Beauty comes in different shapes and changes. Beauty isn’t about external aesthetics—rather, beauty is an internal feeling of comfort and acceptance that comes from feeling safe in your own existence.

Even though society would have us think of beauty in terms of our waist size or melanin content, true beauty is one that emerges from defining your identity in the way you want to and embracing it fully. Not everyone feels at home in their birth bodies and that is okay. 

Beauty is what we create for ourselves with our own hands, putting brick-by-brick until we are holding ourselves in our own grasp.

Still, there are boxes that society tries to trap us in so that it can force-feed it’s unrealistic ideals to us. We grow up seeing only one type of body, only one type of skin color in media, and learn to think of it as ‘perfect’.

Representation is rarely inclusive—from popular fashion to cosmetics, everything seems to be catered to only one category of people. We learn to not wear things because they simply wouldn’t ‘look good’ on our bodies.

But what society teaches us is merely a false notion. There are no restrictions on self-expression. From gorgeous plus-size outfits to bold make-up shades for color skin, you are free to choose whatever your heart calls for. 

Today, we are going to focus on making make-up more inclusive by talking about make-up products for Indian skin. 

Products for Indian skin make-up

So much of the media focus on fair skin being beautiful, but no one talks about the ethereal palette that brown skin can be for the glimmer of make-up. Through this list, we aim to try and put a chip in those ideals by showing you how breathtaking make-up for brown skin can be. 

The products below go wonderfully with the shade of your skin and bring out all your defining features. Before starting, always remember to begin with the basics i.e. prepping your skin for make-up by cleansing it gently and applying moisturizer, amongst other things. Once you are done with this, get ready to explore the sheer beauty that your skin contains.

Here are 7 make-up products for Indian skin:

Orange undertones foundation

Choosing the correct shade of foundation that best suits your skin color brings out the best of your Indian skin make-up. Identifying your skin type and then going for a foundation that blends with it just correctly ensures that your make-up will transform into its most radiant version.

When picking make-up for brown skin, choose a foundation that has orange undertones, because those will mix with your skin just perfectly. Of course, the specific shade would vary as per your preference and exact skin tone, but a general tip to keep in mind is to go for a foundation that is just a little lighter.

This is because when foundations blend with your skin, they oxidize and transform into a darker shade. Hence, go for one that is just a tiny bit lighter than your skin and apply it carefully.

Banana powder

Usually, setting powders are translucent or white. However, when it comes to make-up products for Indian skin, such white powder can leave a glassy or ashy residue behind. 

Hence, try to go for a yellow-tinted setting powder, which is also known as banana powder. Such a setting powder compliments your skin perfectly and gives you the best results.

Deep-orange / Reddish and green corrector

A corrector is a color-specific substance that hides marks or blemishes of its given color. Indian skin tends to be susceptible to pigmentation due to exposure to the sun and other external factors. Hence, using a proper corrector ensures that these marks are hidden well enough.

When choosing a corrector for your Indian skin make-up kit, pick a shade depending on the kind of blemishes you want to conceal. For example, for very dark pigmentation or dark circles or blemishes, go for a deep orange, almost-red make-up corrector for the best outcome.

In another case, when spot-treating redness on your face, such as red pimples, go for a green corrector.

Bright blush colours

Though you may have noticed how widely-used light-colored blushes are, when it comes to make-up for brown skin, you can afford to go bold and beautiful. A bright-colored blush such as a bright pink will bloom nicely on brown skin and will pop-off in its wonderful glow. 

You can also try going for shimmering blush products, such as gold and bronze-shimmered blush. These will burst into radiance on your skin and make you feel ethereal both outside and inside.

Colourful eyeliners 

Why should make-up products for Indian skin be monochromatic? Colorful eyeliners are in fashion these days because they give you room to experiment with shades and explore bolder sides of yourself. If you are bored of using your usual eyeliner, try going for something blue or gold to your eyes sparkle the way they deserve.

You can even go for something unique like white eyeliner, which looks amazing when paired with brown skin, giving you that beautiful contrast. This can be a more comfortable option if you do not want to go for other bright or neon shades.

Golden body shimmer

This next one may not be for everyday use, but it’s the perfect option to pull out for special events or for the days when you’re just feeling yourself. You can use golden or champagne-colored body shimmer to sprinkle that pinch of magic on your body.

You can apply it on areas such as down your neck, along your collarbones, down the center of your leg, and other parts that you want to highlight. 

When applying shimmer, the goal is to choose areas that naturally catch the light to enhance the effect and transform you into the other-worldly creature that you are.

Red and pink lipstick 

Let’s bring this list to an end with a classic and gorgeous make-up product: red lipstick. Bright shades of red and pink, as well as other colours such as wine, can look amazing on brown skin. These colours will flatter the natural tone of your skin and bring your lips under the spotlight. 

make-up products for indian skin

Not only do these colors look alluring, but they also reflect a bold personality that is willing to explore and experiment. Hence, a red lipstick might just be what you need to finish your routine of make-up products for Indian skin.

Owning your beautiful skin

Ultimately, true beauty is incomplete without self-love and self-pride. Every skin color is beautiful because it holds history and culture within itself. Remember that this same shade ties you to many of your loved ones. This is the color you have grown up with, the color which has witnessed all your falls and climbs and has stayed with you throughout.

The brown of your skin is a mark of color and resilience. It is not a color to be ashamed of. Rather, it is the color of love, care, and warmth. Rather, it is something to be proud of, every single day.