Not all women are born with the kind of bodies that they show in movies but even if you are not then you can try high waisted bikini sets , there’s nothing to worry about. Your body is perfect just the way it is and you can flaunt your curves in a stunning high-waisted bikini set as much as your friend who was born with an hourglass body can and we’re here to help you with the same. 

If you are more on the curvier side or have a pear-shaped body, a high-waisted bikini set can go a long way in enhancing your curves. They’re going to make your tummy disappear, if you’re too conscious about it and cinch your waist at the right places to give you a great shape. 

Whether it’s a casual beach party with your friends or an elaborate beach vacation, you’re going to be sorted if you have a couple of sexy high-waisted bikini sets. We’ve talked about a few of our favorites below. Read along!

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High Waisted Bikini Sets

High Waisted Bikini Sets
1.Everlane The High-Rise Hipster Bottom

If you’ve wanted to buy high-waisted bikini bottoms for a while now, this one’s going to be one of the best choices for you. This is from their minimalist swimwear collection and the bright yellow color is perfectly suited for your summer afternoons by the beach or by the pool. 

They touch upon the belly button and provide decent coverage of the butt area, and have a smooth finish that’s going to make your body look like a dream. The bikini top is pretty simple and provides good coverage to the breasts while being extremely light on the skin and easy to carry. The material is soft and perfect for sunny, humid days. 

2. Reformation Havana Bikini Bottom

The best part about this sexy high-waisted bikini is that it hugs the body perfectly and has an amazing coverage that rises to the ribs, making it even more comfortable for those who’re a bit insecure to show much of their waist skin. 

If you’re not in the mood for that high a coverage on some days, you can fold the band and make it shorter instantly. It can be worked well with and the gorgeous black of the bottom, as well the bikini top, makes it one of the best basic high-waisted bikini sets. 

The bikini top’s quite edgy and elegant, with the design of a bow. The overall look is very chic, perfect for a glam beach party. Wear quirky jewelry and keep a floral or patterned kimono handy to steal the show, as well as compliments. 

3. Frankies Bikinis Jenna High Waist High Cut Bikini Bottom

If you want to buy high-waisted bikini bottoms that scream summer, this should surely be on your list. This is a celebrity-approved brand and we can’t get over the minimum coverage of the butt and the high leg-rise that is going to make you look like a goddess if you’re confident enough to carry it. 

Our favorite part about this sexy high waisted bikini set is its pattern. The neon color and the floral design are going to transform your mood from boring to fun and make you look like the life of a day beach party. 

The bikini top looks quite quirky as well, with one of its straps fixed diagonally on the other side. Do you feel like dancing while sipping your favorite beach cocktail? We do, for sure! 

High Waisted Bikini Sets
4. Faithfull the Brand Floral-Print Bikini Brief

We can’t get enough of this extremely colorful and boho high-waisted bikini set that’s going to make you stand out in a crowd. The rise covers half of the belly button and the coverage is also pretty decent. 

The bikini top is strapless and looks like a bow from a distance, with a pretty round detailing in the middle. You could sport this the way it is or dress it up with a solid-colored shrug and funky shoes, to carry on the bohemian vibe. 

Don’t forget your oversized hoops if you choose the dressier look. 

5.Girlfriend Collective Aqua Poolside Bikini Bottom

When it comes to inclusive swimwear, we’re all for it and this high-waisted bikini set has been designed in a way that suits and is comfortable for all body types. The seamless design and the comfortable fabric feel extremely light and comfortable on the skin. 

This same set is available in several different colors and you can choose the one that suits your skin tone the most. The bikini top is also very relaxed, with effective support and coverage that keeps your breasts in place but does not restrict movement either. You’re surely going to find your suitable size. 

6. Vitamin A Barcelona Bottom

Talking about sexy high-waisted bikini sets and missing out on animal prints? Surely not what we’ll be doing. The extremely lightweight fabric has been produced by recycling lycra and nylon and feels quite comfortable on the skin, even during the summers.

 It covers the belly button and has a smooth, seamless finish that enhances your curves and gives you the scope of flaunting your beautiful body. The halter neck pattern of the top is very trendy and chic, and the stunning print just takes the entire design a notch up. 

Are you ready to be the showstopper at your friend’s pool party? You surely are! 

High Waisted Bikini Sets


The best part about high-waisted bikini sets is, they can look good on any body type if the fit is achieved properly. High-waisted swimwear is in demand now and it’s time that you up your swimwear game by trying out these beauties that have been mentioned above. 

The entire point of this fit is to increase inclusivity and make you realize that even you can look gorgeous in a bikini if you want to, but are not confident enough to wear the low-waisted ones. You’ll surely find your perfect match from the ones that we have talked about. 

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