After the K beauty glass skin trend, we got a glass lip trend followed by the glass eye shadow trend. Now the latest hairstyle trend that has taken the world by storm is the glass hair trend. Celebrities and hairstylists around the world simply cannot get over this hair trend and we cannot blame them too, this hairstyle is too gorgeous to get over it.

The term, glass hair was used first in 2018, and since then, it took over different social media platforms. 

What is the glass hair trend?

The goal of each glass hairstyle is to finish a high finish look that mimics the appearance of glass. When we are talking of glass hairstyle, it needs to be a sharp haircut and straight silky strands that reflect light from every angle. The finishing touch of this hairstyle is important because this haircut focuses on giving attention to details. This hair trend asks for perfection. 

We admit that all these glass hair tutorials, which are over the Internet, are not easy to master. Thankfully, the sleek glass hair look is easier than most to achieve. 

Why Is Glass Hair The New Trend?

It is hard to say why glass hair is the new trend right now but according to hairstylists, it is the sleek aesthetics of this look that appeals more to the followers of this trend. 

Who are the biggest followers of the glass hair trend?

Kim Kardashian has led the style pack when it comes to this trendy glass hair cut. Although several other celebs like Jordan Dunn, Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, and Hailey Baldwin have all been seen rocking this high-gloss look.

glass hair

Celebrity hairstylist, Chris Appleton wrote on Instagram, “The inspiration was ‘the 90s, swishy glass hair.” He also further added, “I wanted to create a really intense shine for the hair.”

Is Glass Hair Trend Renamed after Silk Press?

Debates are on if the glass hair trend is the renamed version of the silk press. Antoinette Hill, celebrity hairstylist for Remy Ma, Juju, Vanessa Simmons, informed Madame Noire, that how for decades, Black people have been creating this look. We are the CREATORS of the trend. 

A silk press is considered to be a great alternative method of perming your hair.

 Is This Trend Bad For Your Hair?

It depends on your personal choices. If you are a person who is scared of heat damage, you should not choose to follow this trend more often, because heat damages your hair if it is used for the long term. However, you should maintain your hair properly and nourish it well to overcome your hair damage. 

Just make sure that you do not make common mistakes that can damage your hair and you are good to go.

How to Get Sleek Glass Hair?

Experts recommend these steps to be followed to get that shiny glass hair that you always prayed for.

Step 1: Even out your ends

First things first, if you are fully committed to this glass hair trend, make sure that the ends of your hair are even. The first thing that glass hair calls for is straight even ends. You must have seen through various social media posts that shoulder-length hair rock the glass hair trend best. With the right styling tools and products, you can achieve a glass hair look at any desired length. 

However, always keep in mind that it is harder to keep longer hair strands pin-straight, which is one of the most important features of this look. 

Step 2: Always start with clean locks

The best way to start this look is with clean locks. Before you start styling, get yourself a fresh shower with your favourite moisturizing shampoo. This look demands hydrated hair so using a moisturizing shampoo and an oil-based conditioner is a must. This will ensure that your hair will get the exact shine that it needs.

Do not consider skipping on regular hair care routine. This look is all about your light-reflective locks. For achieving this, you need a silky shine and nourished hair. Dry and undernourished hair will fail to achieve the basic details of this hairstyle.

Step 3: Blow dry your hair 

Pin straight hair is the natural premise of this look so whatever texture your hair might be, make sure that you blow dry it, before starting the entire process of styling it.

Step 4: Flat iron in section

Once your hair is dry, use a flat iron to straighten your hair strands. The basic goal of this hairstyle is to achieve pin-straight hair so do not rush in through this process. 

Step 5: Finish with the right products 

How do hair stylists make your hair look so shiny? The secret is nothing but using the right products. To get a glass-like finish, run an oil-based serum through the lengths and the end of the hair. Lastly, to set your look and protect it against humidity, use a hair spray. Choose some hair spray that is formulated to give you that sheen shine that the glass hair trend asks for.

And there you have the perfect sleek glass hair look. Snap a selfie; rule the world with your perfect hairstyle. However, when it comes to rocking the new glass hair trend, humidity cannot be your friend. Just keep in mind that a rainy day or a warm summer afternoon is not the best time for you to style your hair this way.

Also, those who want to opt for the long glass hair trend, then be ready to spend a few good hours on your stylists chair. Following trends doesn’t come easy, ladies!

None of these VIPs was brought into the world with normally smooth, glass-like hair. Rather, their super reflective styles are the consequence of a huge amount of hair care items, and they are more likely never venturing foot outside. Which implies that indeed, even you can take advantage of the pattern at home.

We cannot deny that the glass hair trend is one of the smartest hairstyles we have ever come across. The sharpness and the shine that this haircut asks for is beyond perfect.