Long gone are the days when people cannot find fragrance free soaps for sensitive skin and had no other option than to harm their skin by using regular chemical-full soaps. And now that new herbal and skin-friendly brands are coming up, they are bringing with them specially formulated fragrance-free soaps and body-wash for our delicate and sensitive skin.

Buying a soap isn’t a task for people with normal skin but for people who have sensitive skin it’s strenuous, and needs to be paid attention to; one wrong product and you may harm your skin. But the question here is, how do we know our skin is sensitive or rather more important is sensitive skin a disease?

What are fragrance free soaps for sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is anything but a disease, it’s just a symptom that you may experience as a reaction to a few skincare or cosmetic products. It can be seen in the form of red rashes, acne, or excessive dryness of the skin. 

Also just to be clear 2-3 pimples are not because of sensitive skin, so don’t mistake it for that, but that may be because of excessive use of cosmetics or eating oily or spicy foods. 

How to choose a skin-friendly soap?

If you have sensitive skin then you need a soap that’s not only chemical-free but also has soothing properties. Soaps with soothing properties not only help in moisturizing the skin but also makes your skin feel gentle and do not disrupt the pH level of the skin, which prevents chances of irritation or inflammation.

Also, avoid using soaps with synthetic fragrances and added colors, etc. Using Herbal soaps made up of shea butter or plant products is a very good option for fragrance-free soaps for sensitive skin.

7 Fragrance-free soaps and body wash that you can use for your sensitive skin. 

1. Pears Pure & Gentle

Fragrance Free Soaps For Sensitive Skin

Pretty sure that everyone is well familiar with this name and has used this at least once in their lives, but there also is a very common misconception about this soap and that is that it should be used only in winters, which is not at all true.

Pears is a hundred years old and trusted brand. It cleanses gently and moisturizes your skin immensely causing very little or no damage to your skin, perfect for your needs. It is a dermatologist-tested pure and transparent soap with a very mild fragrance. 

In short, it is one of the best soaps for sensitive skin in India, so if you want to try something that would suit your skin and also make you feel fresh and hydrated then this soap is what you should try. 

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2. Dove Cream Beauty Bathing Bar

Wait, Wait, Wait, isn’t dove a beauty bar? Yes, it is. Then why is it on the list? It is added to the list because it comes with a rich blend of cleansers and natural moisturizers, which suit sensitive skin and moisturizes it immensely.

This is a soap that pretty sure no one can deny using at least once in their lives, not only the ads of this soap are extremely creative but the soap is also greatly effective and is dermatologist recommended no. 1 brand.

Although it is not a completely fragrance-free soap, it acts as a natural moisturizer and makes your skin soft, smooth, and glowing. 

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3. Johnson’s Baby Milk Soap

Fragrance Free Soaps For Sensitive Skin

What is a baby soap doing in this list? That’s probably the first question in your mind. Well, just to brush up your knowledge, soaps that are made for babies are particularly made without chemicals and completely skin-friendly so that it doesn’t harm their skin.

And Jhonson’s baby milk soap is clinically proven 100% gentle and safe for the soft and delicate skin of babies, making it a perfect option for adults with sensitive skin. It moisturizes skin and even makes it soft which makes it perfect for use.

It’s again not completely fragrance-free but the fragrance is very pleasant and smells like milk which won’t irritate you at all, so instead of thinking about the fact that it’s a baby soap, think about how good it is for your skin and use it.

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4. Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar

The Cetaphil gentle cleansing bar is a dermatologist-tested one of the best fragrance-free soap for sensitive skin, it has nourishing properties that nourish the skin, make it soft, and moisturize it giving the body a pleasant feeling.

It is ideal for both sensitive and dry skin as it acts as a moisturizer for both dry skin and sensitive skin both. It is also free of irritating and itchy ingredients and contains a minimal chemical which makes it perfect for use.

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5.Biotique Advanced Ayurveda Basil and Parsley Revitalizing Body

The next on the list is Biotique’s plant-based fragrance-free soap which is perfect for sensitive skin. With almost no chemicals or ingredients that harm the skin, it is also one of the best-unscented soap that you can use for your sensitive skin and expect good results.

It is dermatologist tested and is also recommended by doctors for people with super sensitive skin. It cleans impurities, exfoliates the skin and treats scarring diseases too. It has a very mild fragrance which you’ll only be able to smell if you bring your nose too close to the soap.

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So, people with sensitive skin, if you have been avoiding soaps for a while now because of how unpleasant it was for your skin, it’s time to try these products out and choose what works best for you and see the magic.

After all, your skin is the only thing that matters and also the first thing people notice, so, say bye-bye to harmful products and switch to a more natural and sensitive approach.