Travelling and period have a radical relationship and most female travellers tend to avoid travelling during that time of the month. With those brutal cramps, mood swings and sudden cravings, your menstruation days can be the worst days you would want to travel. 

But can travelling affect your period? Does it make your period irregular? 

Well, the answer to it would be positive but what’s the reason behind it and how can you manage your period while travelling? 

Travelling and period are two things that might not go well together but with proper care and hygiene, you might be able to manage it! 

Read on to know if travelling can affect your period or not and what factors influence this phenomenon! 

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Factors that affect your period while travelling 

Can travelling make your period late? Sure it can! It can be problematic having periods while travelling and what’s worse? Missing a period that gives you a sudden wave of panic! 

Seems scary but your period might be late due to many reasons when you are travelling. Many factors are influencing this phenomenon. 

First, you need to understand that any disruption in your physical or emotional health, be it stress, sleep deprivation and diet can affect your hormonal balance which leads to irregularity in periods and these factors seem to change while you travel. 

Let’s look into them: 


Stress is a common reason your period seems to be en retard. Hormones released during stress can disrupt your regular cycle and cause late ovulation. 

Some trips might not always be fun and stress-free. While you are sleeping less and drinking too much while on vacations may sound fun but your body is actually under stress. 

This may affect the production of estrogen and disrupts ovulation and makes your period late. 

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Sleep issues

Travel can affect your sleep schedule drastically. A long and uncomfortable trip in a contrary environment can result in irregular sleeping habits. Most people have trouble falling asleep when they change their environment. 

Also, the tropical or mountainous environment can affect your blood pressure which makes you agitated. All of this can ultimately influence your hormonal balance resulting in irregular periods.   

Can Travelling Affect Your Period

Change in diet 

Diet has a significant role in keeping our hormones and overall health in check. When travelling, most of us do not make a healthy diet a priority. 

Calorie and nutrient intake change and causes the body to function differently than it normally does. This can extremely affect your hormonal system. 

As a result, your menstrual cycle may alter as well. 

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Change in exercise routine 

Travel brings many changes in our routine and your workout routine isn’t an exception. When the level of your workout regime changes, you may expect your periods to be late. 

Most people do not work out during vacations and therefore may notice a little change in their menstrual cycle.

Jet lag 

Switching time zones can affect your circadian rhythm which is known as the body’s inner clock. This inner clock plays an important role in keeping your hormones balanced. 

Any changes to your circadian rhythm can put an impact on your menstrual cycle as jet lag can make you feel constantly drowsy. This imbalance may lead to stress and eventually affects your period.  

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How to manage your period while travelling?

Travelling and period may not go so well together but keep in mind that sticking to a healthy routine even though you are travelling can help you manage your period. There are certain things you can do to help the menstrual cycle stay intact. 

Here are some tips you can follow to help regulate your period during travelling: 

  • Before you head out to travel, plan your trip and all the routine activities around your period. This will help you in tracking your period and help you plan for the activities.
  • Skipping your period can help you enjoy your trip to the fullest. You can manage to skip your period with birth control pills. It is safe to skip your period via birth control pills unless your doctor says not to.
  • Stick to your routine as much as possible. Schedule your meals as you normally do and if you work out regularly, make sure to stay active while you are on the trip.

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  • You should expect changes and panic due to a pregnancy scare will bring more illness than help you. Menstrual changes are normal for one or two cycles so do not panic if you’ve missed your period. Take a pregnancy test if you think you’re pregnant unless worrying won’t help you.
travelling and period
  • Prepare yourself and carry all your menstrual products with you even if you do not expect your period during your travel days. Carry your preferred menstrual products with you in case you do not find the products in that area. Do not forget pain medications and other personal hygiene products.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol in excessive amounts. If you find your periods late, do not drink alcohol as it may delay your period.
  • Make sure to relax and take less stress. Travelling should be fun and make you feel stress-free. Relax when you feel overwhelmed or stressed.
  • Drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated. You’re highly likely to get sick while you are travelling and sickness may cause irregular periods. Keeping yourself hydrated may also help in reducing period cramps.
  • Take loo breaks wherever you can especially when you are going for difficult treks where it’s hard to find toilets. Change your pads every 4-5 hours to avoid leaks and maintain hygiene as much as possible.

This was all about travelling and period. 

Can travelling affect your period? 

Yes, it can due to stress, change in diet and exercise. 

Can you do anything about it? Yes, you can! 

Taking proper mental and physical health care and doing everything normally as much as possible can help you manage your period and stay healthy. This cancels out any chance of having irregular periods. 

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