Jeans are not just mere trousers but are important essential in our lives, irrespective of our genders. We wear them all the time, and almost every day, however hardly do we know anything more about it in details.  If you think you know all about jeans, then it is commendable, but we are pretty sure you don’t. 

As in, is it possible to know all the shades of Pantone? Similarly, it is impossible to know everything about all the cuts and silhouettes of different types of jeans. 

Jeans can also be a sensitive topic for fashionistas. There are so many styles, the pair of denim trousers can stir up some heated discussions; just like team high-rise and team low-rise are always at each other’s neck. Jeans also have numerous categories and sub-categories. 

For instance, there are types of jeans for women and there are jeans for men, then there are various types of jeans for girls and boys respectively. Jeans can also be skinny or wide-legged; it’s safe to say, the various styles and types of jeans are increasing as you read. 

Jeans was first invented in 1873 by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis and since then, there have been tons of iterations of the bottoms, some more divisive than the others.

But, if you are truly interested in knowing more about the divisive bottoms and the different types of ladies jeans, then keep scrolling as we discuss 13 different types of jeans for women. You never know, you might like something new and want to add to your already-overflowing denim drawers. 

Button-Front Crop Skinny Jeans


Skinny jeans are famous for their figure-hugging silhouette. The snug fit of the trousers start at the waist and extends all the way to the ankle. Most skinny jeans are made from stretchable fabrics so it’s easier to get your ankles into the tiny leg openings. 

Skinny jeans come in a variety of washes and rise depending on personal preferences and can be worn with almost every kind of top, be it a shirt or a kurta. 

High Rise Skinny Denims

These are very similar to skinny jeans but cropped. This pair does not suffocate your ankles and provides some breathing room for the ankles. It provides you with an opportunity to flaunt your favourite footwear, be it heels or Chelsea boots. 

Tip: Opt for a raw-edged pair for added toughness or a normal hem for a more sophisticated look. 

The Authentic Stretch High-Rise Cigarette Jeans

The perfect blend between skinny jeans and straight jeans, the high-rise cigarette jeans are usually snug on the thigh area and more relaxed around the calves.

Unlike the traditional skinny jeans, these often stop an inch or two above the ankle. These jeans go incredibly well with mules or slides for a casual look or lace-up sandals for a classier vibe. 

The Good Straight Jeans

Very similar to the cigarette jeans but, the good ol’ fashioned straight jeans normally extend beyond the ankles. The good thing about these is that they look vintage and are available in a variety of washes and rises.

The Audrey Hepburn Petite High Rise Wide Leg

This cut has gained more popularity in recent years and is typically worn high-waisted. One of the breeziest types of jeans, these have ample room for leg openings and are usually cropped at the middle of the shin or lower. These serve for a breezy day out at the park and must and should be paired with sneakers or sandals. 

Loose Distressed High-Rise Straight-Leg Relaxed Jeans

Similar to the straight-leg jeans but with an overall looser fit, these are not as constricting as the regular high-rise straight-leg jeans and can be easily pulled up and down. 

A casual distressed detail of one side of a washed-out fabric should be something to look out for. 

Ribcage Straight Ankle Denim

An upgrade from the ‘Mom’ jeans of the ‘80s, these high-waisted cuts are in vogue, once again. These jeans go perfectly well with crop tops and sweaters and Tan France’s French-tuck looks phenomenal on these. 

Low-Rise Boyfriend Jeans

While women are swooning over high-waisted jeans, low-rise pairs haven’t fully disappeared altogether. In fact, they are actually making their way back into the fashion circuit. If you are into slightly baggy low-rise jeans that don’t go all the way up to your navel, then this is the one for you. 

High-Rise Flare Denims

Also famously known as ‘Bell Bottoms’, the silhouette of the flare denim is very similar to bootcut jeans except that the flare is more pronounced and exaggerated. Popularized in the ‘70s, the bohemian style pants are stirring up quite a roar on the runways and the cover of Harry Style’s last album Fine Line. 

Distressed Jeans

This pair is notorious in your household and if you have grown up admiring it, then your parents must have told you that they will never buy you such a pair. But maybe, like us, you didn’t wait for them to buy you one and recycled an old washed-out pair of jeans into your new fashionable distressed jeans with your DIY-skills. 

There are variations of the distressed jeans and you can opt for something more subtle or ingenious as per your aesthetics. 

Camille Pleated Jeans

You must have spotted Jennifer Aniston sporting one of these back in the early 2000s. And these pleated jeans that were originally popularized in the ’80s, are on their way to make a comeback once again. These are breezy and classy and perfect for a summer stroll around the lake or the park. 


A combination of jeans and leggings, the jeggings are one of the most comfortable pair of trousers you will ever find. These are made from soft fabric and offer tons of stretch while sporting the look of skinny jeans. If you don’t like the traditional fabric of jeans, get yourself a pair of these.

Corduroy Pants

Corduroy is a softer and more textured sister of the denim fabric that mostly gains popularity during the winter months. However, you can sport these in summer, as well. The vertical ridges and the velvety feel can never go wrong. 

So, try your favorite pair of jeans or maybe a different style as per your temperament and fashion sensibility.