Were you seriously thinking about getting your gel nail removal from the nail salon again? Well, that might not be a wise choice considering you already spent a pretty good sum on getting them done in the first place. 

Psst, a little tip for the next time, get your gel nails done at your home itself!

Coming to your current situation, we have good news for you; you can easily remove a gel manicure at home. Ah, what a relief! 

But before we jump to that, let’s first talk about gel manicures. 

What are gel nails? 

Although a gel manicure more or less tends to look like a normal manicure, it isn’t so because in the case of the former, a gel-based polish is used which is then dried with the help of a UV or LED light, so that the polish is cured and situated onto your nails. 

Besides this, unlike a regular mani, a gel manicure tends to last longer and has quite a good sturdiness to it. And let’s not forget the classic and bold look that it gives your nails. 

Yet another advantage of gel nails is that they are not at all harmful to your natural nails and are even more flexible than acrylic nails. Gel nails might not last as long as acrylics, but they are safer than the latter and give off a more natural look too. 

There are 2 distinctive types of gels, namely hard gel and soft gel and the principal difference between the two is the way they are removed; although both products are removed in a similar way more or less, the latter tends to get removed more easily than the former. 

How to remove gel manicure at home? 

Gather your nail tools and let’s get right on to the process! 

Things you will require:

First way

First things first, take a bowl and pour some acetone in it. Then add a couple of drops of cuticle oil to it; this step is optional, you may or may not add it but it is recommended to do so because it is good for the health of your nails. 

Before moving on, make sure that the aluminium foil is cut into small rectangular pieces and kept ready for use. 

Now, take the cotton ball or pad, (preferably the former) and soak it in the acetone solution. Wrap that around the tip of your finger in a way that it covers the entire area of your nail. After doing that, take a piece of the foil and carefully wrap it around your nail. This is done to hold the acetone-soaked cotton ball or pad in its place. 

Remove Gel Manicure

You have to keep the foil wrap as it is for at least 10-15 minutes to let the acetone soak the gel polish and work its effect properly. 

After that time, check one nail once before removing all the foil pieces altogether; if the gel polish is still stuck in some portions, then let the foil sit for 5 minutes or so more so that the polis wears off completely by that time. 

Second way 

There is another way to remove gel manicure and it is pretty much the same, only it does not require the aluminium foil or the cotton balls/pads. In this method, all you have to do is take a bowl and pour some acetone and cuticle oil (optional but recommended) in it, and soak your fingertips directly in it for about 5-10 minutes. 

But this method might or might not give the best result; you may find some remnants of the gel polish which won’t come off. Besides, this method is only going to work if you have used a soft gel polish and if you have used hard gel polish, then the previous way will work the best. 

Third way

Lastly, there is one more way to remove a gel manicure at home without damaging your nails. And this one does not require acetone at all. What you have to do is, use your fingernail to softly push the gel polish off it by pouring water directly over it or by placing your fingers under a faucet.

The alternatives for water are cuticle oil or olive oil wherein you coat your nail with oil and then gently push off the gel polish. 

Do’s and Dont’s for before and after the removal process 

You got not one, but three different ways to remove your gel manicure but make sure you do it the right way if you are looking for good enough results.

Other than that, there are some other vital things to remember if you are getting a gel manicure done: 

  • Do not try to scrape or peel off your gel polish and only remove it properly and carefully. 
  • Gel manicures are not completely safe either as these might render your nails chipped or brittle. So, avoid frequent gel manicures. 
  • If you keep on getting gel nails way too often, then it might risk premature skin ageing or in rare conditions, skin cancer. So, consult your dermatologist for specific hand creams that suit your skin and apply that regularly. 
  • Keep applying cuticle essential oil and hand cream regularly for healthy nails and skin. 
  • If you have gel nails on, then steer clear of hand sanitiser. 
  • If your gel polish has been on your nails for more than 3 weeks, then it’s time to get rid of it because your natural nails need some air and space too. 

And if you do not wish to damage your cuticles and nail beds, then don’t keep a gel manicure for more than 2-3 weeks. 

Also, after you remove gel manicure, don’t forget to hydrate and oil your nails and cuticles! 

Besides these, take care of your nails by nourishing and cutting them regularly to keep them healthy. And as long as you don’t make acrylics and gel manicures a habit, it’s all A-okay!