Every face is unique in itself. Each face has its gorgeous features and expressions, which come together to make a window for the person’s soul. It is through our faces that we can communicate even with silences, through shy smiles and grumpy frowns and those adorable puppy eyes for when we want to have our way. Your face is the most honest and vulnerable part of your body because it captures the world and all the emotions that it stirs up inside of you.

Thus, even though we may all struggle with accepting ourselves the way we are, it is our differences which truly make us shine, both separate and together. It is these differences and unique traits that make us realize how diverse beauty, and how it comes in so many shapes and sizes. Each person has a special way of defining their beauty and embracing it thoroughly. The secret to a happy life is perhaps as simple as accepting others and accepting yourself, the way we all are. 

Though you are free to embrace any look or fashion style depending on your comfort, there may be those who want to pick a style which best highlights their features. Human faces come in many shapes, such as round, triangular, diamond, heart-shaped, etc.

Each of these faces has its own defining features, which can either be highlighted or subdued by the pairing style. If you know your face shape, you can pick certain elements of your appearance to best suit it, such as type of eyeglasses, eyebrow shapes, hairstyles, haircuts, etc. 

Today, we are going to focus on one specific area: haircuts for round faces. So, if you want to know which haircut suits your round face the best, keep reading to find out more!

What are the features of round face? 

Out of the many existing face shapes, a round face shape is that in which the length and width of the face are pretty much the same in measurement, with the sides of the face slightly curving outwards instead of being straight. Your jawline and chin are rounded and soft angled. Your cheekbones are the widest part of your face and you might have a youthful or innocent natural look. 

Hence, if you want to find suitable haircuts for round faces, you will have to find ones that best frame these features and rest gently on the lines of your face. It can be interesting browsing through possible catalogues and lists with fashion choices which are designed for your specific look. That way, you could experiment with different styles, until you find the one that most speaks to you.

Also, you can find out what a round face says about your personality and see for yourself if it is true!

Best round face haircuts 

Now that you know you have a round face shape, or at least one closest to it, you may be eager to finally learn about all the amazing round face haircuts which suit you the most. Well, you need not wait any longer because we are here to solve your dilemma with this list of 5 best haircuts for round faces: 

Loose Waves

What better way to kick off this list than to start with this relaxed hairstyle for round face? Loose waves give you that effortless, gorgeous look, with the waves falling over your face gently.

Parting in the middle can give you a symmetrical, complimenting look and using a mousse can add volume to your hair. There is beauty in letting yourself go and existing freely as the person you are! 

Pixie Haircut 

You may not have considered a pixie cut as one of the round face haircuts, but it as make you look very cute if you just give it a try.

A pixie hair cut with some length at the back to elongate the face and well-defined, piecey bangs at the front to frame your face make for the perfect look, both neat and adorable. Why not take pride in that gorgeous round shape and show it off with these smart haircuts for round faces? 

Colourful Bangs

A pop of colour can make such a big difference, both aesthetically and emotionally. Dying your hair bright colour like pink or blue, or even darker, subdued shades like purple, paired with thick, front bangs can make for a vibrant, cheerful look.

This hairstyle for round face is creative and experimental, which makes it all the more fun. After all, why should art be restricted to a paper canvas? Your body is a wonderful medium through which you can create so much magic using colours and shades.

Natural Curls

Who said that a hairstyle for round face has to be limited to straight hair? If you have natural curls, you are free to embrace them and unleash their stunning, ungravelling beauty.

haircuts for round faces

A centre or slightly off-centre part gives your face an appearance of symmetry, while also highlighting your cheekbones. When natural curls fall around your round face, they add softness to the curves of your face, giving you a pretty look that will make you smile in the mirror

Shaggy Bob

Finally, let’s get a little messy with this last look: the shaggy bob! The shaggy bob is one of the haircuts for round faces that allows you to embrace the asymmetrical side of beauty, parting your hair to the side, letting those pretty waves frame your face.

A little messy, a little cute, these shaggy waves will make you feel cheery and comfortable. Who could ask for a better combination, right?

Taking pride in your unique look

As much as society may want us to fit into its cookie-cutter idea of beauty, true beauty is in living your identity to the fullest. It means knowing that the self is fluid and can change as per your comforts and needs. 

Today, you may want to try haircuts for round faces. Tomorrow, you may want to try something entirely different, whether it is recommended for your face or not. Either way, as long as you are making your choice based on your feelings, it is always the right choice for yourself. After all, true beauty is what you make of it.