The fog and haze around the term ‘masturbation‘ are slowly subsiding, given the increasing awareness about the importance of sexual pleasure. Masturbating or exploring your own body is true for all women, irrespective of whether you have a partner or not. you can try these 11 homemade sex toys.

If you’re not aware of your likes and dislikes, you wouldn’t be able to guide the other person while making love. 

And bland sex is worse than bland food.

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Do you need machine-made sex toys for masturbating or for making foreplay fun? But not sure where to buy them while being discreet. Well, we come with some special news, you can now create your own homemade sex toys. 

Homemade Sex Toys

Homemade sex toys are amazing because the pleasure is equally good as a store-bought dildo or vibrator and yet aren’t expensive or difficult to buy. 

We’ve listed down the most common DIY sex toys that are easily accessible and can be easily dealt with, in case you want to keep your sexual pursuits, a secret. 

11 Homemade sex toys that can turn you on

1. Cucumber  
Homemade Sex Toys

Are you thinking exactly what we’re thinking? Voila, a DIY homemade dildo right there! The shape of cucumber is just perfect for vaginal penetration and since it’s a vegetable, it is not a harmful option either. 

The only thing that needs to be taken care of is covering it because you don’t want germs and bacteria to get inside your body. You can even use a condom. All the feels, right? 

2. The head of a shower 

Showerheads are excellent homemade sex toys for pleasuring the clitoris. You can even make use of jet showers or hand showers in case the main shower is out of your reach. 

The positioning of the shower is most important, along with the speed of the water flow. Make sure that it’s either cold or lukewarm because you surely don’t want to burn your insides. 

Adjust the temperatures and get ready to use your very own homemade vibrator!

 3. Wooden spatula 

People who say spatulas are just for culinary purposes are hugely mistaken. How about a bit of spanking as well? 

Owing to their smooth edges, they make favorable homemade sex toys. The rounded part can be utilized to rub your clitoris or for spanking. Who said you need a partner for some BDSM!

The other side can be used as a homemade dildo. While penetrating with it, there should be enough lube. Don’t forget to cover it as well. Safety first, remember?

4. Smartphone 
homemade vibrator

Is there anything that a smartphone cannot do? We don’t think so. You can include your smartphone in the category of homemade sex toys simply by installing a vibrating app like iVibe or iBrate. 

The intensity of the vibrations depends on your phone. Remember to wrap it up with a sock or a condom to ease penetration and to sustain the longevity of your phone, before enjoying your homemade vibrator.

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5. Hairbrush 

Just like sex masturbation isn’t only about your vajayjay. 

The prickly side of hairbrushes can be used in the pleasure points of the body such as the thighs, the neck, the breasts, etc. The polished side is usually preferable for spanking. 

Who would’ve imagined that a basic hairbrush could lead to so much pleasure? 

6. Electric razor 

Remove the blade of an electric razor and put it in a condom to transform it into your own vibrator. You can use it to rub your clit or tickle your partner’s genitals. Sterilize the razor before use to stay away from infection-causing bacteria. 

Razors are usually small and handy, hence, easy to use and carry. 

homemade vibrator

Remember uttering sexual innuendos and cracking banana jokes in school? It’s time for those to come true. 

Make full use of bananas as homemade sex toys. Wield it as it is and do not peel it off before use, to sustain the firmness and shape. Encircling it with a condom isn’t a difficult job, owing to its shape. 

Your use and throw homemade dildo is ready.  

8. Ice cubes 

Ice cubes have been related to sexual foreplay and pleasure for a while now. Whether it’s for stimulating the pleasure points or for playing with your nipples and vagina, ice cubes play a major role in sexual activities. 

The melting of ice cubes turns on numerous individuals. It is also employed while having oral sex. While fiddling with ice cubes, be careful of the sharp edges. You don’t want to experience more pain than pleasure.  

9. Socks 

Always keep your old pair of socks handy while planning sexual intercourse. Socks act as homemade sex toys and are often used for masturbating with lubes

Socks can also replace condoms while wrapping up other sex toys. Cute socks are a turn-on for many and we’re all for it! 

10. Pearl necklace 

Homemade sex toys such as these are extremely pleasurable for men. Masturbating with the necklace rested around the penis is a part of foreplay. Try investing in a cheap but good quality necklace, confirming safety during oral sex. Sterilizing is a must. 

11. Skin exfoliator 

Exfoliators like Foreo Luna is great for using as homemade sex toys. They have tiny spikes for scrubbing the skin. These spikes, when used to caress both female and male genitals can cause sexual arousal and pleasure. 

If you have multiple exfoliators and can let go of one for making a DIY sex toy, you’re sorted for days. Is it too much of a price to pay for experiencing pleasure? We don’t feel so! 

DIY sex toys

Do’s and don’ts while using sex toys 

  • Stay away from objects with spiky or pointy edges.
  • Don’t put toys that are too frail and can disintegrate or break when penetrated. 
  • Don’t use electrical objects for internal projection. Such objects are meant for external arousal only. 
  • Wash the objects and sterilize them before using them. Using dirty, unhygienic sex toys can lead to transmitted diseases. 
  • Do not use soapy or foamy substances like shampoos and handwashes, down there. Itching and irritation might follow. 
  • For oral sex, use the safest and the most hygienic articles to prevent mouth ulcers and other infections. Ice cubes, fruits, and vegetables are the most suitable options. 

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