As women, on most mornings we wake up dreading to detangling brushes the mess that the hair creates by itself. And if you miss your morning alarm by even 10 minutes, you already know that you will be late to work, because your hair will not cooperate.

However, you can still come out of this mess if you spend quite some time to maintain a strict hair care regimen. Although consistently maintaining a strict hair care regimen can be too time-consuming and way too expensive for your wallet, it will guarantee you flawless and knotless hair. 

A religious hair care regimen is necessary, but are you sure that you are using the correct kind of hairbrush that can detangle your hair without damaging it? If you are questioning if your hairbrush is the right one or not, then it probably isn’t. 

Investing in a good hairbrush is as essential as investing in a good shampoo, so if you don’t have a proper one on your dressing table, it’s high time to add one to your Amazon shopping cart. 

To save you the effort, we have compiled for you a listicle of a few of the best detangling brushes available in India, right now. Hurry and grab yours, before these run out of stock!

Best Detangling Brushes of 2020

Vega Premium Collection Wooden Paddle Hair Brush

When it comes to hair care, Vega is most definitely one of the best brands out there. And, the Premium Collection Wooden Hair Brush is no exception, because it is ideal for detangling your hair, smoothening it, and adding volume to your locks. 

The nylon material of the bristles in the brush is so good, instead of damaging your hair with friction (like most brushes do!), it renders a healthy shine to the hair. The bristles come with ball tips that penetrate through the messiest knots and tangles easily.

The balls on the bristles further assist in stimulating and massaging the scalp and thus, reduce snags and tangles. The sleek square-shaped finished that helps with a comfortable grip is just an added bonus and the air cushion base is the perfect cherry on the top. The air-cushioned base ensures stress-free brushing and makes any entangled hair on the bristles easy to remove. 

If you are looking for a good hairbrush for medium to long length hair, this is THE ONE for you. 

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Michel Mercier Detangling Hair Brush

The Michel Mercier Detangling Hair Brush is particularly designed to provide their customers with an elegant and reliable detangling brush that can easily untie complicated knots and tangles.

The hairbrush gently and smoothly makes its way through the hair, untangling it as well as opening any knots to provide smooth, straight, and gorgeous hair, without causing any pain or hair damage. Ideal for all types of hair and all purposes, whether to comb your child’s hair or the after-shower mess on your head, this detangling brush can work its magic on everything. 

This elegant detangler comes with flexible yet smooth firm bristles that gently massage the hair without digging into the scalp or plucking the hairs out of their follicles and ensures a pain-free and smooth experience. Credits to the fabulous design, the hairbrush also reduces hair fall and breakage, and instead of plucking out the knots, insists on untangling it to minimize breakage, hair loss, and split ends. 

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GUBB USA Vent Hair Brush for Women & Men Fast Blow Drying & Wet Hair Detangle

This ‘vent brush’ with a pin is the best buddy your hair needs every day for even the basic styling. Isn’t it annoying when you unwrap your wet hair after a shower and it takes ages to detangle those knots and tangles? Well, to help you out with it, GUBB USA has specially designed this hairbrush to untangle wet hair and boost up the drying process. 

The brush base has carefully crafted vents, that boosts the drying process considerably and makes your life easier. The brand, however, suggests pairing the brush with a blow-drier for better results.

The rounded rubber handle is an additional bonus, that provides an ergonomic comfortable grip and lets you style your hair for minutes and hours without hurting your fingers.

This hairbrush also comes with a sectioning pick at the bottom of the handle that lets you create partitions into your hair or to clean hair strands stuck inside the brush. It also serves as an exceptional scalp massager. 

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Roots Wotta Brush Detangling Hair Brush

The Roots Wotta Detangling Hairbrush is the most amazing after-shower oval brush ever that allows you to go from washing to styling your hair without a tedious fight of untangling the knots. Specially designed with strong yet flexible intelliflex bristles, it detangles the hair in a single stroke without pulling or plucking any hair off the follicles.

The bristles glide through the knots as they bend and turn to ensure no discomfort while detangling. Its soft poly tips are so gentle on the scalp that it tugs not a single hair from the scalp. 

The bristles of this hairbrush are designed using Flexotec technology so that they bend and flex at knots and help them untangle in the process. The softball tips of the bristles are so gentle on the scalp that it can be used to detangle wet as well as dry hair and smoothens even the toughest of the tangles. 

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MISS & MAM Anti-Bacterial Bamboo Hair Brush anytime Styling – Detangling Hair Comb for Men & Women

Made from the wood of the bamboo barks, this wooden black brush can change your hair health for the better. The nylon hard brush design at the rounded end not only easily unlocks various hair tangles but also ensures a healthy scalp massage.

A scalp massage is very vital to promote blood circulation through the scalp and also helps in strengthening the roots of the hair. The floating air cushion at the base further makes sure that minimum damage is done to the head, scalp, and hair. 

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