Managing and keeping a track of your expenses is of utmost importance and you can do it with best budget apps. A few years before, in general practice, people would record their budget and their expenses in a particular notebook or diary. These would also regulate the functioning of their financial bank accounts or other accounts, based on those records. 

However, in today’s time, it’s not easy to maintain a proper document that would be updated daily. It takes a lot of additional time and effort that most individuals cannot afford to give. Thus, the best way to solve this problem is to use budget apps. We’ll be talking about a few best budget apps in this article. 

These budget apps or budget planner apps not only help you to plan your expenditures according to your fixed budget but also allow you to connect your financial accounts to these apps, with the objective of tracking their whereabouts. 

If you want to know more about how these budget planner apps function, read along! 

Best budget apps

Best Budget Apps
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This app allows you to section out your monthly expenditures into specific categories, according to your income. It is based on the envelope system. A reason why this is one of the best budget apps is, it provides access to more than one, that is, multiple people. 

Thus, keeping a track of the monthly budget becomes easier for partners or family members. Unlike several other apps, it doesn’t have the syncing feature with your financial or bank accounts and you have to fill in the data on your own, in the given sections. 

Once you fill in your budget, along with the expenses, as well as your bank details, you’d now be in a position to divide the budget money into the categories or the sections that you have created, also known as the envelopes. This app has a paid version, as well as a free version, that’s available for all. 

If you’re fine with limited space or envelopes, one account, and the device accessibility for two, you’d be fine with the free version. However, if you want to use it from five different devices and enjoy unlimited space for envelopes and financial accounts, you could spend a few bucks for the plus version. 

2. PocketGuard 
Best Budget Apps

As far as best budget planner apps are concerned, we can’t miss out on this one, with several perks, one being free availability. It also has the automatic syncing feature with savings or credit back accounts and keeps a track of the monthly budget and recurring bills. 

It arranges the income by itself and determines the money allotted for regular expenditures by canceling out the amounts required for bills, and other pre-budget contributions. 

Another additional pro is, it organizes the expenses in different sections and also has the scope of creating new ones. You can even handle your data in spreadsheets by exploring the feature of exporting transactions. Are you impressed, yet? Download it already for better managing and keeping a track of your expenses.

3. EveryDollar 

If you sign up for this budget planner app, you’ll have to enter your transactions on your own, whenever you spend on something or withdraw money from your account. However, if you end up paying for the premium version, you’ll be able to connect your bank accounts to the app, and not worry about doing it yourself. 

The bonus? You’d also be allowed to view advice content and other interesting features. This is one of the best budget apps, considering its ability to control a zero-based budget when your income is the same as or almost the same as your expenditures. 

4. Honeydue 
Best Budget Apps
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Best budget app for couples, this one’s a winner among millennial partners, because they’re able to see everything related to their budgeting and expenses in one app. You’d be able to view your investments, pending debts, bank accounts, as well as credit cards. 

However, the best part about this app is you’d be able to control how much your partner sees. It provides the space to create additional sections, other than the categories that are present by default. 

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You can set limits to these various categories along with your partner and you’ll also be notified by the app when you or your partner is close to the limit. Sending alerts and reminders is a basic feature of the app to remind you of deadlines and due bills. 

To make communication easier regarding monthly budgeting,  the app also has a chat option with fun additions like emojis. Have you been facing income-related issues with your partner? Download this app and say goodbye to them. 

5. Mint 

Notifications and alerts are frequent when it comes to this app. Best budget apps have this characteristic for reminding you when you’re running out of your budget, as far as a particular area is concerned, or when you’ve paid for an expense, and Mint is no different. 

It will also alert you when there’s a suspicious withdrawal of money from your accounts. It keeps a detailed record of everything related to your bank account and has a separate space for dues and payments. 

This is a favorite among individuals because it’s free, despite the credit monitoring system. It makes spending and saving much easier. 

6. Personal Captial 

This one’s a free budget planner app that’s also an investment tool. If you want to organize your income and keep a check on your loans, expenses, savings accounts, credit card accounts, etc, it’s going to be very beneficial for you. 

It also gives you a picture of your spendings by providing you with the contents of your transactions, categorically. It’s up to you to customize these sections and note the rate of transactions for each, in a month. You wouldn’t need to make much effort listing down your payments, unlike in some other apps. 

Best Budget Apps


In the era of smartphones, where we fall back on them for every little thing, it’s natural that we are talking about the best budget apps that can make budgeting more convenient for us. 

Even if you are old school and believe in having everything down in a hard copy, you’ll find these apps useful for times when you just don’t have the leisure to look for pen and paper. It’s always a better idea to have an alternative, isn’t it? Download your favorite one right now! 

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