If you are on the lookout for dry eyes remedy or if you have heard of using castor oil for dry eyes or want to know how to use castor oil for dry eyes, continue reading. 

Dry eyes

It is a condition caused when your tear ducts are unable to lubricate or provide hydration to your eyes. Proper hydration is very important for your eyes if there is any disruption in it, it can probably result in dry eyes. 

The inability of the eyes to produce enough tears could be a very serious problem, so it is necessary to learn more about this condition and also the possible treatments naturally.

The various symptoms of dry eyes include constant unease, a stinging burn, redness in eyes, blurred vision and disability to properly in at night and even sensitivity to bright lights. If you experience these symptoms, there is a possibility you are suffering from dry eyes. 

Dry eyes are caused when there is an issue with the tear film. It could also be caused by a variety of reasons such as long hours of strain on the eyes by sitting in front of a computer screen or reading, sometimes the reason could be internal such as hormones or aging

Certain diseases like eye allergies and medication, even sensitivity of eyes due to some elements can cause dry eyes. The reasons or causes are varied and difficult to find out, so it is better to take proper precautions beforehand instead of suffering from it. 

Dry eyes in women

Now a lot of people could suffer from this condition as it is very common because of all the pollution, poor lifestyle and long hours in front of a computer, but some people are more likely to develop chronic dryness in their eyes due to various factors, like older people, people who wear contacts and women. 

Not all women need to be prone to this disease but women who are going through a hormonal change like during pregnancy. It may be a little too difficult for them to have the issue of dry eyes. Also, women who take birth control pills or starting with menopause run the risk of developing this condition. 

Remedy for dry eyes

Dry eyes can be treated by several methods such medication that will help with any internal causes or to calm the symptoms, also using eye lubricants or eye drops on the recommendation of your doctor. While all these methods sound daunting have you ever considered using natural ways of treating dry eyes?

If you have then you would have heard about using castor oil for dry eyes. If you have not heard and want to learn about the benefits of castor oil for dry eyes or how to use castor oil for dry eyes, we have you covered. 

Castor Oil for dry eyes

Castor oil is prepared by the castor beans and it has proved to be very effective in treatments of various issues, it is even used in medicines and people swear by it for treating various eye problems too. 

For the treatment of dry eyes, it is advised to lubricate the eyes to fill the inefficiency of the tear ducts in producing enough tears for the hydration of the eye which further results in dry eyes. In order to keep your eyes lubricated for a longer time, the product should be oil-based. Castor oil could be a very good option if you don’t want to depend on the medications. 

If you worry about putting oil in your eyes, then don’t as this method has been tried and tested and researched on and proved to be very effective. 

Benefits of castor oil for dry eyes

If you are worried about using castor oil to treat dry eyes, don’t as this oil contain fatty acids and antioxidants that are good for your eyes, there are a lot of benefits of using castor oil 

Castor oil for dry eyes

Helps with the problem of tear evaporation

One of the reasons behind dry eyes is the evaporation of tear droplets from the tear ducts which results in dry eyes. Using castor oil in your eyes could prove to be very helpful in solving this problem. 

Treats redness

The most common symptom of dry eyes is having bloodshot eyes that often look very scary. Castor oil proves to be a good solution for treating them because of its anti-inflammatory properties. 

Treats itchiness

Yes, the constant itchiness you feel because of dry eyes or at any time for that matter could be treated by putting a few drops of castor oil in your eyes. 

Castor oil can also help with a number of eye problems and also the problems around your eyes like dark circles, wrinkles, swelling or puffiness. All these could be treated by applying a little bit of the castor oil on the affected area using your fingers and massaging properly. 

If you use castor oil regularly for your eyes you will not have to worry about taking extra medicines or eye drops for your eyes anymore. 

It is better to use castor oil or any natural product or method for your eyes instead of any artificial product as they could cause problems in the longer run. 

Are there any side effects of using Castor Oil on eyes?

After we have looked at the different dry eyes’ remedies and the use of castor oil for treatment of dry eyes, it is natural to think of the side effects of using castor oil on eyes. 

It is important to know about the right brand of castor oil to use for your eyes as it could be a major problem if you are not using the proper one. Always consult your doctor while choosing the right kind of castor oil for your problem. 

Some of the side effects of castor oil could be blurry vision and/or swelling in your eyes.

These side effects are manageable and not anything serious like some of the eye drops that can cause serious itching and allergies after some use.