Are you and your boo getting it on real nice or real naughty in the bed these days? Or do you feel that you could elevate the heat in bed a little bit more? Pleasing man is an easy cup of tea. You just need to know the right places to make him swoon and drool for your love. Oral sex is the one thing men are crazy about. Say what you want but we know you like it too! Both giving and receiving oral sex can totally intensify your sexual feelings and make you feel another level of satisfaction. 

If you are already into oral sex, it might get a little dusty for you too sometimes. This is the exact reason we are here, to deliver unto you some of the best, mind-blowing tips for oral sex that you can use in your bedroom to make your man feel the intensity of your love and show him the things that you can do!

Going down on a guy can be pretty nerve-wracking and a little awkward to be completely honest, especially if you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing. But luckily, learning to give great oral sex is something anyone can do anytime. 

Using these below-mentioned techniques, you can feel confident in your skills and leave your man weak at the knees for you.

Using Your Hand And Mouth In Oral Sex

Why would you make your mouth do all the work when you can literally lend your man a helping hand? Men love it when you throw in a handjob while you swirl your tongue around him and press your lips to his penis. Use gentle movements with your hands and fingers to get him worked up at the base while your mouth does the work at the top of his shaft.

The Power Of Tongue

Licking a man’s penis from bottom to top is the best way to start a proper blow job. Try dragging your tongue along his base, then travel all the way to the top while maintaining a firm eye-contact with him. If things start to feel a little awkward, switch to moving your tongue around more and more shifting your focus wholly on the top of his penis.

Make Him Wait

As much as it may seem like guys want to launch straight into sex, most men tend to have better orgasms if there’s a hefty dose of foreplay beforehand. The longer you tempt him and get him aroused, the easier it will be for your oral technique to rock his whole world. Drag out the romantic part before the oral sex so that your skills will seem even better than they really are.

Focus On The Testicles

Including his balls while oral sex will really help you take your technique to the next level. Lightly grab his testicles with your hands while your mouth is preoccupied with his penis. Then, start to massage them while still focusing on moving your lips and tongue around. It is bound to drive him 100 percent crazy for you.

Ditch The Bedroom

Of course, the bedroom is a great place for romantic activities, but there’s also something incredibly exciting when you showcase your oral skills in an unusual place. Get down on your knees in the kitchen or spice up things in the shower. You can even surprise him with a little sexy surprise during your Netflix binge-watching session. The important thing is to make it memorable and a little different and sexier than usual.

Spit, Spit and Spit!

This may sound really gross to you, but remember, guys like to feel plenty of lubrication during any kind of sex, including oral. Not only will a substantial dose of saliva make it easier for your mouth and hands to slide up and down his penis, but it will help him feel more comfortable and orgasm faster.

Show Him You Are Enjoying It

You’ll certainly get points for showing your enthusiasm during oral sex. Your man obviously wants to know that you love doing this for him, and the more excited you seem, the more aroused he’ll get. In addition, you might find that you get a little turned on just by moaning and smiling during the whole thing.

Sucking It Real Nice

This technique tends to tire most people out, but gently sucking on your man’s penis is a great way to stimulate him and bring him closer to orgasm. Just remember to throw in some variation with licking and massaging to give your mouth a break. Also, don’t suck too hard on him. Keep the whole process sweet and tender.

The Tasty Treats

This method certainly isn’t for everyone, but many people get a kick out of bringing something yummy into the situation. Ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, or even champagne can make great additions to an already stimulating time. We should certainly warn you though, things are bound to get real messy with this trick.

Slow And Steady

Remember that there’s no reason to rush it. Drag the process out and make sure each and every moment of your blow job is purposeful and exciting. Start with a hand job, then smoothly transition your way into oral sex and make him wait for his final climax. Don’t worry, he will not lose interest if you take a long time to get there. It will, in fact, make his orgasm better.

Use these tips to win over your man in the bedroom, or any other place of your choice. Remember to be confident and seductive, and enjoy yourself while you’re at it. Men like to see their partners enjoying sexual activities and touching themselves. These tips are bound to make your man explode with the best orgasm of his life.