Are you picking your blackheads and acne to get rid of them? Stop right now as you are making it worse. 

Yes, picking and pressing your acne or blackheads can be devastating for your skin. Rather than helping, it may cause redness and more inflammation. 

So what can you do to get rid of acne and blackheads? Is there a genuine and gentle solution to this? 

Yes! There is! It’s called Salicylic Acid. But what are salicylic face washes?

Salicylic Acid is the secret to your smooth and zits-free skin. No doubt, it’s a much smarter way to get clear skin than going for homemade face mask therapy including lemon and honey, which doesn’t quite work.

Read on to find out how salicylic acid works on your skin and what are some best salicylic acid face washes online. 

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What is Salicylic Acid? 

Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid that is famous for reducing acne by its exfoliating properties and keeping your pores clear. It works nicely for mild acne like whiteheads and blackheads and also prevents future breakouts. 

Many dermatologists swear by salicylic acid for blackheads. Salicylic acid is a go-to ingredient for your blackheads. Although it may take a while to work out it can work if you use it persistently. It helps remove excess oil and exfoliates the cells from the skin. 

Salicylic acid products with high concentrations are peeling agents that can be used to treat acne, acne scars, age spots, and melasma. 

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How does Salicylic Acid work on your skin? 

Before you buy salicylic acid-infused products, make sure how it works on your skin. Salicylic acid is the BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) that is used in skincare and it dissolves in oil easily. 

It is considered the best treatment for blackheads, whiteheads, and oily skin, so if you have one or all of them, salicylic acid might be your savior. 

It is an anti-inflammatory ingredient that also reduces the redness and irritation that comes with pimples. 

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When your hair follicles or pores get clogged with dead skin cells and oil, some skin problems can come with it like blackheads, whiteheads, and often pimples. Salicylic acid penetrates your skin and works to dissolve the dead skin cells that clog your pores. 

You may not see an immediate result but with consistent use, you may see some amazing results on your skin. Usually, a 2% concentration is perfect if you are looking for a cleanser or a serum.

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Best Salicylic face washes from Amazon 

Looking for an effective salicylic acid face wash? We got you covered up with some great recommendations for salicylic face washes that can get you rid of those adamant zits creeping on your face. 

Here are the best salicylic face washes to buy from Amazon: 

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash For Acne Prone Skin With Salicylic Acid 

salicylic face washes

(Source: Amazon)

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Facial Cleanser is an alcohol-free face wash that cleanses without drying out your face. It penetrates deep to clean your pores and helps prevent pimples by removing excess oil from your face. 

It also soothes and conditions your skin, leaving it cleansed, dirt-free, and oil-free. If you have acne-prone and oily skin, Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash is your best bet. Say yes to healthy and clear skin! 

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Paula’s Choice Clear Pore Normalising Cleanser, Salicylic Acid Acne Face Wash, Redness & Blackheads 

Paula’s Choice Clear Pore Normalising Cleanser sweeps away all the oil, dirt, and dead skin cells and helps your acne-fighting products to work even more effectively.

It is free from harsh ingredients like alcohol and menthol and doesn’t dry out your skin. 

It is formulated with 0.5℅ salicylic acid which helps reduce acne-related redness and soothes your skin. It works amazingly even for sensitive skin. You can also use it for your back acne. 

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Kaya Clinic Acne Free Purifying Cleanser, Salicylic Acid Face Wash For Pimple Prone, Combination, Oily Skin 

salicylic face washes

(Source: Amazon)

Kaya Clinic Acne Free Purifying Cleanser is enriched with Salicylic acid that deeply cleanses the pores to render nourished, acne-free, and glowing skin. 

It reduces acne and prevents future breakouts. The cleanser removes excess oil, dirt and impurities from your face and boosts nourishment. It is a mild face wash and suited for oily, combination, and acne-prone skin. It is an overall gentle and effective cleanser. 

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Be Bodywise 1℅ Salicylic Acid, Oil Control Foaming Wash For Acne & Pimples 

salicylic face washes

(Source: Amazon)

Be Bodywise 1℅ Salicylic Acid Face Wash is designed to effectively fight oil, dirt, and acne from your skin. It contains salicylic acid and glycolic acid which amazingly exfoliate your skin while being gentle on your skin. 

This is a fragrance-free face wash that cleanses your skin without any allergic reaction. Due to its less concentration, it reduces the risk of irritation or allergy, focusing on the benefits of key ingredients. 

It is suitable for oily, combination, and even sensitive skin. 

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Recast 2℅ BHA Liquid Salicylic Acid Cleanser For Blackheads, Enlarged Pores, Sebum Control, Wrinkles, And Fine Lines 

Recast 2℅ BHA Liquid Salicylic Acid Cleanser is a gentle exfoliant that effectively in logs pores, smooths wrinkles, brightens, and evens out the skin tone. It helps in cleaning and minimizing enlarged pores. 

This ultimately helps reduce acne, blackheads and accelerates skin turnover giving you a healthy and even complexion. It also helps in diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by promoting collagen growth. 

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Globus Remedies Glycolic & Salicylic Acid Face Wash For Acne Control 

salicylic face washes

(Source: Amazon)

Globus Remedies Glycolic and Salicylic Acid Face Wash is great for acne removal, dark spots, and dead skin cells. It lightens the brown marks on the skin through exfoliation. 

It is infused with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. It also contains glycolic acid that thoroughly removes skin impurities and works as an excellent exfoliating agent.

 A must-buy for acne-prone skin with dark spots. 

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So, that was all about salicylic acid, how it works and some good recommendations for a salicylic acid face wash that you can buy from Amazon.