Natural freckles look extremely cute and most makeup artists are embracing faux freckles that look almost natural. What a talent! TikTok has given us a lot of new makeup trends, henna freckles is one of the most popular ones. 

Many makeup artists opted for the brow pencils to create an illusion of freckles, however, it didn’t look so realistic. An option that lasts longer and looks more natural? Henna freckles look natural and last for about two to three days. 

How about trying it out yourself? In this article, you will find all about henna freckles. How to create them and what to consider before? 

Read on to find out!

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Henna freckles: What are they? 

Girls are always ahead when it comes to trying and making up new trends whether it’s hair colour, nail art, or faux freckles. Henna freckles have been fuming on social media platforms. 

Henna freckles mean applying henna dye directly to your face to create an illusion of freckles that look almost realistic and last longer than freckles made with makeup products like brow pencils. It may last for up to 3-4 days. 

This trend is pretty harmless but henna may have certain effects on the skin for some people so a patch test is important! 

This semi-permanent makeup illusion is easy to do and looks amazing. Once you try it, you’ll know! Henna is a herb used to dye decorate body parts with different designs, for example, mandalas. 

Henna is pretty common in India, where people decorate their hands and feet with henna during cultural occasions. Well, you can use it to decorate your face with freckles using henna. Read on to find out how! 

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Things to consider before trying this trend 

Henna can be used for many purposes, from hair to hand to feet but can you use it on your face? Well, henna is pretty harmless for your skin. 

However, before you try henna freckles on your face, make sure you consider few things before: 

Use the right type of henna 

Henna freckles have been fuming on social media platforms.

Your face is a sensitive part of your body so before trying anything check if you have any skin condition or not. Black henna can cause skin problems if you have any skin condition. 

How can you avoid it? 

You should use all-natural henna powder or a henna cone- the best bet for getting henna freckles. Make sure the henna is free from harmful chemicals and oils. 

Make sure the henna is made specifically for use on your skin. 

Don’t forget to patch test 

Natural henna should be a safe bet but it can still become a risk for your sensitive skin. Natural ingredients in any product may still be troublesome. 

They may irritate or even have a certain effect on your skin if you are undergoing any skin-related medical treatment. To be even safer, do a patch test. 

A patch test will indicate how your skin will react to henna. You can do a patch test on the back of your wrist, it doesn’t irritate your skin for days or has no rash, it is likely to be safe to use on your face. 

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How to use henna for freckles? 

We are here with DIY Henna Freckles without any hassle. What you need to do is follow all the steps properly and make sure to be a little subtle if it’s your first time using henna on your skin. 

Applying henna for freckles is easy to do. 

However, you can get it done from a professional who has good experience with henna if you think you may cause a disaster to your face. Anyways, henna freckles are easy to get and look cute if done properly. 

So, make sure to follow all the steps given below carefully. 

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What you need: You can use a henna cone or some henna powder for creating faux henna freckles. 

Step 1: Clean your face 

Just like you clean your face before doing makeup, start by cleansing your face thoroughly before you start creating faux freckles. 

Begin with clean and dry skin. You’ll need to be sure your skin has been effectively cleansed of any dirt or any makeup and is dry. 

Step 2: Prepare the ingredients 

If you’re using a henna cone to create freckles, remove the pin from the cone and squeeze a little to get the henna out of it. Check the coloring with tissue paper. 

If you’re using henna powder, mix it in warm water until you get a paste-like mixture. You can use a plastic sheet to make a cone and add henna into it. 

Cut the pointy edge with scissors. Make sure you do not cut it too far up ahead. 

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Step 3: Apply it! 

Faux Freckles: How To Create Henna Freckles In Just 5 Steps!

(Source: Pinterest) 

The most fun part but you need to be careful you do not spread it clumsily on your face. Make tiny dots of henna around the edges of your nose and go all the way to the cheeks. 

You can also create henna freckles on your forehead and chin. Make sure the dots vary in size so it looks more realistic. 

Step 4: Let it dry 

Once you are done with creating freckles on your face, the next step is to let it dry. You should let it dry for 1 hour. 

The more you leave it on the darker it gets, so make sure you remove it on time. You don’t want those freckles to look like insects running on your face. 

Step 5: Remove it 

Gently pick the dried-up henna with your hands. If you see those freckles looking too light, relax they’ll get darker once you wash your face. 

You’re done! You now have pretty-looking freckles. Snap it, post it on your social media accounts and let everyone know you are freckle queen! 

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