Blindfold sex pursuits are all about trying out new things with your partner. Whether it’s new moves or toys, variety makes things more interesting

Blindfold sex is a variation that may signify different things. It may be a milestone for a relationship or a fun adventure for couples. 

The intimacy and trust that blindfolded sex involves, is special for most people, especially for those who invest emotionally, in relationships. 

If you’re not too fond of wild sex and yet want to try something new, blindfold sex is your thing. 

Have a conversation with your partner about what makes you both comfortable and go ahead with this wonderful method to make your senses go crazy. Don’t do it unless you’re comfortable because otherwise, it would ruin the fun. 

Remember, your consent matters the most. Want to know more about blindfold sex? We’ve got you covered! 

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Why you should try blindfold sex? 

1.Lack of vision reduces nervousness 

You might feel hundreds of racing emotions before and while having sex. The inhibitions can be diverse, starting from whether you’ll be good in bed to how you’re going to look when the sex gets intense. 

Research shows that most people get conscious during sex about their bodies and overall appearance

Blindfold sex is a great way to cancel out these thoughts since the lack of vision doesn’t enable such feelings to pop up as much as they do, otherwise. This results in better orgasms and sex.

2. Other senses at their peak 

It’s known by all that when one of our sensory perceptions is shut out, the others become more powerful. 

Thus, in blindfolded sex, the other senses like touch, smell, and taste work way better than they would do without the blindfold. 

Just a touch in one of your pleasure points would arouse you because you wouldn’t be able to predict it.. Your sexual experience is going to become more intense and exciting without much effort. 

3. Sex full of surprises 

Blindfold sex is all about sweet and spicy surprises. Since you won’t be able to see anything, the aspects of curiosity and anticipation are going to be your companions, throughout. 

If your partner is blindfolded, this is the best time for you to make things fun. Try out sex toys that would stimulate your partner and make them moan with pleasure. You can even try role play to keep the suspense alive. 

4. Time to take control 

If you’re the submissive one and your partner has been doing a good job in taking the lead for a while, it’s your turn to match up to it. 

Blindfolded sex means a lot of additional scopes and what could be better than making your partner go crazy with their favorite ways of sexual stimulation. Go ahead and create the mood by setting up the room with scented candles. 

This could turn out to be special for both of you. If your partner approves, you may just channelize your inner Christian Grey from ’50 Shades Of Grey”. 

Blindfold sex: How to do it? 

How to go about it? Start by talking to your partner and asking them what pleases them. The key to good sex life is effective communication. 

If you get a verbal green signal, make a move only then. Even while foreplay or sex, interact with your partner and make them express their likes and dislikes. 

Remember, it’s not important to make everything fancy and flawless but whatever you do, should mean something to both of you, instead. Impromptu action leads to the best results. 

If a blindfold isn’t available, you may use any other cloth that’s smooth to the skin and create your DIY blindfold. However, if you want to invest in one, blindfolds are cheap and affordable, anyway. 

Following are a few things that you can do to spice things up. 

  • Roleplay

This is a great option in general if you want to do something different in bed. Roleplay breaks the monotony of your sex life and triggers your excitement. 

Have you stopped feeling the restless butterflies in your stomach before making out or having sex? Roleplay, coupled with blindfold sex is just the deal you need. You may talk like your partner’s favorite fictional character and make them feel overwhelmed. 

Play with your voice by making it sound flirty and playful, or intense and sexy. The scope is endless. 

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  • How about restraint?

If you’ve been under the impression that blindfolds are meant only for having blindfolded sex, you’re mistaken. It’s very versatile and can be used in several ways. If you don’t have handcuffs, use blindfolds as a restraint to tie your partner’s wrist. 

Some people find it sexy to shove it in their partner’s mouth while having sex. This reduces the sound of moaning but the intensity of deep breaths increases manifold. 

Love that? Try out this method! 

  • Stimulation of the taste buds

Image by © Holger Scheibe/Corbis

If you know how to have sex with a blindfold, you’d know about the importance of feeding something to your partner during that time. 

Such a gesture stimulates the senses of taste and increases the spirit of sexual pleasure. Sweet savories like cherries, chocolates, and whipped cream are best suited for such circumstances.  

These not only provide with instant energy that you require while having sex but also make the process even more intriguing.


Now that you’re aware of everything about blindfold sex, you’d know if you’ve been doing something wrong till now. However, if you’re yet to experience it, don’t rush it unless you and your partner are on the same page. 

More often than not, it’s quite hard to agree to disagree but nothing works out unless the time is right. Once you feel the time is right, the wait is going to be worth it. 

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