Fashion trends of the yesteryears keep coming back and currently best claw clips for 2021 are trending, the retro style is back again to prove its supremacy. Claw clips used to be sported in the 90s, and have a very strong hold on the hair and fashion police. 

This popular hair accessory can be be part of numerous chic and easy hairstyles. We’re here to talk about some of the best claw clips that can go a long way in elevating your looks by several notches. 

Accessorising is of utmost importance if you want to make a statement and claw clips are the best hair clips that can help you do the same. They’re so trendy right now because they are different from the conventional ponytails and buns, and give a unique texture to the hair. 

Moreover, they are suitable for most hair types. You can choose to sport a half updo or a full updo, depending on your mood and the outfit you’re wearing and you’ll be good to go. Read along to find out about the best available claw clips for fine hair. 

7 Best claw clips for 2021 

1.Goody Hair Claw Clips 
best claw clips for 2021

If you’re a beginner in the claw clip-trend, you should first invest in cheaper alternatives to try them out. These by Goody are extremely affordable and stylish at the same time. Their price doesn’t compromise on the quality and once you put them in your hair, you’ll see how stylish they look. 

They are very well made and have a great grip that works well for fine hair. They’re not like the low-quality clips and don’t entirely close when they’re in the hair. They hold the hair tightly and are certainly the best claw clips under a budget. 

2. Kitsch Metal Claw Clips 

If your hair length is between medium to long, this trendy piece is going to be perfect for you. It looks very stylish, with a metal finish and a beautiful gold color. Gold jewelry is in high demand at this moment because they go with every outfit. 

The design of this clip is sleek and it looks very light. However, it has a very strong grip over your hair and doesn’t easily break, even if it’s used on thick hair strands. It doesn’t slip off either and is one of the best hair clips for you to invest in. 

3. Tocess Big Claw Clips 

Surely one of the best claw clips because of its size and stunning colors. They can be worked well with very fine strands, as well as the thicker ones, without slipping off. It sustains its shape and looks very attractive when neutral colors can be seen in the hair. The shades are very eye-catchy, starting from blush pink to nude, olive green, etc. 

best claw clips for 2021
Courtesy: Luxy Hair Extensions

Pick your favorite one and wear them with matching or contrasting outfits to transform your casual look into a fashionable one. That’s what accessories do, they change the entire vibe of clothes and elevate them to make them more fun and elaborate, without the need to put in the extra effort. 

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4. Riviera Jumbo Claw Clips 

The best claw clips are essentially used more in the summer season because you want your hair to look good while at the same time, trying hard to stay away from having your hair fall on your neck. 

To get all your hair away from your neck, you would need to get your hands on bigger claw clips. The perfect option for such circumstances is the Riviera Jumbo clips because of their size and their built. 

They are 5 inches long and hold the hair firmly throughout the day. Their sturdy hold would sustain your hairstyle all day long, without moving an inch. Also, they are available in basic colors like brown and black, making them suitable for wearing with every outfit. 

Did we just reduce your hair woes in the summer season? We sure did. 

5. Revlon Hair Clips 

The hair products of Revlon are as great as their skincare and beauty products. They design the best claw clips for fine hair, as well as thick hair. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that they have two layers of teeth for holding the hair strands tightly and keeping them in place. 

They prevent flyaways and look extremely fashionable and put together. They are slightly more expensive than a few other options, but they’re surely worth their price. 

6. Pattern Claw Clip

We meant it when we said the best claw clips are for all hair types. This one by Pattern is the best option for wavy, curly, and folded hair tresses that are hard to manage and style. 

The clip does a great job of sectioning out the hair evenly and preventing the formation of bulges in the scalp. Use a widely spaced brush or a comb to help you create desirable hairstyles with this clip. The elongated claws with curved ends clasp the hair very firmly. 

7. Beautychen 

They might look small but their utility is immense. They are some of the best claw clips for fine hair and can be used for doing half updos, a single-layer updo, or even hairstyles that involve multiple clips. 

best claw clips for 2021

They don’t hurt the hair follicles while positioning the grip. Get these colorful beauties for creating fun looks with basic outfits. Does your outfit look too plain and you don’t have the time to change? 

Just use one of these claw clips to set your hair in place and you’ll be ready to step out. 


We’ve enlisted some of the best claw clips that are currently available in the market and are very versatile in their approach. You should surely try out your favorite ones, depending on the nature of your hair. 

We wouldn’t be surprised if you have a hard time choosing the perfect one, owing to their attractive features and appearances. Have you ordered some of them for yourself yet? Place the order right away!

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