Nature or science? An ancient argument which can never come to an agreement. But what if both went well together? Yes, it is possible. Jaggery is the epitome of this new unprejudiced theory. 

Jaggery is primarily from raw, condensed sugarcane juice which is solidified by boiling it. Quintessentially, a variety of unrefined sugar. In India, it is popularly known as ‘Gur’. Other than sugarcane, jaggery can also be produced from date palm or the sap of coconut as well. Jaggery benefits are no unco in India. Therefore in India, jaggery is a premier menu element for most of the people and one that is considered extremely auspicious.

Process Of Making Jaggery Is Organic Unlike Sugar’s

The preparation of both jaggery and sugar is done by bringing sugar cane juice to a boil. However, this is only the first step. The boiled liquid is further filtered with bone charcoal into a clear and transparent syrup. This syrup after going through cooling, condensation, and crystallization, turns into regular white sugar.

While on the other side, jaggery is produced by boiling sugar cane juice continuously in order to achieve a thick, sticky paste of jaggery. Following that, it is later cooled down and poured into blocks of moulds to finally get the desired jaggery blocks.

Colour and Texture

The colour of jaggery varies from golden yellow to dark brown. This variation is mainly caused by the type of sugarcane juice and the process of boiling it. Jaggery has a really soft texture. It can be broken with hand keeping in mind its semi-solid texture. It doesn’t come in particular shapes such as sugar. It is amorphous. 

Here is why jaggery is hands down the one best solution to all the health problems:

1. Nutritional Value

The enormous health benefits make jaggery the archetypal sweetener. According to studies, jaggery has lesser sucrose as compared to white sugar. It is unequivocally very rich in vitamins and minerals. Also, it has no tincture of any type of fat. After all these qualities, one can readily add it to their diet without giving it any second thought.

2. Helps In Digestion

Eating jaggery regularly can improve many kinds of digestive problems. One of the best benefits of consuming jaggery is its effects on the digestive system. It prevents digestive disorders. It also boosts the secretion of digestive enzymes. 

Eating jaggery can also improve bowel movements. It helps in getting rid of problems like indigestion, constipation, intestinal worms, etc.

Jaggery benefits

3. Accelerates Weight Loss

Jaggery also helps in accelerating weight loss. Surprising, right? Jaggery is rich in potassium, a mineral which is very helpful for a good metabolism and water retention reduction. A good metabolism is the key to quick weight loss and shedding those extra pounds easily.

Most of the people gain water weight, it happens when water starts building up in the body causing puffiness in the body. Since eating jaggery also aids in reducing water retention, it helps the body to avoid the building of water weight. 

4. Good For Blood

Jaggery Health benefits is a never-ending list. As it regulates and maintains the prime element of the human body, the blood. Many diseases, dysfunctions, or disorders occur due to some kind of problem-related to blood. Jaggery benefits the blood in all possible ways. 

It improves in boosting haemoglobin level, thus preventing Anemia. It helps in regulating blood pressure and also cleanses the blood by removing the unwelcome toxins from the body.

5. Benefits The Reproductive Health

Many women have unbearable cramps during periods. Jaggery, being rich in many essential nutrients, is an organic cure for menstrual problems. It is a natural pain relief for stomach aches and cramps related to the menstrual cycle. Benefits of jaggery don’t limit to women’s reproductive health, it equally benefits the men too. It helps in improving sperm quality and production. 

6. Maintains Body Temperature

Jaggery contains a good amount of carbohydrates that take time to digest. It ultimately provides warmth to the body. People in numerous countries prepare sweets and special foods using jaggery during the cold weather. This is a traditional way of ensuring a little warmth during winters. 

Consuming date palm jaggery for the same is very beneficial as it helps in providing maximum warmth to the body.

7. Improves Skin

Jaggery is rich in antioxidants, particularly selenium. This prevents pimples and acne and makes the skin look free of any blemishes. It also delays the ageing effect, leaving behind healthy and radiant skin.

8. Benefits Respiratory System

Studies show that eating jaggery does wonder to the respiratory system. It helps in the prevention of many respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis, etc. 

It also aids cough and cold problems in the body. Eating it in its raw form is a home remedy used by lots of people. 

9. Helps the Nervous System

Bid adieu to all kinds of nervous system problems by eating jaggery. The natural properties in jaggery help in keeping the nervous system stable and improving its function.

It also cures migraines and headaches.

10. Boosts Immunity

Jaggery has a humongous level of nutritional properties in it. It is full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. All these elements together do marvellous befits to the body. Improving the immunity power and fighting wars with germs and bacteria is jaggery’s forte. 

11. Cure Joint Pains

Iron-rich jaggery is a go-to remedy for joint pains. Iron helps in making the bones strong. According to experts, jaggery helps in seeking relief from different kinds of body aches and also prevents arthritis. Taking jaggery with milk can do wonders to the human body.

12. Instant Energy Dose

Jaggery takes extra time to process, unlike white sugar. It doesn’t raise the sugar level instantly after consumption and brings energy to the body. It works like a battery charger to the body. So all the lethargic sloths can have battery backups by keeping jaggery with themselves. 

13. Prevents Urinary Problems

Jaggery is processed from sugarcane which happens to be a natural diuretic. Therefore, jaggery also has the same. People with the urinary problem should consume jaggery as it helps in urine stimulation and thus helping urine pass. 

It also prevents bladder inflammation. As per the expert’s suggestion, taking jaggery with a hot glass of milk helps in the issue of urine passing and flow.

Need anything more? Jaggery is the powerhouse of the best nutritional properties. Just ensuring its consumption can make most of the problems go away. So make sure to move it like jagger with jaggery.