Do you always tend to look out for good old tequila shots when everybody else flaunts their fancy, elaborate cocktails? Do you always explain the health benefits of tequila when you’re asked about your obsession with it? You’re a tequila person for sure and we’re here to help you with the recipe of your suitable cocktail, the Bramble Margarita! 

It is the best match for tequila lovers with the edge of tequila and the incredible flavour of fruits. Are you ready with your pen and notepad or the notes app of your smartphone? Here we go! 


It is a cocktail that was created in 1984 at a bar called Fred’s Club, in London, by Dick Bradsell, a well-known British bartender. He was reportedly inspired by his past life memories that exhibited the Isle of Wight and ‘going blackberrying’ or plucking blackberries on the Isle. 

Bramble comes from the brambles or blueberry bushes. It combines 15 ml of blackberry liqueur, 50ml of gin, 25ml lemon juice, and 12ml sugar syrup.  The blueberry liqueur is gently poured into a glass that has been previously kept ready with a mixture of lemon juice, gin, sugar syrup, and ice.  

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According to David Wondrich, a cocktail specialist and historian, Margarita gets its origin from Daisy, a Mexican drink, which is referred to Margarita, in Spanish. It is a citrus and tequila-based cocktail. Its combination of sweetish, sourish, and salty taste is due to the presence of orange liqueur, lemon juice, and salt, respectively. 

The measurements are, 20 ml orange liqueur, 15ml of lemon juice, and 50ml tequila. The ingredients are shaken well in a shaker consisting of crushed ice. It can also be served on the rocks, with ice cubes. The rim of the glass is garnished with salt. 

Now that we know that the Bramble Margarita recipe is a fusion of Bramble and Margarita, both of which are separate drinks in themselves and taste out worldly, it’s no surprise that when they’re brought together, the result isn’t something basic. 

The best ingredients from both the recipes have been recognized as Bramble Margarita ingredients. 

Bramble Margarita ingredients 

  • Lime juice – 30ml
  • Orange juice – 30ml 
  • Blackberry liqueur – 30ml 
  • Tequila – 50ml 
  • Cointreau liqueur – 30ml 
  • Sugar syrup – 15ml 
  • Mix the ingredients well in a shaker before serving it with crushed ice. 
  • Add lemon garnish. 

7 Margarita recipes for your summer parties

Bramble Margarita
1. Apple Margarita  

We’re obsessed with fruity cocktails and this green elegance works just fine for us. Apple Margarita needs 1 oz of apple liqueur, 1-2 oz of sour syrup, 1 oz of tequila, and 1 oz of apple juice. 

The process begins with the blending of the ingredients in a mixer. It is then poured into a margarita glass, rimmed with cinnamon sugar. Green apple is used for the final touch of garnishing. 

The key to the green apple staying fresh for a long time is to squeeze lemon juice over it. 

2. Catalina Margarita

Quite fancy and appealing, this one’s appropriate for sipping while chilling at the beach or by the pool. The simple ingredients include 1 ounce of sour mix, 1 ounce of blue curacao, 1 ounce of peach schnapps, and finally, 1-2 ounces of tequila. All of these are mixed before straining the final mixture and serving it with ice. 

3. Hawaiian Margarita 
Bramble Margarita recipe

This particular cocktail is for all those days when you miss your vacation days and want something to rejuvenate the sandy, sunny memories. It gets its name from the Hawaiian islands and contains strawberries, pineapples, an ounce of sour mix, 1-2 ounces of tequila, and 1-2 ounces of triple sec or orange liqueur. 

The contents are strained to get a smooth consistency and then served with strawberry and pineapple wedges arranged on the rim. 

4. Electric Margarita 

Also known as blue or Moonlight Margarita, it’s the perfect drink for blue lovers. 2 oz of blue curacao, lemon juice, triple sec, 4 oz of tequila, and 1 tsp of coarse salt, and 2 tsp of sugar are used. 

The liquid ingredients, along with the sugar are fused vigorously for half a minute and then the blue cocktail becomes serve-ready. Rimming with coarse salt and mounting a lemon slice on the edge of the glass are important ending steps. 

5. White Wine Margarita 

Margarita with wine? Interesting, right? Let’s have a look. 2 cups of orange juice, 2 cups of water, 1 cup of orange liqueur, 2 cups of limeade concentrate, a bottle of Chardonnay, lime, and kosher salt are all the magic ingredients. 

Stir the liquids well for some time and voila, you can now savour the wine margarita. Rim the glass with kosher salt for that extra charm.

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6. Smoky Margarita

 1 oz triple sec and lime juice, 2 oz of mezcal, 2 oz of tequila followed by 3-4 tsp of sugar syrup are the required ingredients. The mezcal is not added until the cocktail is ready, on the rocks. 

The mezcal is not touched after it’s poured over the ice cubes to achieve the smoky vibe. The Mexican beverage is the highlighting ingredient of this cocktail.  

7. Cucumber Jalapeno Margarita 
Bramble Margarita ingredients

The prepping begins with gathering the ingredients, namely, a quarter cup of sugar syrup, a quarter cup of orange liqueur, half cups each of tequila and lime juice, 5-6 cucumber slices, 3-4 lime slices, 2-3 spoons of kosher salt, and jalapeno pepper. 

Blend the ingredients and refrigerate for about an hour after adding the cucumber slices and jalapeno paper to the drink. Kosher salt should be smeared onto the rims and garnishing should be done with cucumber and lime slices. 

Specially curated for tequila enthusiasts, this article talks about the Bramble Margarita recipe and 7 similar Margarita recipes. Were we able to lessen your worries about the next party that you’re going to host for your friends? We surely were. Try the recipes at once! 

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