Drinking and forgetting your life problems is the best way to enjoy life and if you have friends by your side, it’s even better because they always have your back when you are drunk and cannot go home by yourself. Rather than going out and getting a bartender to make you a drink in this pandemic, why not make a drink by yourself? It makes you learn a skill and you’ll feel the wisdom as you pour that drink for yourself. 

So, today’s amazing drink recipe is dirty water bong. Do not mistake it for a bong with some dirty water, it is not about that. If you haven’t tried a dirty bong water shot, this is the time you must savor it. Here we are with some fruity and flavourful recipes for preparing a delightful dirty water bong drink for yourself and you are going to love it! 

Read on to find out some amazing dirty bong water drink recipes to try out this new year! 

What is dirty bong water?

The name dirty bong water shot doesn’t sound so appealing. Right? But at the first sip, you’ll be wanting more and more. You wouldn’t resist it. The name Bong water has originated from cannabis culture. Bongs which are used to ingest marijuana. Bong water is a dark and strong-smelling liquid which is at the bottom of the bong used to ingest marijuana. When the bong is used to smoke marijuana and the water in the bottom is utilized to cool and filter the smoke of the burning plant material.  

dirty bong water

Although the name is similar to this water, it is not actually bong water! When the dirty water bong is made, it mostly looks like bong water that is why it is named after it. So do not confuse the dirty bong water and bong water. They are two different things. Dirty bong water is a cocktail and bong water is filtering water for smoking. 

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What does dirty bong water taste like? 

A dirty water bong cocktail tastes like a candy with a lot of sweetness in it. If you have a sweet tooth this one is made for you. Yet, a dirty bong water drink can be dangerous given the ingredients. This spiced rum cocktail is blended with the craziness of raspberry, amaretto, blue Curacao and gives off a sour flavour so you just can’t resist its flavours and fruitiness. Sipping a dirty bong water shot tastes like eating blue candy. 

This dark blue-greyish drink tastes much, much better than the actual dirty bong water. The sweet blend of citrus and nutty flavour with a tart raspberry finish, this dirty bong water drink is surely something you would love. A dirty bong water drink cocktail is similar to common man cocktails but they are much more sour and the tartness of the juices makes this sweet drink a lot better. So, we bet you will like this drink. Why not try it? Below is the recipe for this amazing drink you would try again and again! 

How to make a dirty bong water drink? 

Wanna try dirty water bong at your home? No worries! We are here with some amazing dirty bong water cocktail recipes which are flavourful and fruity. You wouldn’t resist having another shot on another shot. It is traditionally served in a highball glass and generally requires just five ingredients. 

Remember, a cocktail should be served chill. So, it is best to add ice whenever you make a dirty water bong shot for yourself. You might also want a bit of garnishing to complete this delightful cocktail. 

So, brace yourself as below are some luscious and fruity dirty bong water drink recipes for you: 


  • 30ml Blue Curacao
  • 30ml Almond Amaretto 
  • 30ml Chambord raspberry liqueur 
  • 30ml spiced rum 
  • 30ml sweet and sour mix
  • Cocktail shaker
  • Ice cubes 
  • A highball glass

Servings: 1

How to prepare it: 

For preparing the dirty bong water cocktail, you need to follow the given steps: 

  • Put together Blue Curacao liqueur, Chambord raspberry liqueur, spiced rum, Almond amaretto liqueur and sweet & sour mix into the cocktail shaker filled with ice. 
  • Close the lid and shake all the ingredients well and your dirty bong water cocktail is ready. 
  • Pour the drink into the highball glass and enjoy your drink. 
  • Garnish it with a pineapple pulp or a lemon pulp. 

Tips to enhance the flavour: 

  • You can try a few other dirty bong water recipes with a little change of flavours. For example, you can add in a splash of pineapple juice to enhance the flavour of your dirty water bong drink with a southern comfort which will enhance the flavour and a great drink to replace Chambord raspberry liqueur if you don’t like the raspberry flavour so much.
  • You can also add 7-up soda or Pepsi cola on top of your delicious drink to enrich the flavour and texture of your drink. 
  • Adding flavours on flavours according to your taste buds will improve the flavour of your dirty bong water drink. You can add peach schnapps or grenadine syrup to add in some different, yummy flavours to it. 
  • Make sure the rum doesn’t go beyond 151-proof as it can diminish the actual fruity flavour it is famous for. 
  • Make sure the drink isn’t so strong as the strongness can diminish the flavour and fruitiness. 

For a delicious drink, it is the balance which is required. For this drink, a lot of flavours are blended for a fruity, sweet and sour taste you are looking for. Limit the quantity of rum if you do not want to get drunk and get yourself in trouble as the ingredients are potent enough to get you tipsy. Make sure you do not make a habit of it as the alcohol consistency is likely to make you addicted to it. 

So, enjoy this new year’s eve with the fruity and luscious dirty bong water shot!