Women must keep their personal and intimate hygiene a high priority. Using intimate hygiene products that are delicate to your intimate area and are safe to use is great. 

Intimate hygiene products aren’t just amazing for keeping you clean and fresh but also prevent infections, bad odor, irritation, itching, and other hygiene-related problems. You might be using your regular soap to clean your intimate area but is that regular bathing soap enough to keep your intimate area fresh and clean? 

Is it subtle to your skin? 

Using the right intimate hygiene product will change your life. But how do you choose one? 

What should be considered before buying an intimate hygiene wash, wipes, or sprays? 

Read on to find out all about intimate hygiene products! 

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How to choose the right intimate hygiene product? 

There are several types of intimate hygiene products available. From washes to sprays and wipes, choose according to your convenience. However, some measures may help you choose the right hygiene product no matter what form it is in. 

The pH level of your skin is 5.5 and the level of your vagina is 3.8-4.5 so using soap can be harsh for your intimate hygiene can mess up with its pH level. 

So, if you are looking for an intimate hygiene product that is delicate to your intimate area, consider these aspects: 

  • Look for a product that is soap-free and has moisturizing agents that care for your delicate skin and protects it at the same time.
  • Check if the product doesn’t contain any antibiotics as these can damage microorganisms that are important for your vaginal health.
  • Do not buy hygiene products that are scented. They may sound alluring but they can harm your skin and may even cause infections.
  • Look for an active ingredient that softens or soothes your intimate area.
  • The pH of the product should be between 4.8 and 8.
  • Do not believe in the products claiming to lighten or brighten your intimate area.

Best intimate hygiene products to buy online 

All women can use an intimate wash. It is safe to use, if you use a soap or shower gel to clean your intimate area, use an intimate hygiene product instead. Today, there are several types of intimate hygiene products available in the market for women and we got you covered up with some of the best ones online. 

If you are looking for one, here are some products recommended by us: 

VWash Plus Expert Intimate Hygiene Wash, With Tea Tree Oil, Liquid Wash 

VWash Plus has a pH level of 3.5 which restores the pH level in the intimate area and helps you get rid of irritation, itching, and dryness. VWash Plus has a lactic acid can that can restore the vaginal pH balance, unlike most soaps that have pH levels of 8 and above. 

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It helps prevent unpleasant odor and irritation. It is paraben-free and safe for daily use. You can use it during periods and pregnancy as well. 

You can order here.

Peesafe Natural Intimate Wipes 

Intimate Hygiene Products

Peesafe Natural Intimate Wipes are made from Viscose. These wipes are incredibly soft, comfortable, and safe to use. It cleans and freshens up your intimate area, making you feel fresh and hygienic. 

It is skin-friendly and made with natural extracts like tea tree essential oil. These are Natural Intimate Wipes that are alcohol, paraben, and SLS free. It also prevents rashes and allergies, giving you a fresh and clean feeling. 

Add to your cart without delay.

Peesafe Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray 

Do not hold your pee just because you are scared of those public toilets. Stop worrying and use Peesafe Toilet Seat Sanitizer. Great for traveling, this mist provides you with a soothing and stress-free toilet experience. 

Protects your skin from germs and bacteria and can even be used for taps, flushes, and door handles. It has a  fresh scent and is easy to carry anywhere. 

An essential product, get one today!

PeeSafe Intimate Powder For Women With Lemongrass Fragrance 

PeeSafe Intimate Powder is crafted keeping in mind the daily needs of women. It is designed with a  unique formula that absorbs all the unwanted moisture from your intimate area, preventing painful rashes.

It keeps the area dry and fresh all day long. It contains Vitamin E and treats dry and itchy skin. It also prevents fungal infection in the vaginal area. Use every day to prevent rashes and irritation. 

Get one now!

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Plush All Natural 100% Biodegradable Feminine Hygiene Wipes

Intimate Hygiene Products

Plus All Natural 100% Biodegradable Intimate Vaginal Wipes are made with 100% bamboo fiber and are a natural way to keep your intimate area clean and fresh. It is infused with aloe vera extracts which soothe, moisturize, and replenishes your skin.

These wipes are alcohol-free, paraben-free, and hypoallergenic which are kinder to your skin. These wipes are environment friendly, PETA certified Cruelty free, and vegan. 

Buy now.

Clean & Dry Intimate Cleansing Foam Wash 

Clean & Dry Intimate Cleansing Foam Wash is made to protect and cleanse the vaginal area while maintaining the essential pH balance.

It contains aloe vera that nourishes, Vitamin B3 which helps in removing dullness, and Tea Tree Oil that protects your sensitive skin down there. This intimate wash makes you feel fresh and clean all day long.

Available here.

These were some of the best, safe to use, and cleansing intimate hygiene products you can use. Remember, your intimate hygiene should be your priority as well, keep it clean, dry and safe.