Highlighting your hair is an excellent way to portray your personality, lifestyle change and mood. If you want hair highlights, you might have thought of some colour or might be confused about what colour you should pick.

Purple is a gorgeous colour if you are opting for hair highlights. It is an audacious colour which makes your hair look unique and extraordinary. Purple highlights for dark hair is really a 2020 hair goal for most girls. 

The combination of these two colors will make your hair look absolutely hot and seductive. Having purple highlights on naturally dark hair is a trendy and zesty hairstyle. So, are you wondering what are the styling options available for purple highlights on dark hair? Read on to find out the perfect purple highlights idea for your amazing hair! 

Unique ideas for purple highlights on dark hair!  

Purple colour on dark hair looks absolutely chic and elegant. There is a variant palette of shades available to choose from according to your hairline, complexion or any other hair feature. Make sure you are not making a mistake while you colour your hair. 

In this article, you will find some inspiration on how to style purple highlights on dark hair. Whatever your length is, purple highlights will always give your personality a vibrant and stunning look you’ve always dreamt of. Here are some amazing purple highlights ideas to try! 

Dark hair with simple purple ombre highlights

Transition your hair into the colder months with simple purple ombre highlights with your natural dark or dark hair. These purple highlights start from the centre of your hair to the length, gradually darkening the highlights to make it look more vibrant and lively.

purple highlights

Leave your naturally dark hair at the top of your hairline. These purple highlights can look stunning on all hair lengths from short hair to long hair. 

You can style this hair by flaunting it open or you can make a high ponytail to display your pretty purple highlights on dark hair.

Neon purple highlights on dark hair

This is a bold decision to make as neon colours are excessively pigmented but they are entirely stunning for all the fierce ladies out there. You can highlight your whole hair with this highly pigmented purple shade leaving a little space for your natural dark hair.

Courtesy: Pinterest

You can also add a pinch of blueish shade (not too much) with some soft waves to make it look even more bright and sexy. 

Make sure you choose the right shampoo and conditioner for your colour treated hair to avoid any fading. You can flaunt your hair by keeping it open by having some soft waves on it. They would look amazingly startling. 

Multi-coloured purple highlights with dark hair

Why go for just one shade when you can have multiple hues to highlight your hair. Make use of other preferable colours like shades of chocolate brown, golden chestnut or light honey to mix it up with beautiful purple highlights.

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Brown and purple hair would definitely look stunning and incredible. Have an equal amount of purple and brown highlights on your dark hair and tadaaa! You have got yourself a hair masterpiece. 

Purple and brown highlights with dark hair would look stunning on short or bob hair with little waves or simply straight hair

Add some indigo and purple highlights to your dark hair 

Indigo is the beautiful shade which looks amazingly good on dark hair. If you are going for purple highlights for black hair, ask your hairstylist to add some indigo streaks to it.

Lower purple highlights and 2-3 streaks of indigo with the top hair of the hairline secured by natural dark hair would look amazingly gorgeous. 

Add some beachy waves on your lower hair to separate the indigo and purple streaks. Adding some layer cuts to distinguish these two shades is a good idea. Discover some amazing layer cut ideas here.  

Dark hair and purple highlights with wispy ends 

Who doesn’t love short hair with those wispy waves at the end, they look amazingly chic and lovely. Purple highlights on dark hair with a long bob and straggly waves at the ends.

Adding that saturated purple thoroughly on your hair would be an amazing purple highlight idea you’ve ever had. You don’t even need to style them, just flaunt them as they are. The waves are going to talk itself as you flaunt them. 

Courtesy: Pinterest

Pixie haircut with purple highlights on dark hair 

It is the most common and popular purple highlights idea yet it might be your dream hairstyle. It’s like purple highlights are made for pixie hair.

You can adorn the purple colour on the longer pieces of your hair on your hairline and contrast it with your natural dark hair. This hairstyle will make your hair look like a masterpiece. No doubt! 

Add some rosy vibes to your purple highlights on dark hair

Looking for something different? Well, pink and purple are the most elegant colour combination which would go beautifully contrasting with your natural dark hair.

You can add those beautiful purple highlights in the centre with those elegant pinkish streaks on the side to give your hair a cute and luxurious style. Leave your dark as it is on the top and voila! your beautiful multiple shaded hairstyle is ready.

This hair can be styled with long as well as short hair. You can tie up a high ponytail with some cute accessories. 

Braid it up with purple highlighted hair 

Who doesn’t love braids? They are absolutely trendy especially if you have purple highlights on. Highlight your hair with the hues of blue and violet or even add some chocolate brown and style it with multiple braids throughout or just two if you are feeling cute.

Courtesy: Pinterest

This hairstyle is amazing for all the girls who want a tomboy look with those boyfriend jeans. These are great because they need less maintenance and obviously because they look highly remarkable. 

Style your hair with these amazing purple highlights ideas if you are planning to play with your hair. Remember, you don’t need to follow those trends to stand unique. Go for anything you like, do not depend on hair clichés and customise your hairstyle

Do whatever makes you comfortable and feel loved!