When it comes to makeup, French women are famous for doing it better than anybody else. Their approach to makeup and beauty is simple but special and that is why it stands out. If you are someone who follows fashion and fashion weeks closely, then like us, you must also be equally invested in the flawless skin of the Parisian runway models.

Their beauty is so electric, that it is hard to not be intrigued by their minimal yet perfect makeup, lit from within their skin, and effortless hairdos. In fact, to say that it is not every single woman’s dream to walk around looking like a million dollars so effortlessly, would be a big fat lie. 

Thankfully, to adopt a French-style makeup, one does not need to take the next flight to France. The simple French makeup tips are easy and honestly, it does not require much makeup products either.

Yes, you read it right; generally, French women do not heavily rely on makeup for a complete makeover. Their healthy lifestyle contributes much to their beauty and instead of investing in expensive cosmetic procedures, they prefer to enhance their natural features. 

Scroll on and read how the French girl makeup can be a part of your lifestyle too, no matter where in the world you are living. 

Tip #1: Prep, don’t primp!

French women believe that their naked skin is their best friend and they try to treat it with delicate care for an amazing and healthy body and hair. As the ‘skin god’, Parisian facialist Joelle Ciocco abides by, the complexion routine of French women seem to be fairly involved. 

Violette, his disciple, shares that it is important to massage away all the impurities that the skin collects throughout the day with good cleansing milk.

She insists that one should take a little amount of cleansing cream and massage it on their face with their fingertips in circulatory motions before rinsing it clean. The massage improves blood circulation around the face. After washing the face, it is essential to follow up with a calming cream to help the cells relax.

The calming creams can be prepared at home with a few French pharmaceutical staples like ‘granions de manganese’ or ‘granions de selenium.’ The final step should be slathering on another French pharmaceutical staple, called Oxelio Topique. This gel-cream helps in fighting skin aggression, like stress, pollution, and indigestion. 

Tip #2: Practice everything, but in moderation

The key to healthy and glowing skin does not actually lie in the external ingredients that you put on your skin, but in the food that you eat. French desserts might taste delicious, but French women try to eat as healthy as possible, including indulging in farm-fresh and organic food with as little sugar content as possible. 

Tip #3: Nah! Busting time and energy at the gym is not for all

French women are known for their rebellious nature. They are like a wild horse, who would rather go for an occasional morning run than hit the gymnasium regularly. They believe in enjoying and taking pleasure in the things that they do, rather than getting stuck in a hardcore, rigid habit. 

Even though the workout trend is starting to pick up in Paris, most French women still insist on maintaining a healthy diet as their primary exercise. 

Tip #4: Blowouts? Not necessary!

French women are obsessed with amazing texture with their hair, as commonly seen sported by the likes of Camille Rowe, Caroline de Maigret, Constance Jablonski, and Aymeline Valade. However, contrary to popular beliefs, their haircare procedures are pretty simple.

All they rely on are shampooing their hair, let the air dry it out instead of a hot blow dryer doing it for them and then, waiting for a day. Just like a pan of jambalaya, the hair is also the better the second day. 

Tip #5: Yes, and only yes to red lips

Legends like Bardot and Deneuve might be best remembered for their black, feline flicks that scrawled onto their upper lash lines, but one of the most underrated French makeup tips is that they do not actually use eyeliners.

french makeup

The beauty of a French girl’s makeup lies in the red of their lips. The bright red lips are the true identity of a French woman and they tend to opt for either scarlet or crimson. 

Red lipstick itself is a fashion accessory, so they try to keep their make up as minimal as possible, often opting out of any other makeup completely. Their hair has to be messy, their lips red as watermelons, and their skin, perfect! That’s a statement Parisian look paired with jeans and heels. 

Tip #6: Do not go for OTT haircuts

French women take care of their hair as much as they take care of their skin. They like it really healthy and shiny. It is also because most French women like to wear their hair messily and damaged hair does not really fit into their prim and proper image. More than styling their hair, they depend on a good short or shoulder-length haircut. 

Tip #7: A big NO to contouring

The French never contour, Violette discloses in a Vogue article dating back to 2014. Most Parisian women have an inherent dislike for brownish shading powders and creams like bronzers and eyeshadows.

The French women consider contouring a scary task as it has the ability to change the facial structure of the face. They believe in the betterment of the natural beauty that they are born with and insist on taking care of it, instead of changing the structure of their face with the help of makeup. 

Tip #8: Mess up that Smoky Eye

Unknown to many, the smoky eye is a very French thing and is often spotted on models at the Paris Fashion Week. However, like their hair and beauty, they try to keep even the eye makeup a bit natural and messy instead of going for the obviously theatrical prim and proper.

They like their smoky eyes with a creamy texture and decorate their eyelids by simply smudging them across with their fingers and a little bit of lip balm from the pharmaceutical store.