With the onset of winters, we detest the fact that we don’t get to use our summer clothes in winters and have to store them away to make someplace for the winter clothes.

Usually, most people feel like winters are dull as you can only style your outfits in a certain way and by using dark colors preferably, you also have to remember the fact that you’ll feel cold, extremely cold if you do not wear proper warm clothes. 

This feels like a task, to think of different clothes and ways to add color to your dull winter wardrobe. What if you get to use your summer clothes in winter? They are colorful and stylish to do away with the limited options in your winter clothes.

Yes, you won’t have to keep your summer clothes away as you can try and create so many fun outfits with them, if you are interested to find out more then, continue reading further

You can use these trendy summer pieces even during the winters and create outfits that will make every head turn and eyes stare. People would ask you if you’ve been taking extra time out to decide and style your outfits as styling summer clothes in winter is the new cool.

How to wear summer clothes in winters?


If you think you have to put away your sexy camisoles or tank tops then wait for a second, as you can style them in several ways this winter. 

Firstly, you can layer them on your turtlenecks or any other solid color sweaters. This way you not only get to wear them even in winters but also look extremely fashionable. Layering your camisole tops or tank tops over sweaters or turtlenecks gives the illusion that you have put in a lot of effort in your outfit that morning. 

You can also always wear a camisole top or tank top under a jacket or Blazer. If you are not comfortable with layering your camisole tops over then you can always go for this option and easily style summer clothes in winters.


Skirts are a favorite piece of clothing of ours and it seems unfair to put them away during the winters because of this unsaid rule that we have to adhere to that we can’t wear summer clothes during winters. 

summer clothes in winters

What will be your reaction if we say you can wear your favorite mini and midi skirts all round the year? 

You can wear skirts during the winters by putting them on a pair of tights that will keep you warm yet stylish. Another way to style your skirts during wintertime is to wear knee-length or thigh-high boots. They did not just look extremely stylish but they will keep you warm and you get to flaunt your favorite skirts too. 


Don’t we feel extremely comfortable in our shorts? They are in so many ways better and more comfortable than wearing skirts as we don’t have to worry about anything with them and did we mention comfort? 

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You can enjoy wearing your shorts during winters by layering them over a pair of tights, even leggings or jeggings look great with them. 

You can always get creative and play with colors and patterns here. 


Dresses are the easiest way to get dressed up when you do not have anything to wear or have to go someplace fancy. During winters we always have to choose something warmer over them because it is called a summer dress for a reason. But with the right amount of layering a matching you can use your dresses to create fashionable outfits even during winters. 

To style them during winters you can always layer them over a turtleneck and then for some more warmth through on a jacket too. If wearing a midi or a maxi dress wear legging to keep your legs from freezing. 

All the bodycon dresses look amazing when paired with thigh-high boots or tights. 

You can have a completely different outfit by putting on a sweater over your dress and there you have a brand-new skirt. 

Crop tops 

Crop tops are our best friends during the hot summer days. You would not have to worry about the hot sun and sweat as they did a pretty good job in keeping you cool. So, we end up buying a lot of them and even DIYing so many of your old t-shirts and tops to give them a better look. 

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After this, you are left with more crop tops than normal length tops during winters. Don’t fret you can use them just like any other summer clothes in winters. Wear them over a sweater that way it will cover you enough and you also get to show off your crop tops collection even during winters. 


Don’t think you can’t wear your t-shirts during winters and no not just under a hoodie or a sweatshirt. A cool way to style your summer t-shirts during winters is by wearing them over a full-sleeve shirt or a solid turtleneck. With this simple trick, people would be wondering that you put in a lot of effort in your outfit that morning but all you did was wear a t-shirt. 

This way you are even ready to record your music album if you like. 


Shirts can be an amazing choice to style with your winter clothes as that way you would be dressed for the fashion week. So, make fashion bloggers swear-by this technique of using shirts during winters. 

You can get creative and wear them under your sweaters and style it with the collars out to rock the scholar look or even wear a camisole top over the shirt and throw on a jacket and there you have yourself the perfect street style look. 

These were a few tips for wearing summer clothes in winters. These tricks are very popular in the blogging world and can prove very handy for you too. You also get to use your full wardrobe all around the year and experiment with your style.