There is no point in denying that everyone has been a victim of ‘beauty bias’. The ordeal of being commented upon looks is a tough pill to swallow. Be it, Kylie Jenner, the youngest and most successful model-entrepreneur, or an ordinary person, everyone has buggering insecurities. No matter how successful or content a person is, insecurities like these are only human to take up one’s mind. 

Thanks to the 21st century and the advancement in technologies it has brought with it, these insecurities can now easily be taken care of. There is a corrective method available out there. The new three magical words for today’s women are- Body contouring and sculpting. 

What is Body Contouring and Sculpting?

Body contouring is a procedure that reorientates the shape of the body by retracting surfeit skin and fat cells. This procedure is quite infamous among women. The body contouring treatment is chiefly used for tummy tucking, lifting of sagging breasts and buttocks, and removal of love handles and double chin. 

Body Contouring Treatment Professionals

The body contouring treatment is now provided by various plastic surgeons, dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, or other certified trained providers.

It is wise and safe to consult a specialist first before opting for any kind of body contouring or body sculpting therapy. 

Types Of Body Contouring For Women

Body Contouring for women has become an easy option. With the advancement in science and medicine, these things can be overcome artificially. There are various kinds of body contouring treatments available for all kinds of problems. There are different methods to obtain the desired look, both surgically and non-surgically.  

body contouring

Non-Surgical Body Contouring Treatment

Non-surgical body contouring treatment is less invasive than the non-invasive method. This kind of treatment usually requires less than an hour to complete, depending upon the affected areas and the chosen non-surgical method. The patient can continue with his or her routine work right after seeking this treatment. It does not require a period of bed rest. 

Non- Surgical body contouring treatment includes predominantly fours methods:

  • Cryolipolysis or controlled cooling– in this procedure freezing temperatures are used to target and destroy fat cells.
  • Laser lipolysis– under this procedure the cells are targeted by using controlled heating and laser energy.
  • Radiofrequency lipolysis– is another procedure in which controlled heating and ultrasound technology is used to target fat cells.
  • Injection lipolysis– uses deoxycholic acid which can be injected to target fat cells.

Surgical body contouring treatment 

Surgical Body Contouring treatment is a more invasive approach. It requires a lot of pre-planning. A lot of factors have to be taken into consideration as compared to non-surgical treatment. This procedure is slightly longer than the other. 

However, it is one of the best ways to mould one’s body into the shape they desire the most. The rest period after treatment solely depends upon the type of surgery performed. However, the recovery period is longer than the non-surgical method. It is also advised to religiously follow the postoperative guidelines for a better and desired result.

Side Effects of Body Sculpting Treatment

It is very rare to find anyone having any kind of problems or side effects post-surgery. Albeit, the side effects that have a very slim possibility to occur include-bleeding (or hematoma), infection, fluid accumulation (seroma), persistent pain, fat necrosis, prolonged swelling, and complications that may arise from anaesthesia.

Cost Of Body Contouring And Sculpting Therapy

The expenses merely depend upon the method of treatment a patient undergoes. It also varies taking into the affected area under consideration. Some clinics also offer EMIs for payment

Pocket-Friendly Alternative to Body Sculpting Therapy

It takes a lot of guts to undergo any kind of surgery. However, everyone can’t afford them as it surely costs a fortune. Happiness comes with a huge credit card after all! But sure as hell doesn’t mean that one should feel insecure about their body. Where there is a will, there is a way. 

A way easier and cheaper way and an alternative to body sculpting therapy are DIY. YES, you read it right! A DIY. Get the hang of it from makeup mogul, Kim Kardashian herself. Kim Kardashian West has a makeup line of her own, KKW Beauty. Thankfully, she has enlightened us with her body contouring hacks and tricks. 

She has made body contouring makeup as easy as ABC. Her tutorials show that it is no rocket science to get the perfectly chiseled face in an instant.

Body Contouring Makeup

Body contouring makeup for women is nothing but a magic potion. There is nothing that makeup can not fix. It can turn a cute chubby face into a sharp jawline face that can rip through hearts. It can bring a coruscating glow, just like how Midas would do it, in a single golden touch. 

Let your money spent on makeup be the best investment ever made. Various beauty brands provide really good quality products for every skin type.

Importance Of Body Contouring For Women

Many women go through psychological traumas for feeling insecure about their bodies. No matter how wise or liberated it sounds to not judge a book by its cover, everyone still judges it consciously or unconsciously.

The first and foremost thing anyone notices about someone or something is its appearance. Studies have found that both men and women give a great deal of significance to physical attractiveness. Even though as shallow as it sounds, it is true to a great extent! 

These body sculpting therapies and body contouring treatments play a huge role in getting rid of these insecurities. It is important to learn to embrace one’s imperfections but not at the cost of mental peace. 

Not For Anyone Else But Yourself

Everyone needs to duly note the fact that nobody undergoes these body contouring treatments or body sculpting therapies for seeking anyone else’s validation. It is a personal choice. Even if it is makeup or dressing up fancy. People do it to feel good for themselves.

Post Body Sculpting Therapy Results

Everyone who went through these body contouring treatments or body sculpting therapies had a cathartic experience. They own their bodies with their whole mind and soul.

The experience has instilled a sense of confidence. It also improved their self-esteem. People are now comfortable to interact and socialize with others. It has also helped in improving their communication skills.