Finding best nail polish colours for your skin tone is like finding a lost item, extremely difficult; and believe it or not, the colour of your nail polish tells a ton about you, it gives the person in front of you a complete insight into your choices.

So, if you are someone who wears nail polish just for fun, stop it.

A lot of people buy a particular colour of nail polish just because they saw someone else wearing it, but what they don’t understand is that just because it looked good on the other person, doesn’t mean it will good on them too. 

Choosing the colour of nail polish is entirely your own choice and you can wear whatever colour you want to without thinking about others of course, but knowing what truly suits your skin and what would make you look more chic and good is always better isn’t it? 

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Best nail polish colours for dark skin that will make your nails look better than ever.

1. Nude colours 

The first in the list are nude colours, a lot of us have this misconception that nude colours don’t match dark skin tones, but in reality, nude colours match the most with dark skin and wearing it would give your nails a classy look. 

Best Nail Polish Colours
Sand nude for dark skin tones

Sand nude is a very relaxing and calming colour for the eyes and choosing a nail colour that’s lighter than your skin tone makes your nail look more vibrant and pretty.

Nude ombre nails for dark skin tones

Nude ombre is a very light colour and looks very natural when applied on nails and if you have a slightly darker skin tone then nude colour would look very appealing and classy. Nude ombre is the perfect nail polish colour for darker skin tones.

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 Caramel nude for dark skin tones

If you have a skin tone that’s neither fair nor dark, then caramel nude is the nail polish colour for you. It’s like the lightest shade of brown and looks very fetching on dark skin tones. 

Caramel nude also looks very natural on the skin, so if you are looking for a colour that’s natural yet make your nail stand out then this is your colour.

Nude peach for dark skin tones  

Peach is a colour that’s trending wildly right now and thus it shouldn’t come as a shock that it is a trending nude colour for dark skin tones too. Peach is the kind of colour that looks good on both dark and light skin tones. 

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2. Black nail polish for dark skin tones

A lot of people have this misconception that if they have a dark skin tone then black wouldn’t suit them, but it’s not true! Black is a colour that suits every skin tone and makes your nail look more appealing. 

So if you are also someone who doesn’t wear black then please try it, because black nail polish is meant for dark skin tone.

3. Mauve nail polish for dark skin tones

Best Nail Polish Colours

For people who don’t know what mauve is, it’s the member of the purple family, slightly darker than purple. It’s not a very subtle colour but isn’t too vibrant too. It looks good on any skin tone but slightly better on darker skin tones. 

So if you want to try a new colour that makes you stand out from the crowd, then try mauve.

4. Neon yellow for dark skin tones

Pretty sure that a lot of you would have been expecting this in the list given the craze and demand for neon colour these days. Neon colours are bright and usually shinier than any other colour. 

Since most of the neon colours are bright yet light they don’t really compliment lighter skin tones, but the interesting fact is they look very chic on darker skin tones.

So keep aside all your doubts of ‘how would it look?’ ‘would it look too bright’, etc, etc. and go try out the neon yellow colour and fall in love with your nails.

Best Nail Polish Colours

5. Medium beige for dark skin tones

Although beige is a nude colour, medium beige is a little darker than that; it’s more of a brown shade and compliments dark skin tones greatly. If you are in doubt about which colour to choose, choose medium beige because you just cannot ever go wrong with it. 

6. Maroon for dark skin tones 

Maroon is a very vibrant colour and looks great on all the skins, even on skins that are darker in tone. So if you want to choose or go for a colour that’s vibrant, loud, chic and classy at the same time, maroon is your colour. 

Try it out and see for yourself how lovely it looks on your skin.

7. Neon pink for dark skin tones

Neon pink looks great on dark skin, it’s a very subtle colour but at the same time is vibrant too which makes it different from all other nail polish colours. 

It makes your nails look fresh and classy and greatly suits dark skin, you should definitely try it out and see for yourself how amazing your nails look and shine.

8. Aqua blue for dark skin tones

If you are used to playing the safe game then it finally is time to get out of your shell and try a different colour. Aqua blue is a very charming colour and looks great no matter who wears it, so if you want to wear something on your nails that will make a statement but also look subtle, go for aqua blue.

9. Tangerine for dark skin tones

Best Nail Polish Colours

Tangerine belongs to the orange family and is the lighter shade of it and looks very appealing on nails. It gives your nails a fruity and fresh look and compliments your skin, especially dark skin tones.

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These are a few colours that truly compliments dark skin tones and can make your nails stand out. So If you have been playing the safe card for a long time, then now is the time to make some statement and show it to the world that dark skin is a blessing.