If you’re bored of your regular tops and shirts, it’s time to add some edge to your wardrobe like types of cage bra outfit ideas . This could be done with the help of cage bra outfits. 

Cage bras are almost like conventional bras, the only difference being the addition of various types of straps. Whether it’s a single strapped, multi-strapped, or harnessed cage bra, the basic vibe is the same. 

Straps are the founding feature of cage bra outfits and we’re here to give you some inspo on how you can wear a cage bra daily. 

Cage bras originally belong to the BDSM scenario but have been an important part of the fashion industry in recent times, owing to their instant ability to enhance outfits by accessorizing them. 

If you’re a shy girl, we’ve got you covered as well. Are you ready to channelize your inner badass, read along and find out!

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Types Of Cage Bra Outfit Ideas and how to wear them 

1.Single-strapped cage bras 

If you’re trying out a cage bra for the first time, opt for one that has a single strap. It would not only add a charm to whatever you’re wearing but it would also give you a push-up effect that’s great for your outfits to look better, instantly. 

You can slip on a deep neck dress or a top so that the strap is visible. In this way, your basic tank top or t-shirt dress would look appealing and sexy. 

How about a bolder option? Wear a sheer shirt over your cage bra and steal the day away with compliments. 

2. Harness cage bra 
Types Of Cage Bra Outfit Ideas
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If the trend inspires you enough to play with different types of cage bras and harnesses, try out a bra with a harness inside your plain tee or jumper to transform your sporty look to sexy athleisure in no time. 

The best thing about harnesses is, they provide good support to the breasts and are quite comfortable. 

A classic semi-sheer white shirt with a black harness bra and ripped denim is a cage bra outfit that can never go wrong. 

Not to mention the addition of nude pointy heels. If you’ve got to make a powerful impression, blindly depend on this outfit. Don’t forget the gold hoops and bracelets though. 

3. Multi-strapped bra/bralette 

More straps mean more support and that’s an absolute win. Invest in a good quality cage bra or bralette with multiple straps, to glam up your wardrobe. 

If it has lace detailing, nothing like it! Bralettes act as crop tops and pairing one up with shorts or wide-legged pants can be a jaw-dropping cage bra outfit. 

To enhance the impact, wear a classic leather or biker jacket, along with broad, chunky boots. Unleash your inner queen! 

4. Elastic harness 

The cage bra category is extremely versatile and harnesses are no different. An elastic harness with metal detailing doesn’t just work well for curvy women but also small-breasted women. 

Wear it under your outfit or if you want to go all out and bold, above your outfit to make a statement.

Harnesses draw instant attention and if you’re planning to dress up one such piece for a party, you’re going to be the life of it. Bodysuits go well with a cage bra or a harness and we can already think of a stunning outfit. 

Wear a black bodysuit over a harness and pair it up with a leather skirt. Go for the classic red lip and fishnet stockings would also be a great accessory

Are you ready to roll? We’re all for it. 

5. Choker cage bra 
Types Of Cage Bra Outfit Ideas
courtesy: Pinterest

The advantages of wearing a cage bra outfit don’t seem to end. You don’t even need to spend on accessories if you have a cage bra with a harness choker. 

Knot up a basic black or white tee and sport a high bun or pony to look your casual best, with a touch of sexy. 

We recommend ripped denim shorts to complete the look.  The bra could also be replaced with a bralette. Such bralettes, especially with sheer lace designs, are suitable for less curvy women. 

The perfect amount of skin show and choker detailing gives the illusion of bigger breasts. Body positivity is important but who doesn’t like a slight lift? We sure do! 

6. V-shaped cage bra/bralette 

If you’re into v-necks or even square necks, a v-shaped cage bra is all you need. The symmetrical straps add just the right amount of drama to your otherwise regular ensemble. 

If you opt for bralettes for the two-in-one vibe, you can sport them with a cardigan or a flannel for a chic, boho feel. For a sexy formal look, structured blazers and coats are perfect, along with high-waisted bottoms. 

If you’re considering statement pendants or a sleek watch, your fashion game is sure to go up by several notches.

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7. Criss-cross cage bras 

While talking about trends, we can’t miss out on criss-cross cage bras that have been extremely popular since the time they gained momentum. This design is very sexy and transforms your look from dull to glam, instantly. 

Wear a conventional round neck black t-shirt or a black dress over the cage bra and you’ll be ready to step out for a party or event. You can dress them up or dress them according to the occasion and always look fashionable. 

Yes, even when you’re out shopping for groceries. Try them out for yourself and experience fashion enlightenment. 


Now that you know about all the different versions of a cage bra, we’re sure that you’re going to find one that suits you the best. 

Play with different patterns, fabrics, and silhouettes, to build up your lingerie collection. The key is to investing in the basics first, before experimenting with trendier pieces. 

Trends tend to change but the classics never go out of style and stand the test of time. Have you been waiting to get your hands on a cage bra for the longest time? 

What are you waiting for now? Buy one and flaunt it like a boss! 

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