooses to inspire people about body positivity and that’s what makes us love her even more! She continues to be an internet sensation because of her photos and the pictures are becoming quite popular on Instagram. 

Adrienne is fond of staying fit and wants women to become conscious of their fitness and take care of their body. She adores her job as a female officer. 

She’s considered to be the ‘World’s Hottest Police Officer’ and we can’t deny that! 

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Sasha Henry 
(Source: Twitter)

Henry Sasha, 27 years old policewoman who created history by becoming the first JCF member to become a national beauty pageant contestant in 2017 while she was preparing for another great challenge to become a Miss Jamaica Universe. 

She comes from St Catherine and is a beautiful as hell constable as well! No doubt you would love to get arrested by her. Don’t you? 

She believes that a lot of discipline and time management is necessary to be able to manage both roles together as they both are time-consuming. With her hard work, she was placed seventh in an international pageant in Egypt in 2018. 

No doubt she’s beautiful and a badass at the same time! 

Haley Drew 
(Source: the chive)


Haley Drew is a law enforcement officer who is featured in Maxim and FHM magazine. She’s one of the most successful law enforcement officers in the city of Texas. She was born in Texas and is 32 years old. 

She has more than 200k followers on Instagram and is known for posting some steamy pictures. She first drew attention in 2017 for her looks and her occupation. 

Haley has a son and despite being a mother she kept her physique in check and her body ripped. She undoubtedly can make you want to get in trouble. 

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Samantha Sepulveda 
(Source: mandatory)

Samantha Sepulveda is a popular Island police officer and Dominican model. She has over 400k followers on Instagram. She’s a 37 years old hot cop who started a career in modeling because it was her passion. 

She regularly posts sensuous pictures on Instagram and gets a lot of attention because of her glamorous physique. In 2017, the New York Post published an article proclaiming her as the ‘hot cop’. 

She handles the two careers well and says that her police colleagues are aware and supportive of her modeling. She earned an MBA degree and chose to work in law enforcement rather than in finance. 

Rihanna Conner 
(Source: Pinterest)

Rianna Conner is a US Marine and Internet sensation as her Instagram account ‘Combat Barbie’ has over 1 million followers. She posts racy pictures of herself on Instagram which made her a star on the internet. 

She is a California-born farm girl who served as a Marine for almost seven years and regularly posts her pictures in and out of her uniform. She also posts inspirational messages for those who serve in the military. 

She’s hot and a beautiful person inside and a true patriot. She describes herself as a ‘woman’s woman and a ‘faithful friend’. 

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Charlotte Rose 
(Source: VOI) 

Charlotte Rose served as a police officer in the UK but she ditched her job to become an adult star as she was discouraged by the male-dominated working environment. She’s a super hot and beautiful woman who is now a millionaire and owns a Lamborghini too. 

She quit her job in 2014 and started working as a glamour and lingerie model. She then started OnlyFans in 2016 and built a huge user base with regular posting. 

The switch in her career made her a millionaire and she is now earning as much as USD 2.3 million by sharing racy photos online. No doubt she is a sexy woman who’s a badass as well! 

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Nochtli Peralta Alvarez 
(Source: greatest physique)

Nochtli Peralta Alvarez is a former police officer who is half Dutch and half Spanish and resides in the Netherlands. She is a fitness model and is known for her extraordinary looks. She started working as a street police officer which was her childhood dream. 

After fulfilling her childhood dream, she decided to go for modeling and fitness and quit the police. She has become a lot more popular after having 1 million followers on Instagram. 

This was the steamy list for some of the hottest cops all around the world. No doubt, all of them look total badass and make us get into a little trouble. 

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