Curly hair is mystic and one of the classic hair looks. They are sexy, stunning, and dramatic at the same time. Whether you have it or not or you’re just thinking about it, numerous curly hair actresses rocked their curly hair and we can’t get over it! 

Whether it’s soft swirls, ringlets, or coils, curly hair is enough to make you feel like a bomb. Most celebrities choose to hide their naturally curly hair and embrace their naturally curly hair and all of them are queens. 

No doubt! 

Today, we are going to introduce you to some of the stunning divas who rocked curly hair looks. 

Get ready to be surprised!  

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Curly hair actresses 

There are a huge amount of curly hair actresses and celebrities who are now accepting their curly hair and not falling for the peer pressure to wear straight and smooth hair. 

Although there’s nothing wrong with wearing straight hair, embracing and concealing natural beauty gives the freest feeling you’ve ever felt. 

So, here are some of the most beautiful curly hair actresses and celebrities you need to see! 

Curly hair actresses

The curly hair queen Zendaya has tried many hairstyles and rocked all of them effortlessly. However, the most sensational and stunning hair she has ever worn is her natural strands. 

She looks angelic and sexy at the same time, wearing those natural and striking curls with minimal makeup. No one can embrace natural beauty like Zendaya and we are loving that! 

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Queen Bey always chooses to amaze her with her fashion, dance, voice, and her precious curls, of course! She may play with her hair in bouncy blowouts, sleek straight but what makes her look like an absolute stunner? 

Yes, her tight natural textural curls especially when she hits the stage to rock. 

Jennifer Lopez 

Jennifer Lopez is one of another stunning curly hair actresses who embraces her natural curls and loves them. Her hairstylist, Juan Carlos Maciques said the curly bob she wore in Shades of Blue was phenomenal. 

She even confessed to people that she feels sexiest wearing curly hair and no doubt we all love it! 

Vanessa Hudgens 

Vanessa Hudgens has natural curls and she even added extensions to make them look even bigger. The former Disney star is known to rock a sleek hairstyle but now, she chooses to let her naturally curly hair texture out. 

Her stylist tells that oil is her secret weapon to keep her natural tresses hydrated which helps reduce frizz in her hair.

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Gigi Hadid 
Curly hair actresses
(Source: Vogue)

You might have seen Gigi Hadid wear sleek and straight hair but did you know she has natural curls? 

Yes, the supermodel who is the new mom now has stunning natural curls. Her natural texture is wavy and her full head retro curls are apple to our eyes. The stunning Gigi Hadid was named the International Model of the Year in 2015 by BFC. 

Talking about being talented, she also knows how to ride. What a badass!

Ariana Grande 

Shocked? Yes, Ariana has natural healthy curls! No doubt, her classic iconic tight ponytail is alluring but she lets her curls reveal from time to time.

We are used to her stunning long ponytail and hair extensions but she made us fall in love with her naturally curly hair and we all wonder why she doesn’t wear it like this often.


Shakira has never been scared to show her naturally curly locks to the world and it’s a part of her classic signature look. The queen started with black hair and transitioned her hair to blonde and we love both of them! 

Curls with her divine blonde hair are like the cherry on top of a cake, makes her look like an absolute dive, that she is! 

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Selena Gomez 

Selena Gomez mostly keeps her hair sleek and straight but her natural hair has waves and curls that are above amazing. She can rock every hairstyle effortlessly. 

She looked mystical in Wizards of Waverly Place while portraying Alex Russo with that beautiful wavy hair. She reveals her naturally wavy hair from time to time to the world with her Instagram posts. 

Curly hair actresses

SZA, the stunning black beauty, wears voluminous curly hair and has been wearing her curls since middle school before big natural hair was even popular. 

She grew up as a Muslim and wore Hijab through middle school and her inspiration for growing curly hair was Lauryn Hill. Her songs are as beautiful as her voluminous locks.  

Taylor Swift 

When Taylor Swift started off making her melodies, her naturally curly hair was her signature look. 

Over the years, she chose to keep her hair straight and sleek but now and then, she surprises us with her natural curls and undoubtedly we want more of it! 

Gabrielle Union 

Gabrielle Union has been embracing her naturally curly hair and she launched a whole hair care line dedicated to textured hair. She has big, gorgeous, and voluminous hair. Her husband who loves her textured hair says, “You know my wife doesn’t normally go for big hair. She’s been doing it lately, so you know it’s the whole thing.” 

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Curly hair actresses

Yes, it’s true! The mom-to-be has naturally textured and wavy hair. In December 2012, the singer posted a picture of herself wearing curls and an oversized shirt. 

Halsey is famous for altering her hair looks from time to time. Whether it’s her bald, sexy look, short bob hair, or pretty wavy and textured hair, she chooses to rock every look!  

These were some of your favorite celebrities who wear curly hair and rock them effortlessly! 

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