We can’t complain! Purple hair is a funky and gorgeous colour if you are thinking about transforming your hair into something amazing. Purple hair colour cannot make you regret! It matches with every natural hair colour, whether is purple colour for dark or blonde or brunette hair. The various purple shades available are just so eye-catching and look incredibly royal. 

Purple hair colour is the most trendy hair option for 2020 and undoubtedly the upcoming year 2021. So why not start the new year with a new gorgeous purple hair colour? We are here with some trendy and elegant purple hair ideas for women you won’t be able to resist yourself to try out! 

Read on to know all about them!  

9 purple hair ideas for women

Purple hair is an all trendy and popular hair option. Thanks to the Instagram influencers and celebrities have tried and made it an extremely voguish hair trend. Whether it’s a simple and all purple hair look or a dramatic and mixed up colour combination, purple will make your hair worth to look at! So, get on with the purple hair trend, here are some stunning purple hair ideas you should try once! 

Red and dark purple hair colour combination 

purple hair

courtesy: latest hairstyles.com

Red and purple are two most trendy and pigmented colours which can enhance the look of your face making you look completely different. The combinations of these two bold colours will give you an all unicorn and mystical feeling which would look absolutely terrific on long hair length. This is an enchanting hair colour combination you would never regret! You can wear this purple-red hair with some beachy waves or some braids to bring out more colour off your hair. You’re sure to look like a fairytale princess. 

Dark and deep violet hair colour with medium hair length 

Courtesy: Pinterest

If you have medium length hair, purple shades would go amazing with your hair and if you have dark hair, the dark violet is going to be so desirable for your hair. A midnight violet shade with light waves on dark hair is an amazing purple hair idea. If you are someone who doesn’t like too much drama on hair, this look is the best. It’s simple yet a hot hair colour. Looking for a striking transformation for dark hair? The dark violet tint is the best for your naturally dark hair! 

Vibrant Indigo with a bob 

If you are someone who loves bob and drama, this purple hair idea would impress you! A short bob with a bright indigo shade of purple is going to be extra highlighting and drastic which will definitely get a lot of attention. Trying to have some fun and want to chop off a large length of your hair? Go for this purple hair idea you may never have tried, this indigo hue is going to give you a vamp look you never knew you would like. 

Soft Lilac Purple for winters 

Going for a winter look? Pastels are the best for winters. They look amazingly cute and elegant. This hair colour suits every skin tone, framing your face and highlighting those amazing facial details. Pastel shades of purple would go nicely with all hair length whether it is a boy cut, long hair, short hair or even a bob. Pastel won’t disappoint you! 

Striking meadow purple 

courtesy: beauty and u

Who doesn’t love strikingly vibrant colours? Especially when it is purple. A super bright shade of purple hair which you won’t regret. A meadow purple colour with a blended mix of pink or lilac will create a bold and audacious look on your face. If you have dark hair, this hair colour is the one for you. 

Purple and white ombre 

The perfect combination of white and purple with a dark or brunette hair will definitely make a huge and amazing difference to your hair. Keep your dark hair on the top as they are and add some intensity to on the bottom with the shades of lavender and white. This hair colour would look amazingly cute when tied up in a pony or left open. If you have a square-shaped face, this hair colour will blend with your facial features. 

Brown and purple highlights 

courtesy: Pinterest

Who doesn’t love a combination hair colour? And if you have brown hair, purple highlights on it will blend in nicely with your natural hair colour showcasing your natural brunette locks. Go for balayage or if you don’t want something drastic, go for a natural shade of purple highlights and you are good to go. The colour assortment of these two hair colours won’t disappoint you at all.

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Light and dark purple highlights 

The combination of pastel shades of pink and purple is a cute assortment if you are looking for purple hair ideas. If you have darker roots, add some vibrancy by highlighting it with the shades of pink and purple. To get the best out of it, make sure your skin’s undertone matches with the hair highlights. When an undertone matches your hair, your face will look more lively and vibrant. 

Dark indigo with wispy waves 

courtesy: Pinterest

Have short hair? You should try this purple hair idea for your pretty short hair. Add indigo hues with some wispy waves in the end to give your hair a sensational look. Dusting dark indigo throughout the hair and some pretty waves in the ends is a hairstyle you would never regret having. Transform your hair with this amazing purple hair colour and some wispy waves. 

Dark purple highlights for blonde hair 

courtesy: hairstylecamp

Who says blonde hair cannot wear purple? The combination of a natural blonde and some little highlights of dark purple. If you are bored with your natural blonde hair, try this option. Although, it won’t make drastic changes to your hair but it will surely refresh the look of your hair. For some mild changes to your hair and a cool vibe, this hair colour idea is the best for you. 

These were 9 stunning and gorgeous purple hair ideas for women you can try this new year. Give your hair a commitment with these beautiful purple hair ideas and start an optimistic new year!