2020 has been a tough year and one thing that got us through this year is memes. Memes of 2020 made us laugh like anything. It helped stay a little happy in the tough times even if it was for those 4 seconds of laughter. 2020 has been the best year for the funniest memes and we can’t argue on that. The meme trends were literally worth saving to our phone galleries and even making one for ourselves. 

While we all were stuck at home, people made a lot of meme trends which made our quarantine a lot better. So, are you ready for a 2020 meme rewind? We’ve got funniest memes of 2020 which will make you remember those ‘stuck at home days’. 

Read on to remember some of the best memes of 2020! 

Funniest memes of 2020 

The whole 2020 vibes were based on some of these funniest memes. It gave us some relief from the fear of coronavirus and being stuck in the four walls of our home. So, here’s the list of some of the funniest and best memes of 2020. 

My Plans vs 2020 

Did you have any plans for 2020? Wanted to travel? Wanted to get married? Well, all our plans went down the stream with the onset of lockdown. During the lockdown, the most relatable meme we’ve had is ‘My plans vs 2020’ meme, the best meme of 2020. This was the best meme to relieve our frustration towards 2020. Well, isn’t it relatable enough? You can even make one for yourself because you can relate it to yourself too much. 

Memes Of 2020
Source: Pinterest

Among Us 

Among us, the hottest game of the year gave us one of the most popular and best memes of 2020. This game inspired a lot of TikToks and memes. The game was developed way back in 2018 but it became popular in 2020 because we all had to quarantine and this was one game which kept our friends close. This game gave us a lot of memes, here’s one to make you laugh: 

Source: thefunnybeaver

How it started / How it’s going 

Another very hot meme of 2020 which took an emotional toll the year has taken into account. This was a cute trend for couples initially where the couple shared the pictures depicting the beginning of their relationship and the events going on right now. Although, this trend was overtaken by the meme community. Some made it hilarious and some made it emotional. It ended up being a viral meme.

Source: Twitter

Coffin Dance Meme 

Admit it, we’ve all seen and enjoyed this meme this 2020. The clip of a group of men dancing while carrying a coffin on their shoulder became viral earlier this year. Many people found an opportunity to make memes out of it. They went so viral that the men who made the video made another video making everyone aware of wearing masks “or dance with us” and nothing is more hilarious yet so sensible than that. 

Source: latestly

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“Rasode Mein Kaun Tha?” Meme

This was one of the hottest memes of 2020. The “Rasode Mein Kon Tha” meme originated when a song titled ‘Rashi Thi’ by Yashraj Mukhate which was based on a scene from a popular Indian serial went viral all over social media platforms. Whether it was Twitter, Instagram or Youtube, everyone went crazy on this song. After this song went viral, many people saw the opportunity to make memes on this viral song.  

Source: ScoopWhoop

Linkedin / Facebook / Instagram / Tinder 

This one is another one of the hottest memes of 2020 which went viral and everyone made one for themselves and why not? It is often known as “Dolly Parton Challenge”. This meme may have taken over the Instagram feed earlier this year and you may have made one for yourself. This meme is all about how we represent ourselves around different social media platforms. 

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

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This might be one annoying meme you must have read or heard somewhere but it was one of the most viral memes of 2020. A simple YouTube comment from a person called Binod Tharu which said “Binod” became a massive meme trend in India. This was one meaningless comment which became a popular meme in 2020. Yeah, it doesn’t make sense yet it is hilarious. 

Source: thekingofviral

Monolith Memes 

Anything becomes a meme these days, whatever goes viral has the most chances of being a meme. One of these viral headlines that became a meme was the mysterious Monolith. The mystery of a metallic structure which appeared out of nowhere intrigued many people worldwide. This monolith became viral and ended up becoming a meme.

Source: Twitter

The 2020 Challenge Meme 

Reese Witherspoon who started a challenge called “the 2020 Challenge” which turned into a meme. Many celebs like Viola Davis and Mindy Kaling shared a visual representation of their 2020 being miserable. Not only celebs but many people also made memes on this 2020 challenge meme which are too hilarious and also incredibly relatable if your 2020 hasn’t done any good to you! 

Source: Instagram

Nature is healing Meme

Another meme which became popular in 2020 was ‘nature is healing, we are the virus’ meme which was a little true. Amid pandemic, when we were all inside our homes distressed, the one good thing that happened was wildlife and nature being healed worldwide. This good news didn’t take much time being turned into a meme. 

Sad Will Smith Meme 

This was one of the most popular sadistic memes of 2020. Jada Pinkett confessed “entanglement” to her husband Will Smith and the reaction of will smith was truly emotional. Will Smith listening to his wife’s confession became viral making it another hot meme of 2020. The soul-draining reaction of Will Smith gave a lot of people an opportunity to meme it. Well, everything’s a meme nowadays, isn’t it? 

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Source: Comicsandmemes

These were 11 most popular and relatable memes. 2020 was full of bad surprises and hilarious memes. Although, these memes made our year a little better. 

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