A journey of a thousand miles starts with a stunning pair of shoes. At least for a shoe addict, it does. Clicking on this article should probably be the first clue that you are obsessed with shoes. But in case you can’t see the signs we’re here to point them out to you. 

1. You own an exceedingly large shoe collection

Does this even need to be mentioned? That should be the most obvious sign, but not for someone with a shoe addiction. You have no idea if your shoe collection is exceedingly large because you think it is normal for people to have 40 pair of shoes. Sorry honey.

2. Shoes have stolen your sleep

Has missing out on that last pair of shoes you fell in love with has kept you awake? Or do you regret not buying those thigh-high boots that were on sale? Darling, shoes stealing your sleep is equal to you being a shoe junkie.

3. You notice the shoes first

When they say people notice your shoes first its because everyone loves footwear. Maybe they are not as obsessed with shoes like you are, but then which woman doesn’t love shoes? 

4. Shoes are your darlings and you refer to them as such

Most people appreciate a good pair of shoes but if you refer to those stunning stilettos as ‘my babies’, ‘my lover’, ‘bad boys’, darling…… you’ve got a problem.

5. You have at least 2 pairs of exactly the same shoe

You know just in case they discontinue the line. Or if my sole comes off and I need that pair. Not only that you think its completely normal and that everyone does it. 

6. You have the same style of shoe in different colours

Remember when you first saw your favourite pair of heels. You thought there were god’s blessing to mankind. So, you decided why to waste the blessing and brought the same style in 3 different colours. We don’t blame you.


7. You have the same colour of shoes in different styles

This is honestly fairly common whether you have a shoe addiction or not. But it can be a sign when you have 5 pair of flats in the same colour but different styles.

(We bet that image made you salivate)

8. You buy the most unique and quirky pair in the store

This might not be universal but most shoe-obsessed people tend to buy the quirkiest pair in the store. The reasons – 1. You know you can pull it off, 2. Where’s the waste? All shoes are good shoes. Which brings us to our next point.

9. You love all kinds of shoes

Be it sneakers or stilettos, mules or peep-toes, sandals or wedges, you love them all and you want them all, and you want them all. For you, there is no such thing as a bad shoe. 

10. Clearing out your shoe closet makes you burst into tears

Does clearing out your shoe closet hurt you more than your last break-up? Oh, honey, it’s okay. We understand. You love your shoes, even the ones that don’t fit, even the ones that always give you shoe-bite, even the one’s that have gotten muddy in the rain and even the one’s you haven’t worn since you brought them back from the store. 

11. When Blair gave Louis her Vivier you cried

For you, Blair and Louis Vivier-exchange was the only redeeming quality of their relationship. When gossip girl says that Vivier, not Cartier, is any upper east side girl’s true treasure, You agree wholeheartedly. And you probably find it the ideal way to start a relationship.

12. You have a separate shoe budget

Now the shoe budget isn’t shoes and make-up, or shoes and clothes. Shoe budget is only purely for shoes. They are the first thing you buy after you get your paycheck. Just take my money already!!

13. You feel ten-feet-tall when somebody compliments your shoes

What is the point of having a separate budget for your babies if no one notices them. What you love is not compliments for how good you look but how good your shoes are. 

14. You watched MTV cribs for Mariah Carey’s shoe closet!

Having Mariah Carey’s shoe closet is your life goal. For you, that is what heaven looks like, and what you want for Christmas.

15. You see shoes everywhere!

You have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to them, and your wishlist is overflowing with all the shoes you want to buy but your paycheck isn’t here yet. You have a collection on Instagram, Google and every other place imaginable dedicated solely to shoes.

16. You’re an emotional shoe shopper

For you, shoes are a cure all. There is nothing that a spanking new pair of shoes cannot solve. Whether you are sad or happy or bored shoe shopping is your go-to solution. 

17. You buy clothes based on the shoes you already own

You will pick an choose outfits based on the shoes you own. And if you really love that pair of jeans but don’t have the shoes to go with it? The first place you go to after getting out of the store is hit your favourite shoe store. And you don’t just buy clothes based on your shoe collection, you pick your outfits for the day based on what pair you want to wear that day.

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18. No one understands your love for shoes

“Don’t you have enough shoes already” is your most hated phrase! How can anyone ever have enough shoes? There is always a pair you don’t have that is in your wishlist.

19. You know your shoes!!

You know your t-straps and ankle traps, your block heels and chunky platforms, and your wedges and platform heels. If KBC was a shoe trivia you would be a millionaire. 

Well, if these points define you, then, you are officially a shoe addict! Nothing to be ashamed or be alarmed about. 

Just a word of caution: Don’t go too overboard indulging your shoe fetish. 

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